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Well, someone didn’t get the memo

I’d been saying how pleasantly surprised I was that Fairfax County PD had made itself rather small and invisible the past two weeks, rather than making things worse as many other departments had done. The chief even put out a … Continue reading

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So, what do we do about the police unions?

As someone who is VERY pro-labor and pro-union, I think first we need to stop thinking of them as unions. But mayors seem to be unwilling or unable to stand up to them – and when the union publishes the … Continue reading

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Fascist in Chief

I swear, there is no situation that man can’t make worse and now we have an occupying army in DC, and folks getting teargassed so he can have a fucking photo op at a church he doesn’t attend and doesn’t … Continue reading

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Monday again

And not a restful weekend for anyone. And this morning, the BBC is interviewing a white dude… I’ll at least give him credit for knowing our craptastic history and referring to these as police riots. The police just showed over … Continue reading

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But what can I do?

I know there are lots of us out here watching the news and the protests and want to help or get involved, but for whatever reason can’t get out in the streets. It’s OK. Here’s some things you can do: … Continue reading

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