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Am I the only one that thinks caucusing is a terrible idea?

Lord knows the media is excited about it, but I keep looking at the process and thinking, “Oh hell no.” I’m in Virginia – we have plain old primaries.  Regular polling place, regular voting hours, absentee ballots available and in-person absentee … Continue reading

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What is the opposite of cabin fever?

  Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure I have it and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It’s so nice to not have to go outside and shovel and I am happy to not go anywhere. Maybe if I’d not been … Continue reading

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I have to tell you about my boots…

The last pair of Timberland’s I had lasted me 8 years.  Then I couldn’t find the style again last year when I needed to replace them (other than a custom order) – so I got a pair of Steve Madden’s … Continue reading

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It Finally Stopped.

Around 11:30 last night, the snow finally stopped.  All in all, I’d say we got in the neighborhood of 30 inches. Between my brother and myself, we were out there 13 times over the course of 35 hours.  Thank god … Continue reading

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Oh please, make it stop.

We’ve gotten at least 2 feet of snow.  It started yesterday around 12:45.  It hasn’t stopped since.  IT WON’T STOP SNOWING. This is what the dog sees when he goes outside: And that was a few hours ago.  It’s at … Continue reading

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And now, we wait…

And hope that the storm takes a hard turn south.  (Sorry Richmond.)  We’ve gone from talking about “maybe a blizzard” to blizzard watch to blizzard warning.  They’re currently saying 33 hours of continuous snow starting around 5 tomorrow.  Oh joy. We have … Continue reading

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An inch of snow and a mess…

Seems VDOT didn’t  pretreat the roads today.  (VDOT says it is because the treatment would freeze.  Others say it wasn’t cold enough for that to happen.) So, traffic was just enough to melt the snow, but not to keep it … Continue reading

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We really can’t function with snow here…

We’re getting some snow tonight – a warmup for the weekend I guess.  Not expecting more than an inch.  There might be a half inch out there now.  Got this from the county police: 28 crashes. Oh wait, an update! Make … Continue reading

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This is how I know I am an adult…

The word “blizzard” does not fill me with the slightest bit of joy.  As of this morning, the National Weather Service issued a Blizzard Watch for my area for the weekend. I don’t hate snow – when it’s in reasonable amounts. … Continue reading

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1.3 Billion

This is just silly now.

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