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So, it’s been a little cold…

 The polar vortex/arctic blast/whatever you want to call it has had our area in a bit of a chill over the past week, along with a good chunk of the rest of the country.  It’s not the end of the … Continue reading

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This is new…

After several years of watching Lily sleep on the patio cushions, Carmen finally gets in on the act.

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Another shooting

This morning, I was out running errands and I turned on the radio to hear the news that there were three dead in a shooting at a mall in Columbia, Maryland. Any number of things could have first come into … Continue reading

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This is why I couldn’t leave the couch for the last 25 minutes:

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A moment of calm and cuddles

  Approximately 30 seconds later they were biting each others feet followed by a full-on wrestling match.

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That awkward moment…

When your realize your hair color now matches your cat. Trust me, hardly intentional.  Friday I went and saw my hair sorceress for a ~4 month overdue haircut, color (I think the exact words I used were, “obliterate the grey”) … Continue reading

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Last lazy Sunday for a while…

Classes start back up on Tuesday and I’ve got a Monday session this semester to boot, so this is the last Sunday until mid-May where I won’t be finishing up something for a Monday class.  (The plan is to have … Continue reading

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Fixed it.

One of my wonderful readers pointed out that there is apparently no way to contact me from here.  (I really thought it was on here somewhere.  Obviously, I was wrong.) It’s fixed and if for some reason you would like … Continue reading

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“I don’t know what people do without pets”

That was one of the few things my grandmother and I agreed upon over the years.  She had gone for a long while without pets, and I recall coming over to the house for Friday pizza night and my parents … Continue reading

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It’s like some people don’t even know how birthday parties work

It would seem that Mrs. Obama’s birthday party won’t be serving dinner.  OH THE HORROR!  And my god, the invites actually said, “Eat before you come”… When you’re a kid, birthday parties consist of two things: cake and party favors. … Continue reading

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