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Seriously, NBC, why aren’t you showing the rings in Men’s gymnastics?! It’s hard and cool and people like it! And Simone Biles is the GOAT for Noping the fuck outta there when she realized, “I could very well kill myself … Continue reading

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Happy Snowy Superb Owl Day!

And owls are pretty damn superb, so I’m glad they have their own day. And there is some sporting event today as well. And for the first time in 25 years, little bro is not spending the day with his … Continue reading

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Andrew Luck

So, I don’t follow the NFL particularly closely, but it was impossible to miss Andrew Luck’s retirement yesterday on my Twitter feed. And apparently some folks are big mad about it – like this ass: Retiring cause rehabbing is “too … Continue reading

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Please use the word “football”

I have SportsCenter on my daily TiVo schedule.  At other times, if there is nothing else on TV, I usually have ESPN on in the background. That being said – I AM REALLY TIRED OF LISTENING TO BRADY AND BELICHICK TALKING ABOUT … Continue reading

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