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Goodbye 2015

Personally, kind of a “meh” year.  Looking out at the world?  Completely depressing.  Way too much hate, war, death, and destruction for my taste. Star Wars provided a fantastic three hour respite from it all, and if you haven’t seen … Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted to have open windows in December

I just didn’t think I would still be living in the DC suburbs when it happened.   It’s 1:47 AM on December 15th and it is 63º outside. Sure, every couple of years we have a little warm spell at the beginning … Continue reading

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I am angry and embarrassed.

Though I didn’t watch President Obama’s speech on Sunday night, I did take the time to read the transcript later in the evening.  While I didn’t really feel any need to be consoled or reassured, I was pleased to see … Continue reading

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On a lighter note

If you didn’t see The Wiz last night and weren’t able to TiVo it, it is available on – and I highly recommend it. The production was just spectacular and it’s a great way to spend a couple hours … Continue reading

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I’m just at a loss.

So many terrible things have happened in the past year, and nothing has changed, and I just feel like nothing will. Gun control will not happen, even if San Bernardino is closed out as international terrorism.  Because we can’t deny “responsible, law-abiding gun owners” … Continue reading

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