15 days

Until election day. (I think. At least that is what the Twitters are telling me. I already voted, and I rarely know what day it is anymore.)

If you haven’t voted yet, please, please, PLEASE make your plan to vote and execute it. We have to stop this nightmare of an administration.

And we’re going into a damn third wave of Covid. And I am mystified because we *know* what to do and it’s SO DAMN EASY.

– Wear a fucking mask.
– Stay six feet apart when you’re out and about
– Get carryout for dinner
– Wash your hands

OK, I’m oversimplifying a bit, but it’s not much more complicated than that.

I miss going to my bar. I miss having a sit down meal in a restaurant. (God, I so miss my Saturday morning breakfast at my diner.) I miss taking a leisurely browse through a retail store. I miss just hanging out with people for no reason, just sitting and shooting the shit. I miss having not-my-natural-color hair without a fuckton of split ends.

My big indulgence these days is running in and out of Starbucks when I’ve flaked and not made my own cold brew. I swear, I get an endorphin rush just saying good morning to the folks working there.

I miss all of it. But not enough that I am willing to get Covid, or worse, get it and pass it on to someone else.

And then I see pictures and videos of folks out jammed up next to each other, no masks, not a fucking care for others – and it makes me so angry and sad. And the tangerine tyrant is leading it all. (I should not be surprised he managed to get Covid and it made him *more* of an ass about it.)

I’ll never forgive 45 for the way the administration handled this, nor will I forget. More importantly, I will never, ever forgive the Republican party who enabled him and just marched in lockstep with him.

I will be watching the “never Trumpers” – I suspect their dislike of him is just that he keeps saying the quiet part out loud, not that they are upset with a single policy that has come out of this administration.

It’s not enough to just have him out of office. Every last one of his quiet enablers needs to go as well. Almost 220,000 dead and near 8 million infected with who knows what kind of long-term health consequences.

Things have got to change – and in 15 days, we have a real chance to do it.

Please vote.

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Super Sunday!

OK, I couldn’t think of a better slug, LOL. It’s Sunday and let me tell you, it came around far too soon.

We have a new functioning water meter, so that’s good, I guess – I still can’t believe they’re sending techs out in the middle of a pandemic when they are perfectly capable of doing estimated billing. At least he was in & out in about 10 minutes, so there’s that.

Once again, let’s put folks at risk for the almighty dollar.

It did force me to get some shit done around the house, but that’s not worth anyone’s health right now.

I could easily sleep all day today, but I have to go tackle the chili pot from last night’s disaster and and try again tonight.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

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Well, that was an unmitigated disaster

I attempted to make chili tonight. A meal I have made hundreds of times.

I used dried kidney beans this time. Got them back in the spring when it was still chili weather and the market was totally out of canned beans.

Did the full, proper overnight soak of the beans.

Put everything together for the chili itself.

Damn near two hours later, the chili is burned and the beans ARE STILL CRUNCHY.

Learned the hard way that my particular chili recipe does NOT have enough liquid in it to properly cook the beans.

I’ve made other things with dried beans – but they were soups – a whole different universe.

But, tomorrow we will have chili. After I go to the store and get canned kidney beans.

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Gooooooood morning!

We’re waiting on the water meter person to come and replace the busted meter. The appointment is for “12 noon to…sometime” (there was a window, I legit can’t remember the end point for it at this point, I just didn’t want the morning appointment.)

Super annoyed that we have an inside meter. We actually have both an inside and outside meter – WHY DON’T WE JUST HAVE AN OUTSIDE ONE? That would be easier for everyone! I am sure this person has zero desire to actually be in anyone’s house. Probably just as much as I’d rather they not be here, but alas, I suspect the billing department at the water company is going, “WE KNOW YOU’VE BEEN WASHING MORE DISHES! NO MORE ESTIMATED BILLS!”

I’m sure they’ll be in and out in no time, but it’s just one of those things I don’t super need right now.

I see that Jacinda Ardern and Labour won in New Zealand – well deserved and good to see that the Kiwis know a good thing when they get it. She’s done a spectacular job as PM, even before the pandemic. Very pleased for them. (Can I move there? Please?) SHE EVEN GAVE PART OF HER ACCEPTANCE SPEECH IN MAORI.

OK, time to go sit at the window and wait for the new water meter.

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Yay, Friday!!!

And not a moment too soon. Not been a bad week, just really long.

But, yesterday’s work deadline was met, today we’re on to testing the next bug that has been a very start & stop affair as I kept finding things wrong – hopefully it’s clear sailing on the rest of it.

So, I don’t know about you, but I watched Biden’s town hall last night. My god, that was refreshing. He was calm and rational and non-combative and spoke in a normal tone and volume, and damn, that was nice. He also stayed at least an hour afterwards to continue to talk to folks.

I mean, it was almost boring. I miss politics being boring.

Sure, he’s still not progressive enough for my taste, but I could deal with a Biden/Harris administration.

OK, time to go do the thing – you have an excellent Friday!

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Well, something nice happened.

Our company has made election day a holiday! Not some “if you haven’t already voted, you can take the day” bullshit, but a full on “office is closed, moose out front shoulda told you” holiday.

Another nice thing – just saw a piece on the BBC about using sniffer dogs to detect coronavirus – 90+% accuracy. Dogs are awesome.

And another good thing – my car passed inspection on the first try! Got outta there for $63.71 – got an oil change as long as the car was there – probably the cheapest trip I’ve had there in 5 years. (The joys of having a rather elderly car that I love.) I’ll probably need new front tires in the next six months, but that is not a today problem.

Yet another one – despite having to work rather late last night, and getting to bed late, I got a very good night’s sleep and I am feeling like…well, not a million bucks, but at least say, $138.73, which is not nothing.

Also got these heavy duty storage bags this week and they are great. As I am stress cleaning the living room for the water company to come and fix the water meter this weekend, they’re excellent for “put that thing in the bag and figure out where it should actually go later” which is exactly what I need now. They also collapse flat when empty, so they won’t take up a ton of space. (I probably should have gotten the 4 pack, LOL.)

Yes, I know I will have to empty them later…

Time to go grind those gears for capitalism and let’s hope last nights extra hours paid off.

Go have a good day – avoid the news if you have to. I think I will.

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Another Monday

And Lindsey Graham is going to infect the entire damn Judiciary committee with Covid to get 45’s craptastic SCTOUS nominee through. I don’t even know how we fight that, given that the R’s just don’t give a shit, have no morals, and will do anything to get her on the bench. None of them are going to have a sudden attack of conscience.

The Republican party needs to be soundly voted out, burned to the ground and the earth salted in its wake. It won’t be enough to keep her out of SCOTUS – but we can try to keep this shit from happening again.

It’s a grey and rainy day here and it certainly matches my mood. I foresee today being a struggle to find bright spots to just keep my sanity in check.

Been off for two days, here’s hoping I don’t go back to an avalanche of emails and it can be a semi-normal day with little trying to catch up and mostly just regular work.

In my attempts to take care of myself I mentioned earlier – I made a little chart! (I like charts.) Also – a little party plate of pre-cut raw veggies with ranch dip TOTALLY COUNTS AS VEGGIES! :-D

A chart showing green boxes where I have done meditation, eaten vegetables, meditated, and cleaned house
Yay, charts!

Sadly, yoga is dependent on clearing out the mess in the living room where the yoga mat goes, but that should be sorted this week.

Welp, time to go grind those gears for capitalism.

Also – if you haven’t voted yet – PLEASE MAKE YOUR PLAN TO VOTE. PLEASE.

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Oh, let there be light!

On this World Mental Health Day, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the importance of good lighting.

If you can’t get good natural light (and it’s not easy) – get decent lamps. Lots of them. I know it’s not the same as sunlight, but it helps.

One of my living room lamps, which was easily 30+ years old, gave up a week or so ago.

I got this replacement from Target – adjustable with an included LED bulb, and it arrived today:

Adjustable, neutral, fits any decor

Easy assembly and it already makes a difference – with the shade being totally open at the top, there is a lot of reflected light off the ceiling which definitely brightens up the room.

It also makes me realize I need to get the twisty-bit attachment for the vacuum out and get the bugs out of the kitchen light and add more bulbs to it. (It is a 3 bulb fixture, down to one…)

ETA: Avoid pleated lampshades like the plague. They’re a bitch and a half to keep clean/relatively dust free.

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Well, if we’re gonna be on this bullshit for another year

Guess it’s best to think about making some changes to save my sanity. (Here’s hoping it will be less necessary after January 20th.)

— HYDRATION! I am not awesome about this, and I know it is important. I am better during the week as I have hourly reminders on my calendar to sit up straight/stretch and that is when I also try to drink some water – but non-workdays I am shit about it, and I felt it this morning. I’ve set a reminder on my phone to drink a bit every half hour today.

— Cleaning. My house looks like a tornado hit it. I have never been one of those naturally tidy people (god I wish I was) and BOY DOES IT SHOW. The house is my nemesis – it’s a disaster so I feel like shit, and cause I feel like shit, I have no mojo to clean. Lovely spiral I’ve got there.

Did a little over an hour in the kitchen yesterday, just in little 10-20 minute blocks, and it looked 100X better, and I *felt* better. Granted I messed it all up again for dinner, but this morning all there is to do is unload & reload the dishwasher and wipe down the counters, which is easy enough.

I also got the baskets done yesterday on the counter from hell! I love them. Lily’s food station basket has been a resounding success – it’s still neat and organized and I can easily see when I need to add something to the grocery list. Amazing how a little $10 sturdy metal basket made such a difference.

I’ve ordered some more baskets, I want to have one with all the coffee stuff, and a couple in reserve for when I see a spot and go “Oh, yes, a basket will keep all that shit in one place.” And I’ve gotten a 3 tier cart that will be holding all the sodas/beer while they wait to go in the fridge, because as it stands now, there is no good place to put them other than the kitchen floor.

I’ve just got to keep up with the “do small blocks every day” and I could actually get some shit done around here.

— Eating… Eating has been a bit of a chore lately, which is not optimal, and while I’ve not been eating *terribly*, it needs some improvement. Gonna work to incorporate more veggies and seafood into the routine. (I do take a daily multivitamin to try and cover my crap eating, but it’s probably best to actually *eat* better to boot.)

— Sleep. I have actually been sleeping enough and fairly decently to boot, but my pillows are all fucked up and I keep waking up with a stiff neck, so I have to get that shit figured out.

— Twitter. Can’t give it up, cause I am dumb that way, but I have created a “Save Your Sanity” list, carefully curated, mostly animals and museums, some sports, and a few very select people, and the news/politics is dramatically reduced. It’s very nice so far.

I know it is a privilege to be able to tune out the news of the day, even for a little while, but I need to be able to break away from the apocalypse every now and again and just look at animal pictures.

— Drunken yoga. OK, maybe not drunken, but I need to get back to it. It does usually make me feel better physically, and having to concentrate so much on not falling over, my mind doesn’t wander and get all angry and shit thinking about *flails arms* all this. (Which is what happens when I go walking, which makes walking decidedly not relaxing.)

— Meditation. I have this great little app – Insight Timer – it’s free, has a TON of guided meditations and also plain timer options if you’re good at meditating without assistance. It’s fantastic, AND I NEED TO USE IT MORE.

So, yeah, it’s a lot, but if I am not going to totally lose my shit – it will be worth it.

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How do I do this for another *year*?

I mean, I will, because I have to, but I just don’t know how I manage it with any shred of grace or sanity.

I definitely have pandemic burnout. I am still mostly functioning (though you couldn’t tell it from the state of the house,) and I’m not tempted to do reckless things, but I am totally over it. My stress levels through this (both the pandemic and this shit administration) have been too high, for too long, and it’s not healthy at all.

This morning I had to run into the market, and I used regular checkout because I had two cases of beer and I just…didn’t feel like dealing with self-checkout. I chatted with the couple in front of me, and with the checkout clerk, AND THAT WAS SO NICE. SO VERY, VERY NICE.

Fuck, maybe I actually like people after all.

Then there is my sweet Lily, who does not understand why I will not pet her when I’ve been out until I’ve washed my hands. She just looks so crushed when I tell her she needs to wait when I come inside. (Yes, I know the chances of catching it and passing it to her are pretty much nil, but I’m not giving my cat the ‘rona on top of everything else.) This morning she was just repeatedly flinging herself at my feet when I came in from the market, and it’s silly, but it *hurt* to not be able to just give her belly rubs right off the bat.

I can’t help but wonder – would I feel better if I felt the government was actually *trying* to help? You know, rather than saying $1200 will last folks 10 weeks and having super-spreader events in the damn Rose Garden and now 45 is talking about having a rally tomorrow night?

If Biden wins, I am at least fairly confident that once we have a properly tested & safe vaccine, that he will invoke the Defense Production Act to make sure we can produce enough of it as quickly and safely possible. (Hopefully he’ll invoke it the afternoon of 1/20 just to get as much prep work out of the way as possible – vial manufacturing, logistical planning, etc.) And you know, we’ll not have close up/maskless events at the White House, or saying experimental therapeutics are a cure (they are not), or lying about every last damn thing. I think I could be less stressed if I wasn’t being lied to every damn day.

Instead, we get to steel ourselves for 45 bitching all day about the UN Food Program getting the Nobel Peace Prize, and probably continuing to go after Governor Whitmore for not being sufficiently grateful to him(!!!) for the FBI stopping the white terror cell planning to kidnap and kill her – after he’s egged those assholes on.

Obviously if we’re gonna do this for another damn year, I have got to get back into yoga, or drinking heavily** or doing drunken yoga, or something.

Please lord, let Biden crush 45 so at least I might be able to relax a tiny bit after January 20th, and contemplate the idea that better things are ahead, and that any light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.

** Amazingly, my pandemic drinking has stayed solidly in the “light to moderate” zone. I know, I’m as shocked as you are

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