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My brain is so dumb sometimes

So, now that I figured out the trick to making my KN-95s fit so they’re not flapping at the sides like a fish out of water*, I’ve been using them exclusively for the past week. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at … Continue reading

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My friend’s sister tested positive. She’s got some fairly significant disabilities, and I am so scared for her. Picked it up at the doctor’s office. Meanwhile, our Governors comments on our record case numbers is basically, “Welp, it was inevitable … Continue reading

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Happy Hump Day

And my 8AM meeting was canceled, but the 7:30 one is still on… I think there will only be like 3 of us there this week, LOL. Like everywhere else, our damn Covid cases are still going through the roof. … Continue reading

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So, we saw Omicron coming. The only mitigation step we took in response was a travel ban. Cases got out of control. And now we’re cutting isolation time to 5 days with a bunch of caveats that no one will … Continue reading

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Ewh, Monday.

Not really in the mindset to work today, but I haven’t won the lottery, so… (Maybe tomorrow, LOL.) On the upside, I did an excellent job of not thinking about work in the last week, to the point where I … Continue reading

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2021 has been a year, hasn’t it? It wasn’t *all* bad – we had a couple months with truly low case counts and I was able to spend some time at the beach and eat great food and go to … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

And yet again, I sit here disappointed that it doesn’t mean I can punch someone. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas – for those who had to cancel plans, I’m so sorry, but I’m also really glad you’re staying … Continue reading

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A bit of Zen from my walk today

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Merry Christmas y’all!

Maybe next year will be a little less weird. But I have a very large coffee, the hashbrown casserole is done and tucked in an insulated bag and wrapped in heavy bath towels to keep hot* and the egg casserole … Continue reading

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So, the FedEx truck just dropped off a box addressed to me/my company. Wireless earbuds, but no note of any kind – I guess they’re from the company? And the box has already been opened? Ohh, yes, from the company, … Continue reading

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