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We were lucky to have Ruth Bader Ginsberg as long as we did. What an amazing legal mind and I am grateful she used it to try and make the world better. I wish we lived in a country with … Continue reading

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She likes it!

The LilyMonster seems to definitely like being able to hang out with us on the porch. Of course, no sooner did I finish this than we’re not going to have a day above 80 degrees for the next 10 days … Continue reading

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Oh, it’s gonna be *that* kinda day

One where you wake up 45 minutes before your alarm and it’s still dark out and you just decide, Fuck it, I’m awake, let’s do this. In Covid news, we have confirmation that 45 is an unmitigated ass who doesn’t … Continue reading

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Oh, so it will be one of those weeks

Where I am not terribly sure what day it is. Had to double check my phone when I got up. It’s Tuesday, just so you know. Yet again, this administration is really testing my commitment to abolitionist principles. What the … Continue reading

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I’m turning into my Dad.

Not a bad thing, he was pretty nifty. But again, up early, got coffee and donuts, and I’m having my coffee on the porch and enjoying the morning before it gets blazing hot. Remember how I said yesterday that summer … Continue reading

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Forgive me if I’m not super excited

Don’t get me wrong, Kamala Harris’ nomination *is* historic and it *is* exciting. But I remember what happened last time. Americans loooooove their racism and sexism, even to their own detriment. Congress has shown it can’t do shit and now … Continue reading

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Welp, it’s officially Joe.

Remember when we pondered the possibility of a brokered convention? I’ll admit, I’ve not watched a bit of the convention – I’m not the target audience, my vote is solid already, and I am not going to learn anything new. … Continue reading

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Everything is totally normal.

I mean, it’s very healthy and such to be having dreams about getting in fights with government agents who are stealing mailboxes, right? Gotta say, my administration/pandemic/GOP related anger/depression/anxiety has reached new highs, which I didn’t think possible, but it … Continue reading

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Well, I guess it’s not *bad* news

The house has moved up the hearing with DeJoy to August 24th rather than mid-September. So, my voicemail to Gerry Connolly was a little less angry than it would have been, though I did say that the 24th still isn’t … Continue reading

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Today I learned

That when the power goes out for an extended period of time, while the fancypants thermostat for the heat/AC does come back on with the power – it resets everything to the factory defaults, and is in OFF mode. (Seems … Continue reading

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