And J&J has left the game for a bit…

I am very much of two minds on this – on the one hand, ugggghhhhhhh we’re already so far behind in my countyyyyyyyyyyyy but also, I’m really glad they’re taking it seriously. Blood clots are not something to mess around with.

And I swear to god, if I hear “But the risk of blood clots with birth control is way higher” one more goddamn time.


Hopefully they can figure out what the correlation and possible causation is and use it as a screening tool.

But I fear this may be the end for the J&J shot – I think folks were already a little iffy on it with the perceived lower effectiveness, and even if they start administering them again, I suspect we’ll see folks go, “Yeah, I’ll wait for Moderna or Pfizer.”

Sucks, but we’ll get through this like everything else.

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Defund them all…

I don’t even know what the hell I was thinking yesterday when I thought we could fix policing via legislation. Another police shooting in Minneapolis. And of course, they’re treating a grieving community like shit yet again.

Like so many, I keep thinking, “we need better rules” – but the culture of “fuck you, we’re the cops and we can do whatever we want” is so ingrained that I don’t know how we get out of that.

We need to come up with a better public safety system. We can do it. We just have to decide that we actually want something better than this. I know I do – I just have to break away from the idea that better rules will make better police.

One of the Windsor police has been fired – but what about the culture that made them think that traffic stop was OK? One of our state senators was quick to point out that the stop would have been illegal if it had happened 3 months later. I don’t know if that would have changed anything… (Also, I thought we hadn’t been able to get rid of qualified immunity?)

I don’t know how the fuck we fix this and convince people that we can have something better, but we’ve got to try.

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*relaxed sigh*

Putting the weekend in the win column. Didn’t clear everything off the to do list, but enough of it, and there are clean towels and clean clothes and a clean kitchen sink.

I’ve also got a case of the Sunday nights – not a bad case, I’m not full on dreading tomorrow, but I’m very relaxed and content and I know tomorrow is going to be an exceptionally long day, and I’m not totally looking forward to that, cause it’s gonna undo all my zen shit I’ve got going on right now.

I really do like my job, but if I could retire tomorrow, I’d do it.

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Windsor, Virginia

OK, I didn’t realize until just the other day that awful incident with Army Lt Nazario and the Windsor police was here in Virginia. (I guess I was hoping it was Windsor, Ontario.)

Folks are very understandably pissed off and upset about it – because we all know if that young man hadn’t been able to get to a gas station, they would have killed him. And I hope his lawsuit will bankrupt that department. Defund them one way or another.

My county’s NAACP is pissed about it too – and whoever is running their social media right now is understandably not OK – last night they went after my delegate after she tweeted that what happened was appalling. I didn’t screenshot it and they have since deleted the reply. I know it was done in the heat of emotion and pain, but she’s not even on the subcommittee that killed the biggest reform bill.

Let’s get the state AG on it. Let’s keep getting better laws on the books.

Thing is, we *did* get some law enforcement reform done this session. Was it enough? Obviously not, but we’re finally moving the right direction here in Virginia, and we can’t slow down. (I don’t see defunding happening here anytime soon. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.)

No knock warrants are gone.

We banned the use of facial recognition technology by police (cosponsored by my delegate)

We’ve sharply curtailed ICE/LE access to DMV records (introduced by my delegate)

More funding for body cameras I know that body cameras are not a cure-all, but it’s another needed form of witness.

Then there is HB 2045, which was tabled – it provided for civil actions against law enforcement when they deprive folks of their civil rights. (I think this was the House bill to end qualified immunity.) Didn’t even make it out of subcommittee – and my delegate isn’t even *on* that committee. This is the bill the Virginia Black Legislative Caucus is pointing to right now as very needed.

Also, a bill on releasing disciplinary records didn’t make it out of committee.

Now, I can’t find solid explanations as to why these two were tabled – could have been poorly written, needed more research to avoid unintended consequences, I just don’t know. Given that the D’s control the legislature, they should have passed when they hit the full floor, so – I can only think something wasn’t right with them. (The Senate attempt to end qualified immunity didn’t make it either.)

I know it doesn’t do us any good to just slam bills through only to have them turned over in the courts. So, let’s re-write them, make them better, and bring them around next session. Hell, let’s call a special session and do it NOW. I even sent a message to the Governor asking him to call everyone back.

Waiting and hoping the police become less racist isn’t going to work and it’s just going to cost more lives.

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Such a spoiled monster

Had to run up to Felix & Oscar for a big bottle of Wondercide flea spray – kitty tunnel season is coming and my plan is spraying down the area around the tunnel in hope of creating a barrier so Lily doesn’t pick up any fleas this year.

Of course, I am physically incapable of walking in there and not buying some kind of toy or treat for Lily. I just cannot do it. How can I go to the best kitty toy store in town and not bring her something back?

Today I came home with these:

Two fabric tube-shaped kitty toys

I think they’re a hit:

A blurry action shot of Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, playing with her toys
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Last night, they finally got their first NO HITTER!!! 8,000+ games to get there, but they finally did it!! Congrats to Joe Musgrove – that was a hell of a game he pitched.

When I went to pick up Starbucks this morning, someone saw my Padres hoodie and said, “Hey, they had a no hitter!” Me: “OMG, YES, IT WAS THEIR VERY FIRST ONE!” I am not sure he expected that enthusiastic a response.

My local Starbucks was doing the work of two stores this morning, seems the next one over had their mobile ordering go down, so there was quite the crowd patiently hanging out in the parking lot. I like that the folks around here aren’t hellbent on crowding into small spaces.

Now, given the crush, the trip took longer than usual and when I got back, oh lordy was the LilyMonster DISTRESSED.

Like, crying at the top of her little lungs the moment I walked through the door distressed. “GIRL! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! TERRIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING! THE BOY IS IGNORING ME AND TRYING TO SLEEP!”

After the requisite handwashing, there was much consoling and petting and reassuring that everything was OK. Then my brother came upstairs and there was much happy mewling and purring. It’s just adorable how she has decided that he needs to not spend so much time in the basement over the course of the pandemic, despite the fact that it is ya know, his living space.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on a satin pillow
All better for now

I suspect she is not going to be thrilled when the pandemic is over and we leave the house for more than 15 minutes at a time, nor will she be super excited that I have to go out and run another errand today… But at least her boy is awake and she can yell at him, LOL.

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You made it to another Friday!

Well done, you! And hopefully you’re closer to getting vaccinated if you’re not there already.

I am so very, very happy for everyone that has been able to get vaccinated, but THE ENVY IS REAL. And I have to say, I did *not* expect that. And it feels SO petty, because I am lucky – I have a job where I can safely work at home, and I am healthy, and there’s no real hardship in staying home. BUT OMG, I WANT THOSE SHOTS.

Woke up to hear that Prince Phillip has passed away. Unsurprisingly, BBC news is wall to wall coverage of it this morning. I know that the monarchy is weird and outdated and he was quite the prat in many ways, but my first reaction was still to be a bit sad about it.

Got myself a proper long weekend this weekend and next – HR can’t say I’m not using my PTO. And I am actually going to make a concerted effort to get my around the house to-do list cleared. Even though it’s grey and dreary and my entire being wants to go back to bed, LOL.

But the list needs to be tended to, because sometimes self-care is making sure you have clean underwear and that the kitchen counters are un-stickied because it is fucking tiny ant season.

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Like clockwork

I schedule a day off and existing schedules either radically change, or additional stuff gets dumped on me with a short turnaround time, LOL.

HR has been fussing at us to take our PTO – fine. I’m taking this Friday and next. As of Monday, everything was totally under control, the days off were absolutely a non-issue, wouldn’t have to work late or say fuck it and show up on Friday or anything like that.

Then yesterday… “We have another feature to test” Fuck. “By the end of April” Oh, well, that’s fine, not a problem. Then look at the spreadsheet for said feature and it’s broken out into pieces – good – with target deadlines of 4/12, 4/19, and 4/23. That is not the end of April. (I shall not grumble about the fact that it appears the time estimates on these are also ridiculously low.)

It kinda defeats the purpose of taking use or lose leave when you have to work uncompensated overtime in order to have everything in a place where you can take the leave. (Much like our half-day Fridays each pay period – it’s nice, but I don’t know anyone who is actually working 4 hours less a pay period. Just give up and call it what it is – a company wide alternate work schedule.)

Worked late last night to get everything back under control again, so the rest of this short week should be relatively calm, I hope.

But good grief, it seems to happen every damn time lately.

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Oh noes

Went to bed early last night, woke up and looked at my phone and saw “Tatis, Jr. Injury Update”

Kid subluxated his shoulder last night. OUCH. OUCH. OUCH.

But, the Padres have built up a solid *team* and losing him for a while shouldn’t be the end of the world.

He’d been a little off the first few games – nothing major, just a couple errors – can’t help but wonder if he felt something loosening up that shouldn’t and was unconsciously protecting that shoulder.

At the risk of sounding super cynical – good job on signing that 14 year contract *before* getting hurt.

And one of our injured pitchers decided to be a douche about masks to fans and I hope the Padres release his sorry ass.

OK, time to go grind some gears for capitalism and hopefully not dislocate my shoulder in the process.

You have a great and safe Tuesday.

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Cue “confused puppy look”

Before I bitch about my vaccinations again, I will say that for the mass vax clinics my county is running, I have heard nothing but very good things about them for folks who have gone that route. So, they’re not 100% fucked up. And I promise you, I can’t wait to stop using the Covid tag and just post pictures of Lily and plants I can’t keep alive.

We opened the first half of 1C today (of course, it’s split in two, why we just didn’t have groups 1/2/3/4/5, I don’t know, but that is the state, not the county.)

This group is: Energy, Water/Wastewater/Water Removal, Housing/Construction, Food Service, Transportation/Logistics, and Higher Ed Faculty/Staff. All make sense.

The second half of 1C, not open yet:
Legal Services – yep, if they have to be in court in person or going to jails, do it.
Public Safety Engineers – sure, makes sense.
Other Public Health Workers (probably should have been 1B, but OK.)
Media – I guess I can see that, they’re out and about as far as news reporting and such.
Barbers/Stylists/Hairdressers – they come into contact with a lot of people and we didn’t pay them to stay home safely like we should have so, OK.

But then..

Finance. I mean, beyond retail bank tellers, anyone in corporate finance can work from home. I know this because it was my industry for 15 years.

And finally: Information Technology & Communications. Hell, this could very well be the rest of the damn county as broad as that is. I can see trying to prioritize communications, even as broad as that is, but just “Information Technology” is so broad it’s useless.

$1 says my county skips 1C-2 altogether and goes straight to everyone.

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