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So far, so good.

Granted, we’re only a day into the new year, but not terrible yet, despite 45 having another weird tantrum laden day. Looks like Elizabeth Warren is running in 2020, which is fine, I was just hoping for a little more … Continue reading

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Lily keeping my feet warm while I read

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What do you do when it’s 10º outside?

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Today’s high was 47º – not too bad.  Now it’s currently 16º and the projected low for tonight is 3º.  The projected high for tomorrow is a whopping 17º.  With windchills, it will feel as low as -13º.  The Polar … Continue reading

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Freezing Rain Sunday

If that sky doesn’t say, “Stay inside, drink coffee, read, and write” I’m not sure what does.  We’re under a freezing rain advisory until 6 or maybe 9PM tonight (they keep moving it) and the weather is just not good … Continue reading

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A few evening snow shots

The lights just look so pretty in the snow, I couldn’t resist. And a short video so you can see the twinkle lights: (I have got to figure out how to make videos a little smaller…)

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Today’s high: 22º

I ventured outside long enough to get some snow off my car, and that was it.  How to deal with weather this miserably cold?  Stay inside, read, and make the best cheese grits ever. The trick is using chicken broth … Continue reading

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Snowy Night

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Waiting in my window this evening

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My already spoiled cats got another present

A friend of mine had a little cat shelf – he’d gotten it to replace an ratty old wicker hamper that his cat slept on, and of course, his cat refused to have anything to do with it.  So, he … Continue reading

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