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Happy Friday!

You made it! Good job! Every day you wake up on the right side of the dirt is hell of an accomplishment, especially these days, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sunday is the big day here in my … Continue reading

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Ooooh, broken!

In the midst of more feature testing and damn, today I am finding shit wrong left and right. And honestly, I’m loving it, cause it means I’m doing my job right. And the county has finally provided guidance on what … Continue reading

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And J&J has left the game for a bit…

I am very much of two minds on this – on the one hand, ugggghhhhhhh we’re already so far behind in my countyyyyyyyyyyyy but also, I’m really glad they’re taking it seriously. Blood clots are not something to mess around … Continue reading

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Defund them all…

I don’t even know what the hell I was thinking yesterday when I thought we could fix policing via legislation. Another police shooting in Minneapolis. And of course, they’re treating a grieving community like shit yet again. Like so many, … Continue reading

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*relaxed sigh*

Putting the weekend in the win column. Didn’t clear everything off the to do list, but enough of it, and there are clean towels and clean clothes and a clean kitchen sink. I’ve also got a case of the Sunday … Continue reading

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Windsor, Virginia

OK, I didn’t realize until just the other day that awful incident with Army Lt Nazario and the Windsor police was here in Virginia. (I guess I was hoping it was Windsor, Ontario.) Folks are very understandably pissed off and … Continue reading

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Such a spoiled monster

Had to run up to Felix & Oscar for a big bottle of Wondercide flea spray – kitty tunnel season is coming and my plan is spraying down the area around the tunnel in hope of creating a barrier so … Continue reading

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Last night, they finally got their first NO HITTER!!! 8,000+ games to get there, but they finally did it!! Congrats to Joe Musgrove – that was a hell of a game he pitched. When I went to pick up Starbucks … Continue reading

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You made it to another Friday!

Well done, you! And hopefully you’re closer to getting vaccinated if you’re not there already. I am so very, very happy for everyone that has been able to get vaccinated, but THE ENVY IS REAL. And I have to say, … Continue reading

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Like clockwork

I schedule a day off and existing schedules either radically change, or additional stuff gets dumped on me with a short turnaround time, LOL. HR has been fussing at us to take our PTO – fine. I’m taking this Friday … Continue reading

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