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Happy Friday!

You made it! Good job! Every day you wake up on the right side of the dirt is hell of an accomplishment, especially these days, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sunday is the big day here in my … Continue reading

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Such a spoiled monster

Had to run up to Felix & Oscar for a big bottle of Wondercide flea spray – kitty tunnel season is coming and my plan is spraying down the area around the tunnel in hope of creating a barrier so … Continue reading

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Last night, they finally got their first NO HITTER!!! 8,000+ games to get there, but they finally did it!! Congrats to Joe Musgrove – that was a hell of a game he pitched. When I went to pick up Starbucks … Continue reading

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Oh, and here’s some Lily!

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OK, that was awesome

Today, it was in the high 60s and sunny and I decided to go and do lunchtime yoga outside AND OMG IT WAS SO GREAT AND WARM AND SUNNY AND LOVELY. I did it in the carport, which still had … Continue reading

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Oh, LilyMonster

5 AM this morning, I heard Lily make a noise I’ve only heard once (maybe twice?) before in 11 years. It can best be described as: “Mrrrrrppppppphhhhhhhhhh?” It translates roughly to, “Iz in my mouf, wat do?” Yes, my little … Continue reading

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So much for my furry alarm clock

So, my sunshine alarm goes off at 7, my phone alarm at 7:05. The sunshine alarm just lights up the room and plays some bird sounds and doesn’t really wake me up, but sorta gets my brain ready for the … Continue reading

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No room for stretching out

Seriously, she’s managing to take up a full third of the sofa, right in the middle. But I can’t be at all mad, cause she’s cute and sweet and when I took a snooze this afternoon, she came upstairs and … Continue reading

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We have a healthy Lily!

She had her checkup today, and all is well.  She’s gained weight, which she needed to do – she dropped under 10# last year when she was being Miss Picky Eater – 11.5# today – we’ve all put on some … Continue reading

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Quick Lily

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