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Goodbye, 2020.

And what a fucking year it has been. It can basically be summed up as rage combined with deep, profound disappointment, over and over and over again. Keep thinking back to our first suspected local case. Student from China came … Continue reading

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That was fun!

I watched a movie last night – like, actually *watched* it, didn’t pick up my phone once, and just did this wild thing called FOCUSING. Can’t remember the last time I did that – definitely pre-pandemic. Also – if you … Continue reading

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Seems we have another Monday

As broken as time has been the last 9 months, Mondays to seem to continue to roll around with startling regularity. After a short week of working half days, today is going to be…long. At least we only have 3 … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

And yet again, I am disappointed it doesn’t mean you can punch someone in the face. Or something, like, I don’t know…2020 needs punching. (But also several someone’s in the Republican party.) But, it is at least a Saturday, which … Continue reading

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Christmas 2020

And it starts with an RV exploding in downtown Nashville, next to an AT&T network facility, taking 911 offline and shutting down the airport. What will the history books call America’s version of the Troubles?

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Bring on the holiday!

Work is done and the final errand has been run, and the drugstore was pleasantly *not* a total shitshow. (I suspect the same cannot be said about the grocery store.) I do think I will crack open a beer here … Continue reading

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We should all work half days

Or 6 hours a day, tops. Seriously, EVERYBODY. Nobody has more than 6 hours productivity in them anyway, so let’s just stop pretending. In other news, half days this week have been nice, even if I have been beating my … Continue reading

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I am helping!!!

I signed up for a research study, and you don’t have to try to get Covid19 to be helpful!! They’re looking for folks in the DC Metro and it’s a daily questionnaire and you can also optionally sign up for … Continue reading

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34 days for 2 day priority mail

But, my SportPepperCat shirt is here, benefitting kitties in need! But for real, these got dropped at the Post Office on 11/18, never got scanned in and have been in shipping limbo for a month.  Tracker says they’re still in … Continue reading

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Yay, longer days!

We get a whole additional second of daylight today! OK, it’s better than nothing, and I’ll take it. Another half day today, and my enthusiasm for work this week is waning – just having multiple cases of “I cannot brain … Continue reading

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