I hate being out of sorts, and I am seriously out of sorts today – even more so than my usual off-kilterness these days.

I didn’t sleep well and slept way later than I’d planned to start with. My alarm is set for 10:30 on the weekend, but with the pandemic, I’ve been up 1-2 hours earlier than that on a regular basis. So waking up at 10 was a bit of a WTF moment.

Got to Starbucks, quick trip into the market – forgot the paper towels. Fuck.

Did remember to grab a flea comb, as the LilyMonster has been scratching a bit and I can’t find any of the ones we have in the house.

Yeppers, Miss Monster has picked up some fleas. Oh joy.

Dash to the organic pet supply shop, Felix & Oscar, for a couple bottles of Wondercide spray & geranium soap. And a couple “forgive me” toys, of course. The weeble-wobble mouse toy is already a big hit, as is the canvas “squirrel” with the floofy feather tail. (I love this little shop so much, and I’m so thankful they’re open on Sundays.)

We’ve already done a couple rounds of “comb & soapy water”, which thankfully, she quite enjoys. Also washing ALL THE THINGS cause she sleeps on LOTS OF THINGS! And spraying down everywhere she hangs out, which is a lot of places when you stop and have to think about spraying everything down.

On the whole, she’s big mad, cause she is not a fan of the sprays – the smell fades quickly enough and she’ll deal, but for the moment, I am getting some stink eye. I think they smell lovely. (We have Lemongrass, Rosemary, & Cedarwood. They really are nice!)

My big plan for the day was to just see if the damn work server came back up.

But hey, the couch has been cleared and sprayed and has fresh clean blankets on it, her chair has been cleared off and sprayed and will have a clean blanket shortly, her hallway pillows have been sprayed and will have a clean blanket on them shortly…

There seems to be a theme of “clear, spray, place clean blanket” here, LOL.

And all my bedlinens were due for a wash anyway.

And even in the time it’s taken me to write this, the stink eye has faded and she’s now in my lap. :)

Just not the Sunday I’d planned. I think I will put little bro in charge of dinner.

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