OK, I’ve already had too much confusion this morning. We are having not August weather, it’s cool and not terribly humid which is weird to start with – I needed my jacket to go get coffee.

Then, when I downloaded all my bank stuff to Quicken, it would seem that a credit card payment has posted twice. But only on the credit card side…I even double checked the website – the payment didn’t download twice, they *have* it twice. I mean, if the second payment does come out of the checking account, I can absorb it, but it’s just a “wait, what?” moment. I guess I’ll give it a day or two to see if either the payment comes out of the checking account or they figure it out and reverse the second payment on the credit card side.

In the meantime, I’ve just put a placeholder transaction on my checking account… I’m not gonna kick up a fuss about it, because it’s not going to mean I can’t pay other bills, they’ll either figure it out, or I get a free payment.

Second half of my root canal today, yaaaaay. Not even sure why it had to be split into two bits, the dentist tried to explain the last time I was in, but I was a bit out of it. But, at least it will be done. Of course, the appointment is smack in the middle of the day, so I’ll try to go back to work afterwards – that should be interesting. If I have to beg off the last couple hours of the day, I will though, that is what PTO is for.

OK, time to go see what I can get done before the dentist, so I don’t have to worry too much about what I have to get done after.

You have a great and less confusing day than I’ve had so far!

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Could I have another day for the weekend?

LOL, yes, it’s what I say every damn Sunday. But, it’s been a nice and lazy weekend of farmers marketing and watching ALL THE SPORTS.

I know I have truly gotten old, as I really don’t care who wins and I have lost count of how many times I have said out loud, “Oh, good for them!” Especially when it’s “Country X has never gotten a medal in Event Y before now!” How can you *not* get excited for them?

My only big plan for today beyond watching the Olympics was to finally try some Indian food – there is a new place fairly close to us that is getting good reviews and it occurred to me that I’ve somehow never really had Indian food? (Samosas & naan, but that’s it.) But, my brother also brought home food from the bar last night, so the adventure is on hold until next weekend. Which is probably good since I still need to figure out what the best “beginner” Indian dish is. Right now, it’s probably going to either be Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, or Chicken Tandoori. (I’m avoiding items with “fiery chili” in the descriptions for the time being.) Oh, and totally getting the “bread basket” that has 3 kinds of naan and mashed potato bread.

And thanks to the Delta variant, I’m back to daily monitoring of local conditions, gah. (I didn’t totally stop paying attention, I just backed off a bit as things improved.) CDC says we’re at “moderate” risk at the moment, and we’re averaging 68 cases a day in the county, which is right around where we were this time last summer. But, in a bright spot, we have finally broken the 60% mark on fully vaccinated folks, and over the past week, we’re averaging more first doses than second doses, so more folks are stepping up to the plate – it’s probably driven by school starting shortly, and I’ll take it. The county is also mandating masks for schools, regardless of vax status, and that should help keep school based outbreaks at bay.

But I’ll admit, I’m tired of having to do a risk assessment every time I leave the house. It’s obviously better now that I’m vaccinated and I feel fine doing things vaxxed + masked, but it’s still tiring. I know that disabled and immunocompromised folks do this every day of their lives, and I feel for them. If I’m tired, I know others must be full on exhausted.

I don’t know what carrots/sticks/whatever we have left, but it looks like employer mandates may be what breaks this. Not loving that we had to get to “get your shot or get fired” – but, we have to get people vaccinated. (And hey, if folks wanna be all “I didn’t want to but my boss is a dick” – fine! Use your employer as cover!) And Disney World mandating it – I can’t wait to watch DeSantis try to go up against The Mouse, or if he suddenly decides not to fuck with one of the biggest employers in the state. (Seriously, WTF is wrong with that guy?)

But, thank god I do not live in Florida.

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OK, some positive things

Cause I’ll admit, I was very bummed this morning feeling like everything I’ve done over the past year and a half hasn’t made a difference in the big scheme of things. Then I ran out to pick up lunch and got to thinking in the car.

Delta may be quite contagious, *but* if we didn’t have as many vaccinated folks as we do have, my god, it would be SO much worse. Yes, it seems you can easily transmit even if you’re vaccinated and get a breakthrough infection, but the breakthrough infections aren’t hitting the entire vaccinated population by any stretch of the imagination.

When breakthrough infections happen, they get spun up big time and it *seems* like every other person is getting a breakthrough infection, but if they were – the numbers would be SO much worse than they are now.

Plus, Delta seems to burn itself out reasonably fast:

So yes, things suck, but they suck a lot less than they could, and dammit, that’s something.

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You made it to another Friday!

And I’m very proud of you. The last couple weeks have been quite the metric assload of suck with the Delta variant and the sad realization that for reasons I simply cannot fathom, not enough folks are getting vaccinated.

The Feds requring employees & contractors to be vaccinated, plus Google & Facebook openly requiring it as well should help a little – and hopefully spur other companies to follow suit if they haven’t already. My employer has already said it will be required for return to office, and any company travel/client visits. I’d love to see more high profile companies say out loud that they’re requiring it. And school systems and state university systems. And the military.

Everyone in my circle of friends is vaccinated and we’re all just gobsmacked that folks aren’t doing it. I know I was just slowly gutted as I watched the vaccination numbers just tank over time. I was SO hyped to get an appointment as soon as I could and I thought that would continue over the summer. My county is still only at 57.9%/63.9% fully/partially vaccinated. Our eligible population is 84.6% of our total. That’s over 200K people who haven’t even gotten a first shot yet – and it’s not for lack of supply.

I understand hesitancy, but it’s been out there long enough that we can see it’s safe, it’s helping keep vaccinated folks out of the hospital, and it’s not a bad thing. Yes, we’ll probably need boosters (Shep is in a booster trial), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work – it just needs a little more oomph with the damn Delta variant.

I just don’t know what we do at this point beyond saying “get your shot or lose your job” – and I hate that it has come to that, but we gotta get more folks vaccinated. If we were at a point where we had enough vaccinated people that we could protect the unvaccinated, that would be great, but instead, the unvaccinated + the Delta variant are just too much for just the vaccinated folks to overcome right now. Honestly, it hurts that my getting vaccinated doesn’t seem to have helped. (I’d do the exact same thing again in a split second, I just wanted it to matter, and it legit hurts that there aren’t enough people that want to help to make it matter.)

And the CDC needs to re-staff it’s comms department, like yesterday. I was reading that it had been gutted under the last admin (shocker) and that is partially why the messaging has been so bad. The idea that unvaccinated folks would be jealous of vaccinated folks being able to ditch their masks and would then go get vaccinated… *sigh* How no one could see, “Or unvaccinated folks just ditch masks and yell ‘HIPPO’ everywhere they go” is beyond me.

Anytime I hear “asking if I’ve gotten the shot is a violation of my rights” I know that’s not so subtle code for, “I haven’t gotten vaccinated.” I just don’t know how we get across that being unvaccinated is a danger to yourself and the community. But, we also couldn’t get that across for masking either, so I guess I shouldn’t be shocked.

But, we keep going and doing our best and masking up and helping folks with access problems get vaccinated and trying to convince anyone else we know who is unvaccinated to take the leap and get the shot. It’s gonna be hard, but we have to keep trying.

Have a safe weekend.

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Seriously, NBC, why aren’t you showing the rings in Men’s gymnastics?! It’s hard and cool and people like it!

And Simone Biles is the GOAT for Noping the fuck outta there when she realized, “I could very well kill myself if I try this.” I am so damn proud of her for that. (Also speaks to some real improvement in coaching. Gawd, the Karolyi’s were awful in retrospect.)

I absolutely know these Olympics shouldn’t have gone on, but I so love them. A better person would have boycotted them, but the distraction from the world is so nice.

Distractions from things like this stupid project I shouldn’t be on. But today, I **finally** got through to the person that has been trying to teach me how to do this shit that I am just not the right person for this. It’s not for lack of trying, but you just can’t pick a rando from left field for this. He finally asked, “Would you be offended if I took over?” OH MY GOD, PLEASE DO. I’ll sit and watch for the rest of this development cycle – maybe I’ll feel I can give it a whirl after that, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

It really needs someone who is higher on the food chain with more visibility into how everything is connected (since the team is split working on 3 different versions and two different modules, FML) and more just involved in stuff up on that level in general.

It has been a great learning experience, in that I’ve learned I never want to be in project management or even project management adjacent. Just let me sit and test shit in peace.

So, that was a win for the day.

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*checks self* Yup, still really annoyed.

OK, let’s get clear on the things I’m not mad at first.  Not mad that the CDC is recognizing that the Delta variant is A Problem.

I am annoyed at…

  • The fact that the Delta variant became a problem AT ALL.
  • That the messaging feels like it magically sprung from the loins of vaccinated folks and it’s somehow our fault.
  • That yet again, the folks that did their bit from the get-go have to do it all again because of the folks who didn’t. Worst group project EVER.
  • Folks in charge thought the honor system would work for keeping unvaccinated people masked up.  HAVE YOU BEEN HERE THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF?
  • The “guidance” is useless without Federal/State/Local regulation and I’m not seeing that yet around here.

Ran up to Starbucks and they haven’t canceled dine in (they only just reinstated it a few weeks ago) and over half the folks in there were unmasked – they’re not going back unless they have to.  And with no mandate, they will not.

Sure, we’re “moderate risk” – today.  But pur county’s positivity rate has gone from 1.5% to 2.6% in 9 days.  We’re not going to be at moderate risk for long.

Sure, I’ll keep masking up and staying the fuck away from people and going back to front porch happy hour, cause it helps everyone.

I don’t want to because I know damn good and well it didn’t have to be this way, yet again. But I will.

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And Virginia and Fairfax County…

You could have kept the mask mandates going until we reached an acceptable level of vaccination, but noooooooo.

Now vaccinated folks in high risk areas (which most folks aren’t going to know off the top of their heads) are being told to mask up again. No real mention of the fact that the Delta variant is a problem because of willingly unvaccinated folks who have been running around maskless for the past two months. Like this is somehow the fault of vaccinated folks who finally decided to dine in for the first time in 15 months.

They did post their tracker that shows if your area is substantial/risk or not. How folks who aren’t constantly online are going to get this info, I don’t know.

We’re at “moderate” for the moment in my neck of the woods. But if the state and county let things continue as they are, it’s just going to get worse, because folks who aren’t vaccinated are running around maskless because NO ONE IS VERIFYING ANYONE’S VACCINATION STATUS. And they aren’t just suddenly gonna start masking up for the greater good.

I’m *hoping* the Governor knows what he needs to do and just does it.

Though I’m super pissed at how this was botched, believe it or not, I’m fine with masking up again. (Been doing it just about everywhere as it is.) But it needs to be mandated for EVERYONE with a clear message of “this sticks until we reach an acceptable level of vaccination in the state and county” – no ditching it early. That’s where we fucked up in May. Let’s not do that again.

And I’ll admit, I’m pissed for really selfish reasons, too. I stayed home for 15 freakin’ months and got vaccinated as soon as I could, not just for my safely and the safety of those around me, but cause I wanted to be kinda social again. And now that’s getting taken away again, because people won’t get vaccinated and my federal, state, and local governments didn’t have the balls to make them do it.

I’m just very…

Gif of David Rose from Schitts Creek looking very cranky
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Next Olympics…

I really need to take vacation, LOL. We’re what, three days in and I’ve got probably 20 hours of coverage on my DVD I still haven’t seen yet. Even fast forwarding through all the ads & interviews, I’m not sure how I work and sleep and see all that I want to see.

And am I the only one slightly annoyed with “Well, the Russians are banned, but they’re all here”? So, not really banned, are they?

I’m definitely thinking about bringing my work laptop down to the living room over the next two weeks. Couldn’t really do that when I was in support, but maybe given that my work is a touch more low key these days, I could pull it off.

We’ll see how far behind I am this time tomorrow…

Have a great day, cheer your favorite folks, and get vaccinated.

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Listening to the radio this morning and it’s sounding like the CDC is going to change guidance here soon and it’s gonna be mask up all the time again, inside, outside, vaxxed or not. It was nice to have a whole month and a half of enjoying being vaccinated before this Delta variant bullshit got out of hand.

Folks who are still willfully unvaccinated can fucking yeet themselves into the sun.

I fucking did my part. Over a year of staying home, masking up, getting takeout, not seeing friends, skipping nice personal care stuff, curbside pickups, no leisurely shopping trips, social distancing, and generally staying the fuck away from people for my sake and theirs. The very day I was eligible to be vaccinated, I got an appointment and got vaxxed up.


We’ve reached a point where it’s time for punitive measures. Bring on the vaccine passports. You’re not vaccinated? You don’t get to do shit. No bars, restaurants, concerts, theme parks, haircuts, planes, trains, or anything nice. I hope your friends and family start shunning you if they’re not already.

And no, I’m not talking about folks who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons. I got my shots for you and me. We’re good. Or folks who are still dealing with shitty employers who aren’t giving time off to get vaccinated. That fucking sucks, but keep trying.

I’m talking about the assholes. The ones who are suddenly “my body, my choice” while also harassing people outside cancer treatment clinics because the clinic requires masks. The ones who keep spreading the dumbest fucking disinformation about the vaccines.

I see that some of the Republican leadership has finally changed their tune, but JFC, where the fuck have you been the last 6 months? (Also, why now? What changed? Finally realize the base is gonna die off?) I fear it’s too little, too late at this point.

Yeah, I’m pissed. It absolutely never had to be this way.

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And peppers and apples! Friday night farmers market was a bit of a bust – it’s never been a large affair, but this year, maybe half as many vendors and only one produce vendor and they were very melon-focused. But, the local bakery was there, so I have a big ol’ loaf of cheddar garlic bread.

So, I hauled my ass out of bed this morning and hit up the big farmers market and oh boy, tomatoes! I can’t be the only one that does this, but when I get there, I always do a circuit to see who is selling what and then try to spread out my purchases between as many different vendors as possible. So, tomatoes from two stands, apples from another, and then sweet peppers from yet another.

Of course, sweet pepper guy probably thinks I am the whitest white lady out there, cause when I was doing the surveying, I asked if they were sweet or hot and he said sweet – but the containers were at the other end of his stall so, I could only hope we were talking about the same thing. So when I checked out, I asked yet again. “It’s not that I don’t like hot peppers, it’s just that I don’t want to be surprised!”

A plate of sweet peppers and a plate of multicolored cherry tomatoes
Mmmm, veggies

Between the bread, the tomatoes and the mozzarella cheese in the fridge, I could make some bitchin’ good bruschetta. But, I will probably do what I usually do, which is just grab a tomato every time I walk through the kitchen, and just keep slicing off big hunks of bread and eating them as is. Also some tomato-cheese “salads” in my immediate future.

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