Happy Halloween!

We are treading the line between normal and safe here, and I think we can pull it off. Halloween as an adult holiday, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about – but I love it for the kids. I love seeing the costumes and they just have so much fun.

And I think of all the activities they could be doing, Trick or Treating should actually be fairly safe? It’s outdoors, the kids don’t stay in one place for any length of time, and if Nextdoor is any indication, folks are doing low contact options for candy pickup.

We’ve got a table setup at the end of the carport, and there will be individual bags for the kids to take, each with at least 5 pieces of candy in them – they won’t walk away disappointed from my house, ever. I’ll set up my chair several feet back, masked up, so I can at least see everyone and say hi.

An assortment of Halloween themed drawstring bags filled with candy

I’ve found my insulated running tights to wear under my jeans (it’s a bit chilly today) and I suspect my new 3-in-1 will get a proper workout this evening. (It may be the only extended wear it gets all season, as I don’t see myself going anywhere…)

And in an hour or so, I’ll be starting up the veggie beef soup. It’s a tradition my Mom started years ago, and it’s just not Halloween without it.

Have a safe evening, and I hope it’s filled with candy one way or another.

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