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15 days

Until election day. (I think. At least that is what the Twitters are telling me. I already voted, and I rarely know what day it is anymore.) If you haven’t voted yet, please, please, PLEASE make your plan to vote … Continue reading

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Super Sunday!

OK, I couldn’t think of a better slug, LOL. It’s Sunday and let me tell you, it came around far too soon. We have a new functioning water meter, so that’s good, I guess – I still can’t believe they’re … Continue reading

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Well, that was an unmitigated disaster

I attempted to make chili tonight. A meal I have made hundreds of times. I used dried kidney beans this time. Got them back in the spring when it was still chili weather and the market was totally out of … Continue reading

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Gooooooood morning!

We’re waiting on the water meter person to come and replace the busted meter. The appointment is for “12 noon to…sometime” (there was a window, I legit can’t remember the end point for it at this point, I just didn’t … Continue reading

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Yay, Friday!!!

And not a moment too soon. Not been a bad week, just really long. But, yesterday’s work deadline was met, today we’re on to testing the next bug that has been a very start & stop affair as I kept … Continue reading

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Well, something nice happened.

Our company has made election day a holiday! Not some “if you haven’t already voted, you can take the day” bullshit, but a full on “office is closed, moose out front shoulda told you” holiday. Another nice thing – just … Continue reading

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Another Monday

And Lindsey Graham is going to infect the entire damn Judiciary committee with Covid to get 45’s craptastic SCTOUS nominee through. I don’t even know how we fight that, given that the R’s just don’t give a shit, have no … Continue reading

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Oh, let there be light!

On this World Mental Health Day, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the importance of good lighting. If you can’t get good natural light (and it’s not easy) – get decent lamps. Lots of them. I know it’s … Continue reading

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Well, if we’re gonna be on this bullshit for another year

Guess it’s best to think about making some changes to save my sanity. (Here’s hoping it will be less necessary after January 20th.) — HYDRATION! I am not awesome about this, and I know it is important. I am better … Continue reading

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How do I do this for another *year*?

I mean, I will, because I have to, but I just don’t know how I manage it with any shred of grace or sanity. I definitely have pandemic burnout. I am still mostly functioning (though you couldn’t tell it from … Continue reading

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