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Home Sweet Home

Nothing like spending 90% of daylight hours outside for a week in near perfect weather and then coming home to an oven. I’ve tried to go outside more than a few times this weekend and I last about 5 minutes … Continue reading

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Happy sad sigh.

Last night at the beach. It’s been the mental reset we all very much needed. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until we got here. I know we are super lucky to be able to check out for … Continue reading

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Hoo boy…

Nothing like a small bit of space away from “fucked up normal” to make you realize how close you were to losing your fucking mind. I mean, I really thought I was doing OK with the whole pandemic and it’s … Continue reading

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Welp, it seems we have a pod now

We made it to the happy place and we have a pod of three – me, little bro, and might as well be little bro. The trip down was crazy fast and I got my pato tacos for lunch before … Continue reading

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The things we get happy about these days

Dare County is mask mandatory starting tomorrow!!  They’ve had a small spike in cases and folks haven’t been doing it very well voluntarily, so they’re putting their foot down, and I am pleased as punch.  I was going to be … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday

And payday! And bill pay day! So…LOL. So, Aunt Jemima is going away. I’m not going to lie, most of my life my dumb ass had zero idea of the crazy racist origins of the brand and just thought it … Continue reading

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Another vacation comes to an end

And despite my brain being an ass (and forgetting to post this last week), it’s was pretty darn good. Already counting down til next year. A mere 345 days. – Great weather, if a little hot. – Quite a lot … Continue reading

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Wildlife roundup

I love how many critters we see on a daily basis here. Poor artists renderings from things I could not get pictures of. Turtles Little ocean fish, little pond fish, carp, and big spinny fish who thought, “Today is the … Continue reading

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Twitter is being shit and won’t let me post this lovely crab gif from earlier today. Tip Jar 7/16 2:11PM, edited to correct issue with caption.

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So I did get myself down to the beach yesterday

And it was lovely as always. Didn’t hurt that the water was not freezing and the DUKN7 buoy says we’re looking at 78 degree water again today. Made some new friends at the coffee shop: The turtles on this end … Continue reading

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