Sweet Baby Jesus, please just get me to Friday

I am legit Friday tired and it’s only Wednesday morning.

The broken thing I found at work Monday morning – sent to dev on the other side of the world, yesterday morning they send it back “we think you’re reading it wrong, here is the spec” – OK, read the spec and, yes, I was looking at it the wrong way. But even looking at it the *right* way – the math still didn’t work.

Had to pull in one of the product managers to look at it with me, cause I thought I was going crazy – she was at least able to see why the math didn’t work, back to dev again.

We’ll see when I log on if they were able to fix it overnight or if we’re moving it to next month’s release – I hope they’re moving it, because otherwise I have to try to get all the testing on it done today, which will suuuuuuuuck.

But this is what I hate about a big chunk of my team being on the other side of the world – if they were US based, we could have done the back & forth (and possibly the fix checked in) all on Monday, but instead it’s Wednesday and until I log on, it’s Schrödinger’s bug fix. They’re great folks, but the 12 hour time difference is a bitch and a half.

Adding to my exhaustion is this fucking election. If you have a mail in ballot, you’re gonna have to drop it off, cause the fucking Supreme Court is not going to help here, since they’re siding w/ the R’s on not counting ballots received after Election day, even if they’re postmarked on time, and the Post Office has said they can’t get the job done.

The Republicans should never have power again and I swear to God, if we do not expand SCOTUS to 13 seats to match the federal districts… (That’s how we got from 7 to 9 – to match the federal districts.) Otherwise, we’re looking at… decades of the R’s doing minority rule through the court systems.

I’m just really sick and tired of these fucking assholes just hurting people left and right – Senate adjourned until 11/9 – with no fucking assistance to the American people. Assholes, every last one of them, and they need to be removed from power and shunned FOREVER.

I will neither forgive or forget these last four years.

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