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DIY Rules

No matter how confident you are that you have all the tools for the project – you don’t have all the tools for the project. My Mom was very handy around the house and I was quite certain all the … Continue reading

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Fun with home projects!

And I’m actually not being sarcastic this time. I haven’t even actually *started* the screen frame for Lily’s catio – though I have the bulk of the supplies, I’m still turning over in my head how to do this. And … Continue reading

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Dumb things I miss

Browsing in stores. Specifically today – browsing in hardware stores. I had to get some supplies at the local Ace Hardware and I did the online order/pickup in store, cause of the fucking pandemic. Our local Ace, being a proper … Continue reading

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Rest in Power, Chadwick

The news of Chadwick Boseman’s death was yet another collective gut punch. I cannot imagine how this loss must feel to folks for whom he was the first superhero they saw on screen that looked like them. How do you … Continue reading

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It’s Fridaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!

And our last half-day Friday of the summer. Boooooooo. That’s been a really nice thing – maybe it will become a summer standard after the pandemic. Or maybe spur some discussions on alternate work schedules? I’d be totally willing to … Continue reading

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Happy Hump Day!!

Today we’re gonna focus on frivolous shit – food and shopping! First, I discovered this weekend that my beloved Rye Triscuits have been discontinued. They were so great with cheese, cause they had good flavor, but not overwhelming. All their … Continue reading

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Seriously, this stuff:

This is what I bought on a whim this weekend and I’ve just been slathering it all over cheese and crackers for the last 4 days straight and it’s SO GOOD. Not sure I’d put it up there right next … Continue reading

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Oh, so it will be one of those weeks

Where I am not terribly sure what day it is. Had to double check my phone when I got up. It’s Tuesday, just so you know. Yet again, this administration is really testing my commitment to abolitionist principles. What the … Continue reading

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Gooooood morning!

Yet another Monday morning, and while Mondays do suck – you made it to yet another one in the middle of a pandemic, so well done. In good Monday news – got my refund for my baseball tickets! We’ll give … Continue reading

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I’m turning into my Dad.

Not a bad thing, he was pretty nifty. But again, up early, got coffee and donuts, and I’m having my coffee on the porch and enjoying the morning before it gets blazing hot. Remember how I said yesterday that summer … Continue reading

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