Well, hello 2020!

The year has started off with a blissfully unproductive day off.

Maybe next year I’ll remember the First Day Hikes thing *before* New Year’s Day so I can actually plan one and do it. (I swear, if they promoted this in December, I missed it completely.)

Don’t really do resolutions anymore, cause I suck at them, but I do have things I want to do better in 2020.

Cook more, read more, write more, move more.

Saving money is also on the list, and Lily said, “Hold my catnip” and we have a vet appointment tomorrow. Silly girl thinks she can live on cat candy, and that is just not sustainable.

Headshot of Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat.

You eat candy constantly, why can’t I?

On the “cook more” front, I’ve started the year off well with kielbasa and cheesy potatoes. It’s so ridiculously easy, but it’s delicious and counts as cooking.

A white plate with a piece of kielbasa and a side of cheesy potatoes

No really big plans for 2020. Survive the winter. Keep grinding at work. (Still really enjoying the new gig!) Beach in July. Padres coming to town in August.

Be interesting to see what the year brings.

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Today was a good day.

And I fully realize that there is a lot of “shiny new job” going on, but it really was a good day.

I worked all day with no interruptions. No one changing priorities on me, no “hey, can you drop everything and do this other thing?”

Just, test, document, test, document, send email to developer, move to next bug while waiting on response.

I got maybe a dozen emails all day – and half of those were just automated updates about pull requests that had been submitted. To give you an idea of how ridiculously few emails that is…week before last, I took 2 days off work and returned to 184 emails. In two days.

It was just so blissfully calm. And I know there are going to be days when everything is nuts, but I am enjoying the calm.

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That was a very, very long 10 weeks

But tomorrow, the new gig starts.  :-D

Met with my new supervisor last week, went over procedures and stuff and everything is just so blissfully straightforward.  My to-do list is less than a page long, which hasn’t happened for a very, very long time.

He said they don’t get pulled in 20 different directions like we do in support.  I’m thinking it’s going to be a little weird to just be able to work uninterrupted for any length of time.  Good weird, but weird nonetheless.

Client responses as I was telling them I was moving were really lovely – of course, they may just be happy not to deal with me anymore, LOL.

All in all, I’m very excited.  Time to test the bugs!

ETA: It’s also the first Sunday in a long, long time where I’ve not been dreading Monday morning. That’s very refreshing.

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Last on call weekend!

OK, last primary on call weekend where I have to work until 10 on Friday. (There’s a backup weekend in November, but I’m not counting that, cause I don’t like thinking about the fact that it will be the 8th one this year)

Just under 2 hours to go! (I am still super bitter about missing the local brewfest this weekend – which I was going to go to until I had to take this weekend because of the new job.)

23 workdays to go!

One of my coworkers is also moving over to my new department, two weeks after me. (I do wonder if management is sitting down and asking themselves, “what could we have been doing differently?”)

I’m very excited about the move. I’m ready for something different. I’m beyond ready to have way more control over my day.

Just gotta hang in for 5 more weeks.

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Fintie Bluetooth Keyboards

Are slim, lightweight, work great with my iPad and those little fuckers regularly disappear on me. I’m now on the third one. I know the other two are SOMEWHERE in the house, but exactly where? No fucking clue. Adding insult to injury, I am quite sure I saw #2 somewhere in the past couple days.

But seriously, they’re great little keyboards. When they don’t sprout legs and hide.

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Keep Calm and Carry On

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Andrew Luck

So, I don’t follow the NFL particularly closely, but it was impossible to miss Andrew Luck’s retirement yesterday on my Twitter feed.

And apparently some folks are big mad about it – like this ass:


I’ll admit, for a second when I heard initial tweet below, I thought for a second, “Hmph, must be nice.”

But it was fleeting and replaced by, “Yes, it IS nice. And we shouldn’t expect people to continue in jobs that aren’t worth it to them anymore if they’re in a position to walk away.” Hell, I’m moving my ass to a new department in 8 weeks, because I am mentally worn out. (We should all be so lucky to have options.)

The game has been hard on him, mentally and physically. For him to stay and be miserable for the entertainment of NFL fans just isn’t something anyone should ask from him.

The only thing pro athletes “owe” to fans* is to do their best on the field and not be an ass off the field. And regardless of what you do for a living, we all know that it’s pretty much impossible to do your best when you’re miserable.

I hope Andrew Luck finds joy in the next stage of his life.

* And I use “owe” very loosely here.

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