So, looks like it’s Monday again…

Good news is that the work server came back up sometime yesterday and I was able to get a couple things done last night, and I’m down to testing one single bug that has to be finished today.

Normally I do not get this down to the wire with work deadlines, but this round of bugs, I had two that just…took…fucking…forever, which kinda screwed my usual “be done a bit early” routine.

But, get this one done today, and the next deadline is 11/6 and it’s re-testing everything that is due today on a separate system – retests always go quicker, and I’ll have time to get a bunch of prep work done before the window opens for testing, so this should be the end of late nights and jumping on the laptop on the weekend for a while.

So, I just need the cold brew to kick in (come onnnnnnnn, cold brew!) and we’ll be off to the races.

Time to go grind those gears for capitalism.

You have a good week AND MAKE YOUR PLAN TO VOTE!!

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