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So, anyone else seeing supply chain issues?

I hadn’t really noticed anything other than Lily’s food being an issue until now, but I did a big grocery shop yesterday and yeah, it’s here. Mind you, it is NOTHING like it was last year, but it is a … Continue reading

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Farewell Professor Marty

I was in the car and heard on the radio that Professor Martin Sherwin had passed away – and I’ll admit I did a double-take – the name rang bells all over the place, but the person they were talking … Continue reading

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Goooooood morning!

And we’re starting the day with the BBC covering our heinous treatment of Haitian refugees. I don’t understand why we can’t fucking help people, whether they’re from here or not. We have got to stop acting like people come here … Continue reading

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Bye, Ida

You’ll not be forgotten anytime soon. Though to look outside, you’d be hard pressed to know anything happened – sunny, cool and dry. We got SO lucky – the bulk of it skipped just north of us – we got … Continue reading

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Morning got here extra early

Tow company came to pick up my dear old Jeep – they called yesterday and said I was first on the pickup list, scheduled for 6AM. Ouch. He rolled up at 5-ohmygod-30. But, I’d set my alarm, I was already … Continue reading

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Stop the world, please, I’d like to get off…

So, we’ve got a humanitarian crisis in Haiti, a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, a hurricane bearing down on New England, a dude threatened to blow up the Library of Congress, and multiple health care systems are failing in the US … Continue reading

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Good start so far

Great to wake up to a text from my brother saying, “Coffee is on the way!” The 8 minute round trip to Starbucks is hardly an ordeal, but it’s nice to have it just arrive. (And he hit the grocery … Continue reading

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I know we had to get out of Afghanistan – we probably never should have been there to start. It would have been a mess if we’d left 10 years ago or 10 years from now. As far as blame … Continue reading

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Gawd, sleep is good

I slept like a rock last night – I could easily take another 12 hours of it, but this will work for now. And I am actually looking forward to work – there is just nothing but sadness in the … Continue reading

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One step forward, two steps back

No sooner did we finally hold a police officer accountable for killing George Floyd, police in Columbus decided the only way to break up a fight was to shoot someone four times. A public safety system that constantly turns to … Continue reading

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