Happy Friday

You made it – good job. And we have a half day today, thank gawd. It’s been a pretty quick week, but the 3 days of 6AM wakeups and cleaning ALL THE THINGS for the upcoming plumber visit have wiped me out.

But, the kitchen looks fucking awesome.

We’re in the midst of early voting for the Virginia elections and I am going to probably have to mute some folks on Twitter who are screaming about Virginia democratic voter engagement. Bish, I’m gonna vote, I will continue to encourage others to vote, I’m enthusiastic about everyone except McAuliffe (but I’ll vote for him, too) – but the fucking party needs to step up and spend some damn money instead of counting on people on the ground to organize their way out of fascism for free. (Also looking at you, Congress, you’re not helping.)

Early voting is down from last year – but I’m guessing that is because more folks feel comfortable with the idea of voting in person this year, not because they don’t care. Also – we’re still in a pandemic, people are doing their best to just get through the damn day, they’re gonna vote, just get off my ass please.

Basically, I’m super pissed that those in a position to do something are just “Well, they organized us out of 45, they’ll do it again” instead of making things better and making a better case than “we’re not fascists.” They’re asking a little too much of people instead of using their positions to do their fucking jobs.

If you do have an election where you are this year – please make your plan to vote.

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And to think

This weekend when I realized I’d need to be up early 3 of 5 days this week, I thought, “Maybe I should just do that every day.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s day 3 and I want to die.

But, I am awake. OK, I am awake enough.

On the Covid front – the household is booked for boosters. If you have Walgreens near you, you can put in your vaccination dates and it figures out the first date you can get the booster or a full 3rd dose, depending on your health situation. My brother & I both *technically* have “underlying medical conditions” – we didn’t mess with it to get early initial doses for a few reasons, but right now, there aren’t any supply issues here and our getting boosters isn’t going to screw over anyone else. Walgreens had 50+ appointments per day at each local location here.

And after IDK, well over six months, Lily has discovered there is a salad bar in the front window.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting next to a spider plant, trying to look innocent.
What? I’m just SITTING HERE!

The mister next to her front paws is sort of a deterrent – she knows there is water in it now, but if I am not holding it… Well, she knows it can’t spray itself. (It’s just plain water, it’s just catching something blue behind it.) But all the plants are cat safe, so that’s something, and it was really just a matter of time, LOL.

Well, I’ve got to go slog through this day – you have a great day, and if you qualify for a booster shot (it’s pretty loose) – think about getting one. If you still need that first shot – please go get it. I’m so very tired of staying home.

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Getting up early

Is great! Is rejuvenating! IS FOR THE FUCKIN’ BIRDS!

Acupuncture appointment right after work, so, starting things a bit early today.

Not much exciting going on here. Waiting for case counts to go down (they are shambling downwards) and wondering when/how to get a booster vax.

Work is work, the developer that makes me a bit nuts is again making me a bit nuts, but all in all, not too bad.

Big excitement around here is that we need to bring in the plumber for a minor thing, so I’m doing some panic cleaning – but because I’ve got some time, I’m taking the slow & steady route. The kitchen looks pretty goddamned good now that I’ve put some time and effort into it. I’ve also found a discord server for folks who are a bit of a hot mess like me when it comes to the house and that has helped a lot.

Now – can I maintain? HAHAHAHA. But, I will be making a genuine effort.

You have a fantastic day and go get a load of laundry done.

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Why is it still dark?

OK, I know, but, also, why is it still dark? Got a meeting at 8 this morning, so I’m up even earlier than usual.

Crazy productive weekend around the house – gotta bring a plumber in the next week or so, hence the renewed focus on getting shit done around here. Entry hall & kitchen are looking damn good and I am very pleased with my work.

And housekeeping is something to do while we’re still waiting for cases to drop again… (If I’d only taken this track in March of 2020…) And it keeps me from doomscrolling Twitter to boot.

More stitching done, too, but I forgot to take a most recent shot of it, and I’m too lazy to pull in out of the bag this morning.

And we’ve hit the point of the year where we suddenly have heat in the morning. Lily is smashed up against the heat register as I type this, LOL.

You have a great Monday.

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Well, whaddayaknow…

Yesterday WAS a productive day! Got a ton of shit done around the house and today is on track for the same. GO ME.

The world is a total shitshow and I guess I’ve decided to just channel all my rage into housecleaning. Healthier than heroin I suppose.

You have a lovely Sunday.

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We made it to another weekend, YAY! And I slept the sleep of the dead last night, and it was spectacular. Even woke up before my weekend alarm, so I am feeling really on top of things. :)


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Oooh, Friday Eve!

One step closer to the weekend! And we’re in good sleeping weather time, so I’m feeling slightly less bleary eyed than I usually am, though it was tough to actually get *out* of my very nice warm bed.

Stitching is coming along nicely.

Gif of work in progress - Christmas tree ornament with a pineapple on top and two rows of apples

Not much else exciting going on. Might as well go and do the thing a bit early to stop doing the thing a bit early.

You have a great day!

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Why do they call it O Dark Thirty?

Cause you look outside and go, “Oh, it’s dark…”

It’s another crack of dawn Wednesday and Lily is stomping about yelling her head off since my brother is still asleep. Which he is absolutely allowed to be. But not in her eyes, LOL. Oh no, she woke him up. But she has all her people in one room, so she’s happy, and he’s a good sport.

Should be a quiet day at work – they shifted some deadlines out and all my stuff is just waiting on developers right now. Yesterday I even asked my boss if he had anything I could lend a hand with (I am a dumbass) and I tested something and immediately found a big, obvious problem with it. *side-eyes this one developer in particular who is probably side-eyeing me right back* But I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe the fix wasn’t designed for an older iOS version and not that he didn’t even do a cursory check of the code.

Well, time to go have ALL THE MEETINGS!!

You have an awesome day.

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It’s Indigenous Peoples Day

Took too long to get here, and doesn’t make up for 500+ years of garbage, but it’s a start. Can’t help but wonder what this continent would look like if the Europeans had just exchanged recipes and left when they realized people already lived here. White supremacy really fucks up everything.

My coffee really needs to kick in here soon, or it’s going to be a slog of a day – two nights of not awesome sleep in a row and I am not in amazing shape. And to think that this weekend I contemplated, “Oh, maybe I’ll set my alarms earlier so I’m not getting up extra early on Wednesdays and have a little daylight when I get off work!” HAHAHAHAHA.

Maybe I’ll set things 10 minutes earlier for tomorrow. I mean, I really would like to start my workdays earlier so they end earlier, but that also requires good sleep. We really need more than 24 hours in a day, but capitalism would just take any extra hours anyway, so…

I’d be worried that there is something wrong with me that I’m such a hot mess these days, but when I think about it – I’ve always been a hot mess, so this isn’t actually new.

On the radio this morning, they used the phrase “pandemic era” – don’t like that. Don’t like that AT ALL.

Please go get vaccinated so we can not have a pandemic era anymore.

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Farewell Professor Marty

I was in the car and heard on the radio that Professor Martin Sherwin had passed away – and I’ll admit I did a double-take – the name rang bells all over the place, but the person they were talking about seemed really famous and I thought maybe it was a coincidence until they said he’d taught at George Mason.

Got home and googled, and sure enough, the second I saw a photo of him, I realized that yes, this was my Professor. I knew he was considered a big get for the university, but somehow never realized he was a “multi-page obituary in the Post and announcement on the radio” big get.

He was a Cold War guy and my class was on the Cuban Missile Crisis and it was fantastic. So many, “wait, what?” moments in weekly readings and my research. Thanks to having to spend some time in special collections at the university, I also discovered that a relative of mine has a whole file there.

I did write this about him at the time:

I really genuinely like the professor, even if he is contributing to my slowly losing my mind over the past 3 months. He’s obviously incredibly smart, wants the students to do well, and actually has a rather charming personality in a bit of a Columbo kind of way.

The paper damn near sent me over the edge – so much rewriting and retooling, but he was always willing to help me get things going in the right direction, and the end product did well enough to get me an A in the class if I recall correctly – and I *liked* what I wrote to boot.

I was probably never sufficiently deferential to his status in the history world, but he also didn’t seem to ever require it – he was just happy to be there with us and watching us learn. When we had to present our papers at the end of the semester, he brought us all to his house and plied us with food and wine before our readings. He was always Professor Marty.

If there is an afterlife, there is no doubt in my mind he has Kennedy, Oppenheimer, Khrushchev and Castro in a room and is questioning them all.

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