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Well, I’m that bitch!

And totally OK with it. My grocery store has an interior entrance – it’s in a little shopping center with a lobby with the market on the left and some other little shops on the right. In the center they … Continue reading

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I hate being out of sorts, and I am seriously out of sorts today – even more so than my usual off-kilterness these days. I didn’t sleep well and slept way later than I’d planned to start with. My alarm … Continue reading

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Well, that was an unmitigated disaster

I attempted to make chili tonight. A meal I have made hundreds of times. I used dried kidney beans this time. Got them back in the spring when it was still chili weather and the market was totally out of … Continue reading

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OK, so it’s going to be a stupid day, got it.

Hit Total Wine, got what I needed, and then every damn grocery store on the way home and could not find the Rice Select Risotto rice. Rice Select is my preferred brand for any non-Minute Rice, good quality, resealable canisters, … Continue reading

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It’s gonna be that kind of day…

The Padres lost, I can’t get the BBC on my cable, and I am realizing I need to go to the dentist in the middle of a pandemic. Yay. While I’m assuming my dentist is doing all the proper protocols, … Continue reading

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Yeah, the R’s suck

They’re gonna jam through a SCOTUS pick even though voting has started, because OF COURSE. I swear to god though, if we win the White House & flip the Senate and then do nothing for the sake of “unity” – … Continue reading

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Forgive me if I’m not super excited

Don’t get me wrong, Kamala Harris’ nomination *is* historic and it *is* exciting. But I remember what happened last time. Americans loooooove their racism and sexism, even to their own detriment. Congress has shown it can’t do shit and now … Continue reading

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Another day

Another call to Congress. This USPS fuckery… Now I’m starting to think I’d be better off doing absentee-in-person, cause I’m not really sure I’ll *get* my ballot in the first place with the talk circulating of telling the USPS to … Continue reading

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Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me.

So, our parent company declared a dividend for Q2. (They’re public, it was publicly announced, this is not inside/confidential information.) Same amount as the last two quarters to boot. The financials for Q2 will be released tomorrow morning. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Just frustrated these days.

Baseball is back and I’m super conflicted about it. Padres are #1 in the NL West, and I’m happy games are back – but we sure as shit haven’t earned this and I don’t think it’s safe. A better person … Continue reading

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