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Morning got here extra early

Tow company came to pick up my dear old Jeep – they called yesterday and said I was first on the pickup list, scheduled for 6AM. Ouch. He rolled up at 5-ohmygod-30. But, I’d set my alarm, I was already … Continue reading

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OK, now I am extra glad I got the car tended to yesterday.

Cause I’ve had a really productive day (well, for me) and it’s 4PM and I don’t have to even *think* about the car, which is so nice, cause I don’t have much “get shit done” left in me today. I … Continue reading

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So, when’s the last time you changed that Brita filter?

So, last year, our old Brita pitcher got a crack in it, so I got two new ones, one for the kitchen and one for upstairs. (Way easier to just have one upstairs for refilling the humidifier and nightstand water … Continue reading

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