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Oh, LilyMonster

5 AM this morning, I heard Lily make a noise I’ve only heard once (maybe twice?) before in 11 years. It can best be described as: “Mrrrrrppppppphhhhhhhhhh?” It translates roughly to, “Iz in my mouf, wat do?” Yes, my little … Continue reading

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No room for stretching out

Seriously, she’s managing to take up a full third of the sofa, right in the middle. But I can’t be at all mad, cause she’s cute and sweet and when I took a snooze this afternoon, she came upstairs and … Continue reading

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We have a healthy Lily!

She had her checkup today, and all is well.  She’s gained weight, which she needed to do – she dropped under 10# last year when she was being Miss Picky Eater – 11.5# today – we’ve all put on some … Continue reading

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Quick Lily

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On a sillier note

LOOK WHAT ARRIVED TODAY!! Seriously, my spring 2020 plans were to go to the local Build A Bear to get this for myself. And well, we know what happened to all our spring plans. So, my brother got me a … Continue reading

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Well, that long weekend flew by

As much as I love my job, I could use a couple more days off. As it is, I’m going to have to log on this afternoon just to make sure I have a handle on what this coming week … Continue reading

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Happy Leftovers Day!

I hope you had a nice, calm, safe day yesterday. Our normal tiny Thanksgiving was great – only minor hitch was realizing about halfway through roasting was that I’d not moved the oven rack down a spot – easily fixed … Continue reading

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Made it to another Fuck It Friday!

And the Padres WON!!! last night in a hella comeback, so we have one more day of baseball. Oh, and the President and First Lady caught the ‘rona. I have zero fucks to give about their health and well being, … Continue reading

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She likes it!

The LilyMonster seems to definitely like being able to hang out with us on the porch. Of course, no sooner did I finish this than we’re not going to have a day above 80 degrees for the next 10 days … Continue reading

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I did it!

The LilyMonster can hang out on the porch with her people! And has actually used it! This was the screen insert when it was done – the black bit is gaffer tape on both sides that I just cut an … Continue reading

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