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2013 wasn’t half bad

So, time to briefly interrupt the Williamsburg chronicles to take a look back at 2013.  Overall, it was a pretty darn good year, and it was overdue.  The grandma-related low-level-PTSD-type-hell finally faded.*  When the phone rings, I think “fucking telemarketers” … Continue reading

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Williamsburg, Day 2 – the rest

So, after Great Hopes Plantation, it was definitely time for lunch, so I popped into Shield’s Tavern. Crayfish and shrimp stew and beef pasties (think colonial empanadas) absolutely hit the spot.  Honestly, I was kicking myself that I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Williamsburg, Day 2 – Great Hopes Plantation

So, Tuesday was a really long day, so this is going to be split into multiple pieces. Normally when I go to Williamsburg, I just wander around fairly aimlessly for a couple days, I see what I see, eat a … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for Chownings Tavern

Yes, this one gets it’s own post.  My second day in Williamsburg I headed to Chownings Tavern for dinner and had a terrific time.  Flight of ale – check.  Welsh Rarebit – check.  Salty Virginia Ham on top?  Check.  Enough … Continue reading

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So, yes, Williamsburg!

I know you were dying to hear about it. :)  (And this won’t be the only post – you’re gonna get one for every day I was down there!  I KNOW!) First, if you have a chance to go down … Continue reading

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Is it just me?

Or does it seem like the media is acting like Target, UPS and FedEx all got together and decided to conspire to make a clusterfuck of Christmas on purpose? Target didn’t turn off all the payment security protocols on Black … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day

and no, it does not mean you can punch a family member, no matter how much you really might want to.* I hope everyone out there had a nice Christmas – I know I did.  Lots of books, lots of … Continue reading

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