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Happy Friday

You made it – good job. And we have a half day today, thank gawd. It’s been a pretty quick week, but the 3 days of 6AM wakeups and cleaning ALL THE THINGS for the upcoming plumber visit have wiped … Continue reading

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And to think

This weekend when I realized I’d need to be up early 3 of 5 days this week, I thought, “Maybe I should just do that every day.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s day 3 and I want to die. But, I am awake. … Continue reading

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Getting up early

Is great! Is rejuvenating! IS FOR THE FUCKIN’ BIRDS! Acupuncture appointment right after work, so, starting things a bit early today. Not much exciting going on here. Waiting for case counts to go down (they are shambling downwards) and wondering … Continue reading

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Why is it still dark?

OK, I know, but, also, why is it still dark? Got a meeting at 8 this morning, so I’m up even earlier than usual. Crazy productive weekend around the house – gotta bring a plumber in the next week or … Continue reading

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Well, whaddayaknow…

Yesterday WAS a productive day! Got a ton of shit done around the house and today is on track for the same. GO ME. The world is a total shitshow and I guess I’ve decided to just channel all my … Continue reading

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We made it to another weekend, YAY! And I slept the sleep of the dead last night, and it was spectacular. Even woke up before my weekend alarm, so I am feeling really on top of things. :) IT’S GONNA … Continue reading

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Oooh, Friday Eve!

One step closer to the weekend! And we’re in good sleeping weather time, so I’m feeling slightly less bleary eyed than I usually am, though it was tough to actually get *out* of my very nice warm bed. Stitching is … Continue reading

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Why do they call it O Dark Thirty?

Cause you look outside and go, “Oh, it’s dark…” It’s another crack of dawn Wednesday and Lily is stomping about yelling her head off since my brother is still asleep. Which he is absolutely allowed to be. But not in … Continue reading

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It’s Indigenous Peoples Day

Took too long to get here, and doesn’t make up for 500+ years of garbage, but it’s a start. Can’t help but wonder what this continent would look like if the Europeans had just exchanged recipes and left when they … Continue reading

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Farewell Professor Marty

I was in the car and heard on the radio that Professor Martin Sherwin had passed away – and I’ll admit I did a double-take – the name rang bells all over the place, but the person they were talking … Continue reading

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