OK, it’s really vacation time :-D

Got my bigassed cold brew (no cracked cup today), already popped on & off work and put in my timesheet, and I’M OFF WORK!

Something I am noticing this year is that even with the pandemic – I am way more chill going into vacation this year than in years past. Seems there may be a difference between “ready for a break” and “so wrung out from work you can’t see straight.” Who knew?!

Moth update! Lily lost interest in the moth yesterday morning and then it reappeared last night – and she was on it. It decided to “hide” on the water pitcher for my plants, I remembered that I can open the top sash of the window where there is no screen. Anyone watching from the outside, well – I can only imagine what a disembodied arm sticking outside the window waving a water pitcher going “Go! Go now! Fly away!” must have looked like. But, the moth has been returned to its proper environment. (And was probably promptly eaten by a bird, but I am choosing to not think about that.)

Welp, time to get some bits and bobs done so I can jump out of bed and hit the road tomorrow.

Have an excellent day!

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What a clusterfuck of a day

But it’s over and I’m on vacation. (OK, I do need to log in for about 10 minutes tomorrow to check on one thing, but I’m not counting that.)

But today…hoo boy.

Go to Starbucks to pick up my bigassed cold brew and a latte for my brother, cause I’m the best sister ever. They accidentally made an iced latte, no biggie, while they made the hot one, I put my drink & breakfast in the car. Go back and fetch latte. Get in car, notice that cold brew is not full…pick up cup and coffee starts gushing out a crack in the side.


Compose myself, grab several napkins, stumble back into Starbucks and get a new one.

Get home, start work. Power supply to laptop has crapped out. Hour with IT (they think it’s a driver problem at first?) then acknowledge it is dead and they will ship me a new one. I have 2 hours of battery life. Off to Staples! Get the *last* universal laptop power supply they had. Once the one comes from work, well – it’s good to have a spare. (I may have also popped into Petco for a quick treat pickup for her majesty on the company dime since it is right next to Staples.)

Try work again. 3 bugs that I found with this last round of testing are ready to retest! All small, all easily finished before days end. Bug 1 – PASSED! Bug 2 – PASSED! Bug 3 – Half passed? Well, fuck.

But, it’s all good, once the last one is re-fixed, it’s a ~15 minute test tops – either it does the thing or it doesn’t and it’s a mobile issue, so I just open my phone and get screenshots. So, I can do the nice pretty test plan when I get back, but in the meantime I can least say, “Yeah, it’s working.”


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Tick Tock!!!

8 hours til vacation!!! And I don’t have to try and cram 12 hours worth of work into it! For real, the last thing I’m testing today, I should be done around mid-day and then it’s just admin stuff and maybe a couple training hours. WOOT.

Little bro & I had a bar night on the porch last night and got a wee bit drunk – but hey, if you get a bit drunk fairly early, you can still go to bed early and sleep many hours and wake up on time and feel perfectly fine.

I’m very glad I took tomorrow off – did it last year too, and having one full non-work day to just get ready to go makes all the difference. And there isn’t even that much to do – throw clothes in bag, throw bag in car, but yeah, a whole empty day to do it is good.

Had my 1 on 1 with my supervisor yesterday. (HR has suddenly decided we ALL must have an Individual Development Plan – yes, my career growth is totally on my mind these days.) I’m happy, he’s happy, it’s all good. But as much as I do enjoy what I do, it’s definitely break time.

In suburban wildlife news, there is a HUGE moth that has gotten in the house and Lily has noticed it AND WANTS TO HUNT IT, an I don’t know how to get it out. Things will be broken before this is done.

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*bleary eyed blink*

Thunderstorms came through last night.  Good, cause we needed some rain.  But they came through between about midnight & 3 AM.  Sadly, I did not sleep through them.  (Nor did it occur to me to shut the windows at any point.)

And another thing stuck in my head all night and still there this morning was this comment by Andy Slavitt on Twitter with regards to a Covid19 vaccine.

Setting aside the fact that we accept such shit results with the flu vaccine – my god, it *has* to get better, because a 40% success rate on a vaccine for a virus that when it does not kill you, pretty much fucks you for life?

I mean, if they came out with it tomorrow, I’d go ahead and get it, but, jesus.

– I wouldn’t be able to change any of my behaviors, since I’d still be more likely than not to get it if exposed.
– You’ll have folks who don’t get vaccinated at all because “why bother with those stats?”
– It gets us nowhere near herd immunity.
– I think we’ll see an increase in reckless behavior because, “hey, vaccine!”
– And it would still require a robust system of test/track/trace…which we’ll only have a shot at if 45 is out of office.

So, 40% is better than 0% – but it’s just not good enough.

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3 day workweek!!  Just finally occurred to me to look at the 10 day forecast for OBX.  Lots of thunderstorms.  DON’T CARE.  That’s why there are screened in and covered porches.

Had a ridiculously productive weekend around the house, even if I didn’t actually log on to work at all – I have gotten enough done that if it’s all late nights for the next 3 days, I won’t be turning myself inside out on Thursday getting ready to leave.  VERY pleased with myself on that front.

I’m just SO EXCITED to just go somewhere else.  OK, so, all takeaway food, and no leisurely browsing through the shops.  Fine, I can totally do that.  IT’S SOMEWHERE ELSE.  I think I’ve been handling the whole social distancing/living permanently in Phase 1 just fine, but as you all know – it gets old.  I’m not sure boring is quite the right word, but I do really need a change of scenery.

I’m also just really due for an extended period off work.  I’m not burned out or snippy or anything, but it’s just time for a break.

As for my other break I was looking forward to this summer – baseball – the Nationals have been utter shit with refunds.  Other teams started doing refunds months ago.  The Nats?  I can get a credit for my tickets now – but I can’t get a refund until AFTER the date the games would have been played.  In mid-August.  Utter shit, Nationals.  Utter.  Shit.

OK, off to test all the things like a madwoman.  Have an excellent week, y’all.

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Friday? Saturday? Tuesday? Who knows anymore, but I do know I have today off, so it’s all good. Honestly, I’ve had to double check my phone for the day for the past week, so it’s consistent. And again, picking up Starbucks before 9AM on a day off – I’ve just given up and decided it’s a side effect of the pandemic.

I am going to have to log on to work for an hour or two this weekend – the last thing I’m testing before I leave, I have to test it in two databases, and I’m so very close to being done with the first one. If I can have that done before I log on Monday morning, it will make the short week that much mentally easier. (I probably should have just worked a full day yesterday and put the half day credit against my PTO this coming week, but by the time 1PM rolled around, I was already mentally checked out.)

My Vera Bradley masks arrived! (I did not think I could be more of a basic middle aged white lady, but here we are.) I wanted to give masks with ear elastics another go, and these actually worked out perfectly because the elastics are a little too long – but I have vinyl covered oversized paper clips and using those to hook the elastics, the fit is *perfect* and there is the bonus of the elastics not digging into my ears. (And yes, because the paper clips are multicolored, I have coordinated them with the masks.)

I have put a supply of the paper clips in my wallet, so I won’t have to hunt around for them when I need them. (Dear 20 years ago me who bought that jar of 200 paper clips in assorted sizes and colors – WELL DONE!)

I am happily making my packing list and a bonus of “all food will be takeout” this year – I don’t have to pack any restaurant clothes! It’s a very small thing, but these days, *anything* easier is good.

And now, I am going to attempt to make good use of my long weekend to get some things done around the house so I don’t want to burn it down when we get back. (Why, oh why, could I not be a stress cleaner?)

Have a lovely weekend!!

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Who is 11 years old?



This shot is from the other day, she’s currently wedged between my feet in front of the space heater. (What? My feet are cold.) I couldn’t have asked for a better pandemic buddy. She’ll be getting tons of love and treats today. (So, a Wednesday.)

On the Covid front, we’re now in what I am calling Phase 2 1/2 here in Virginia – relaxations on capacity, but bars and places you can congregate in restaurants are still off limits. I’d said I’m just going to keep living life in Phase 2, but really, I’m still happily stuck in Phase 1 and will probably stay there until there is a vaccine. :/

Work is good, trying to get everything wrapped up before I leave is proving a touch challenging – it will get done, but I suspect there will be a few late nights – I keep finding things wrong with this last thing I’m testing – I’m sure the devs and designers are THRILLED with every email they’re getting from me – but hey, they wanted it tested thoroughly.

We’re getting booted early tomorrow for the holiday weekend, YAY, but ack, I didn’t put that into my scheduling, though it is standard procedure these days. Note to self: When you open the work laptop today, make sure the pre-holiday half day is factored into the rest of the year. Sure, I could just work later tomorrow, but who wants to do that? I’ll have a better idea of how tight things are going to be probably by mid-day today.

The thing I’ve found with testing, is that any given set of tests on a bug/feature go very fucking slow to start, and then it’s off to the races. I muck about figuring out the best way to test. Then do that in database 1, find problems, they get fixed, test again, repeat as needed. Then it’s on to database 2, which is far speedier, since my test plan is set, and theoretically I’ve found all the problems and they’re already fixed. (And in some cases, database 3 and 4 next and by the time I’m on the 4th one, I can pretty much do it with my eyes closed.)

But it will all get done – but will probably require more coffee than I have in my mug right now, so I’d best tend to that first.

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I’m trying to be good!

Even though Starbucks is open again, I am still dutifully making coffee at home, and grab & go is reserved for times when I am already out and about, or a weekend treat.

But *someone* made a latte last night and there was only enough milk left for 3/4 of a cup of coffee this morning*…

So, Starbucks it is!

Grocery pickup is today, and I think this is the first time since we started the weekly pickups that we’ve actually run out of milk before the pickup, so that’s actually pretty impressive in my weird mind.

*OK, what was left of my at home cold brew was a bit sludgy, too, and the cup I did make was…not delicious. I accidentally got pre-ground from the beach shop and it may be too fine a ground for cold brew – may be making a regular pot before bed now and just sticking it in the fridge while I go through this batch. THE ADJUSTMENTS WE HAVE TO MAKE IN A PANDEMIC.

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Another early morning

And apparently I still don’t quite know what day it is, given that yesterday afternoon I made up a pot of cold brew for work, which isn’t until tomorrow. But it should be turbocharged by tomorrow morning!

I had a super productive day getting the kitchen cleaned up yesterday – not just tidying, but actual scrubbing and shit.  GO ME.  I am hoping I can keep up that momentum today.  (Seriously, why couldn’t I have been a person who stress cleans?  WHY?)

I’m watching a Stonewall documentary this morning and it’s a good reminder that:  1) The cops really aren’t any better now, and 2) It’s worth it to fight back.  I can’t even fathom where we’d be now if they hadn’t fought back.

In Covid-19 stuff – while I know, I KNOW, correlation is not causation – it sure looks like mandatory masks are helping here in Virginia.  When I go out, which admittedly isn’t much, it’s rare that I see anyone without a mask.  And look at our county cases – that red mark is when masks went mandatory:

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 10.32.22 AM

I still don’t think we should go to Phase 3 this week, I think it will just undo all the progress we’ve made, and I’ve sent a note to the Governor to that effect. (Thanks ResistBot!) Sure, I’m only one pain in the ass constituent, but maybe if enough of us say something… Maybe I’ll call tomorrow, too.

Well, I’m gonna try to get some shit done around here.

You have a lovely Sunday.

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I am getting old

And apparently becoming some kind of accidental morning person.  I woke up at 6:30 this morning – managed to go back to sleep for about an hour, but I was still picking up Starbucks before 9 AM.  On.  A.  Saturday.

And I’ve been getting things done around the house.  And redone my budget.  (Pay cut still blows.)

And it’s not even 1 PM.

It’s weird.

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