Another Friday!

You made it! Good job!!

And the new laptop arrived last evening and it’s all up and running. Apple’s little Time Machine backup is so awesome – all my files transferred over with a legit couple clicks of the mouse. (And some time. There were a lot of files.) It was far easier than any other time I’ve had to upgrade a laptop.

It’s very nice – the “e” key works consistently and I don’t have to worry about it going into sleep mode and not wanting to wake up, and the sound quality on it is pretty amazing. I did have to switch over to Office 365 (weird that Office 2011 isn’t supported, LOL.) And Turbo Tax is happily downloading its updates.

While I didn’t want to dump a bunch of money to start 2022, I knew this was coming and it’s a good investment. Also, major props to Apple for getting it to me in 24 hours.

You have a great day!

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Good morning!

Apple and UPS swear that my laptop will be here *today* – of course the USB-C to USB port connector will not be here until the 24th, LOL.

That tiny accessory is kinda required to connect the laptop to the backup drive. Looks like there is a trip to Staples in my future to their little Apple section for that.

And the old laptop is still trying to update. I don’t have the heart to turn it off.

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Well, it could be worse

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my little laptop will not upgrade.

The signs of age have been there for a while, and a new laptop had been on the 2022 list, and I’ve placed the order for a replacement.

But, it could be worse. I could have not backed everything up. I could have discovered this on April 13 with taxes due in 2 days. I could be in a position where I couldn’t afford to replace it.

The new one could be here as early as Friday – and I wouldn’t be shocked, as Apple usually has a really good turnaround time. But it also could be as long as next Tuesday… Really hoping for that 21st side of the 21st to 25th delivery range, though.

Now, watch me come downstairs tomorrow morning to find the upgrade completed, LOL.

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Had to upgrade the OS on the MacBook Air to get the latest version of Turbo Tax to work. Started last night. It’s still going this morning.

Google says if it gets stuck, it’s OK to reboot, which I did before bed last night. It went right back into the update, which I felt was a good sign, but 6 hours later, still updating is probably not great.

I rebooted again this morning, and it went back to updating again. If it’s still going at lunch, I don’t know if I should be scheduling a drop off at the Apple store or just ordering a new laptop. (This one is 9 years old, so no shame in its game and all that.)

The good news is that I backed everything up before starting this whole technical escapade.


And fuck, back to estimating time remaining…

Well, guess we’ll see where it is at lunch.


Today and not today:

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I need a nap

Slept in until 930 this morning (“late” given that I’ve been up by 8 the last two weekend days) and then hit the driveway & sidewalks real quick. Pretty much just slush after the post-snow rain, but my god that is so tiring. Folks who do manual/physical labor for a living do NOT get paid enough, whatever they get paid. And folks on Nextdoor cry about the lack of teens about shoveling snow on the cheap.

But, got it done so anyone out dog walking has clear places to walk. Roads are in fine shape, got my Starbucks and I guess we really didn’t have to worry about not being able to get out and about today, but I’m glad we don’t have to anyway. Another good day to hunker down and eat cookies.

Lily is good with this strategy.

Lily, a black & orange tortie cat, lounging on a chair
Yes, let’s do quite a lot of nothing today.

On this January 17, we have evidence of the before times and being in a bar! And the late, great Carmenator being adorable. I still miss her.

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Snowy Sunday

Or at least in an hour or so. And I can sit back and enjoy it. Housework is done. There are leftovers in the fridge. I’ve taken a nice long, hot shower and washed my hair. I am seriously relaxed and this is nice.

The only plans I have left for today is to sit on the couch, watch the snow, binge watch TV, play pokemon, and eat cookies and/or things covered in melted cheese.

An excellent afternoon is on tap/

5 years ago today, my old Jeep hit 100K!

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Happy Saturday!

And a long weekend to boot. If you’re wondering what you can do for Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday – how about supporting a black-owned business and telling our elected representatives to DO BETTER? We have 50 senators + the VP and a Democrat in the White House thanks in no small part to black organizers – to say it’s getting old to ignore them outside of election season is an understatement.

On the Covid front – Walgreens has Binax test kits back in stock.

And Amazon has the 3M Aura N95s back in stock! (Seriously, these are the best N95s I’ve found, and I’ve tried a bunch.)

And my dumbass wasn’t paying attention to the expiration dates on my tests and I discovered I had 2 that are expiring next month and I have no “must test” situations between now and then – I was able to give them to one of the baristas at Starbucks this morning, so I am starting my day with some warm fuzzies being able to help someone. (I still have a couple in my stash, so I’m good if anything comes up.)

And the grocery store got their milk delivery!! We had ~1/3 of a gallon in the fridge, which is iffy as to whether or not it will last until Tuesday once the weather is done (there are cookies in the house) so I snagged a couple quarts of ultra-pasteurized so if we *don’t* go through the open milk right away, we’re not rushing to use up the rest of it before it expires, and if we do – we have milk! So, bring on the cookies!

Stay safe and warm this weekend.

January 15 in pics!

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Good N95 masks!!

The 3M Aura N95’s arrived yesterday and I used one today when I went on my errands.

Holy shit, this is a REALLY GOOD mask.

They really did proper design work on this one.

– It’s a soft shell vs. the hard circle style, which makes it fit better and fit more faces. Plus, the soft style is WAY more comfortable.

– There is padding on the nose bridge below the shaping wire – keeps your glasses from fogging up!!!

– The seams are a) on the side and b) covered by folds in the mask design, so it doesn’t gap on the sides or at the chin.

– It is the *easiest* mask to breathe in, at least for me.

Right now, the only Amazon buying option is from some 3rd party seller that can’t ship for a while (of course) – but keep an eye on it, as they’re constantly getting stock back in. When I ordered mine on 1/7, it said it wouldn’t be delivered until the end of the month, and got here yesterday.

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I swear if I see another “bare shelves” photo

Seriously, it’s making me nuts. Hit up the market today – needed to get some things to get us to the other side of the weekend since it’s gonna snow and I am not going to want to go out in that weather.

The store looks like we had two snowstorms last week and another coming this weekend, which is exactly our scenario here. Except there was actually more bread than usual when there is a snowstorm on the way.

I had a decent sized list and got everything on it. Had to do some brand substitutions, and it’s a good thing I got a gallon of milk this past weekend as the milk was cleared out. (Not a shocker and I’m not above getting a quart from the gas station on Friday if we’re low.)

Meat case had taken some hits, but I got ground beef for tacos tomorrow and italian sausage for spaghetti on Saturday.

Yeah, there are bare spots. I got the second to last pint of sour cream. (Well, lots of fat free still there.) Had to get a tall person to get the italian seasoned tomato paste.

On any given day, 5-10% of things are out of stock. Right now it’s 15%. That’s it. 15%. Not the end of the world.

I’ll admit I’m still not 100% recovered from Plague Friday when the entire community bought a month of food on the same day, and I felt a bit twitchy at times.

But please, don’t panic buy – you really don’t need to.

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A super early good morning to you

It’s fuck my life why are there meetings so early Wednesday. And I finally remembered to fix the Wednesday schedule on the thermostat. (I don’t think I will ever decide programmable thermostats aren’t neato.)

Lily has spent the past 40 minutes smashed against the heat register. I don’t blame her one bit – it got a bit chilly last night. Excellent sleeping weather, but terrible getting up weather. But, we’re getting up to 47 degrees today, woohoo!

Of course, it is supposed to snow this weekend and I need to make a grocery run and that has to be today, because if I wait longer than that – it’s gonna be a shitshow. Upside is that since it’s a crack of dawn start to the workday, I can get out early and do it then and it will still be light out vs. trying to jam it into my lunch hour.

So, I’d best go get the day started so I can get it finished.

Today in pictures:

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