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It’s Primary Day in Virginia

And I must admit, I am not enthused. We have a dizzying array of exceptionally qualified candidates for Governor/Lt. Governor/Attorney General, and it’s going to end up being three white guys, because…well, we all know why. Doesn’t help that 90% … Continue reading

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Windsor, Virginia

OK, I didn’t realize until just the other day that awful incident with Army Lt Nazario and the Windsor police was here in Virginia. (I guess I was hoping it was Windsor, Ontario.) Folks are very understandably pissed off and … Continue reading

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Suck it, Georgia legislature

I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying watching the Republicans lose their shit over MLB moving the All Star Game out of Georgia. These asshats have screamed about letting the market decide my entire life and now that … Continue reading

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Stupid days…

You know how you have those days that start with great promise and then just turn…stupid? That was yesterday. My “this can’t be right” bug… They rebuilt the environment cause some things had to be added to this special version. … Continue reading

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Dear Texans

I don’t know why your state leadership wants to kill you, but they really, really do. Texas is ending its statewide mask mandate, Gov. Greg Abbott said on Tuesday. The state will also allow businesses to reopen next Wednesday with … Continue reading

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So, the impeachment.

I am super insanely pissed off about this. That asshole* is going to try and run again and he’ll be sending his goons out during the primaries, and the fucking Republicans will just let it happen so they can have … Continue reading

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Um, it’s snowing again…

The last time I checked the weather, it called for “snow showers” this morning with no real accumulation this morning. Now they’re saying 2 more inches by noontime. This is not the end of the world, as overall it’s not … Continue reading

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Wait, it’s Wednesday?

I’ve just spent the past half hour thinking it was Tuesday. Good that we’re a day closer to the weekend, but I could use an extra day out of nowhere for this thing I’m testing at work. I’ve been working … Continue reading

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While I know it’s not all sunshine & rainbows

It’s nice to hear the phrase, “From the White House today…” and not cringe. And when the sentence is finished, to think, “Yes, that seems reasonable and rational.” We didn’t get in this mess in a day, and we’re not … Continue reading

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Feeling *slightly* better this morning

Glad they didn’t do all the inaugural balls yesterday so Biden had time to get some executive orders done. This is a decent start – but we can do better. Don’t see anything about the horrific treatment of people at … Continue reading

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