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Weird ass pandemic dreams…

So, last night I dreamt I was down in Virginia Beach for some reason, enjoying the beach and even saw a great white shark. Got word that there was an all ages vaccination clinic at Rexall Drugs (which does not … Continue reading

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Ohhh, it’s gonna be a bitch about everything week.

Consider yourself warned. The stuff I’m testing at work was going along at a very good clip and today it just slowed to a crawl. Nothing is broken, thank goodness, but I just hit a hella slow going section of … Continue reading

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1 down, 4 to go…

The week has actually gotten off to a good start – the thing I’m testing right now is going very quickly and relatively smoothly, so it doesn’t look like I’ve got any 12 hour days on tap this week. Still … Continue reading

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So, what was that I was saying…

About saying “no” more often? Got a call from my supervisor today, I get to take on more responsibility for no money starting later this year. Yay? (I *did* bring up more money – he stumbled and then went, “Good … Continue reading

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I hope this isn’t an omen for the day…

Ran up to my Starbucks and the two parking spots right in front of the shop are clearly marked “For Compact Cars Only” (with good reason, it’s an odd section in the parking lot where if you park there, getting … Continue reading

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It is a very grey and dreary spring day here in the mid-Atlantic, with a call for storms to boot. Got all the blinds open and every light on in the living room and it still feels dark as fuck … Continue reading

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I feel a very lazy Saturday coming on…

I have a to-do list a mile long but I have a feeling that today is just going to be quietly existing. I’m not really tired, but I am utterly unmotivated. So, I worked late on Thursday to get a … Continue reading

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You made it to another Friday!

Congrats on getting through all the fuckery, and remember, no matter how many mistakes you made, you didn’t jam a boat sideways in the Suez Canal. In local vaccine news, our numbers are starting to improve a bit. The waitlist … Continue reading

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Some green things

Because we need a few nice things. Transplanted the sunflowers today at lunch, and realized I need to go back through all the packets and probably do some googling, because it’s probably time to start transplanting the rest of them … Continue reading

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It hasn’t even been a week

And we’re trying to process yet another mass shooting. Last week we lost 8 people, 6 of them Asian American women who just got up and went to work. Yesterday – 10 people who just went to the grocery store. … Continue reading

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