So, jump on to work early this morning and get going on that last bug fix that has to be done today.

Bashed my way through a few issues getting the data setup, run the first test and… it’s still not working correctly.

So, had to yank it at the last minute, and I doubt it’s going to make it to the next test round for this month. I found it a) so late in the process, and b) the developers for this one are on the other side of the world, so they won’t even see the email until hours after I’ve logged off tonight – I mean it is possible they could get the fix done and checked in overnight and I could give it another whirl tomorrow – possible, but I don’t think probable.

I am fighting kicking myself over this – I had 3 bug fixes to test by COB today, all had the same severity, and one of them was going to have to be the last to be tested, it just happened to be the one that is still having problems.

It’s not the end of the world, it won’t be horrific if it has to move to next month’s release, but still, ughhhhhhhhhh.

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