This cat

Has no concept of bills, Congress, the idiot occupying the Oval Office, climate change, climate change deniers, people who think poverty and sickness are a result of moral failings, and the general disappointment that is the country outside her house.

All she knows is that she’s got a warm place to sleep, food when she’s hungry, medical care when she needs it, and more love than she can put up with at times.  God, that must be nice.

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Well, this has been fanfuckingtastic so far

So, yeah, any thoughts I had that this administration would just be mediocre and we could muck through it lasted about 3 seconds.

I realize I don’t really have the skills to fix this, and the Democrats don’t have the numbers (or sometimes it seems the will – WTF) to stop a lot of this crap, so I’m directing my money to groups that do have the skills to fix this through the courts and other avenues.  Cause it’s all going to end up the courts.

If you’d told me 25 years ago, “You’re going to turn in an old liberal hippie who gives money to the ACLU” I probably would not have believed you.  But right now, I couldn’t be happier about the money I sent to the ACLU last week because I could see it actually made a difference at airports across the country this week.

I’ve read that to stay sane, you should focus on one or two issues.  I can’t do that.  It would probably be healthier if I could, but I can’t.

I’ve made a list of groups I’m supporting – thanks to John Oliver for starting this list on his Last Week show.  Feel free to let me know of other groups I may have missed.  (They are in no particular order.)

ETA: If anyone knows of any solid disability rights organizations, please chime in.

Planned Parenthood
Center for Reproductive Rights
Natural Resources Defense Council
The International Refugee Assistance Project
NAACP Legal Defense Fund
The Trevor Project
Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund
Whitman Walker Clinic
Pro Publica
Southern Poverty Law Center
Mother Jones
UN Refugee Fund
Council on American Islamic Relations

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Well that kind of sucked.

I find that I’m rather tired today.  I’m no stranger to voting for losing candidates, but this one definitely hurt a little more.  I didn’t think she’d win in a landslide – I thought the “99% chance of winning” polls were pretty absurd – but I did think she would win.

Hillary Clinton is not perfect – but she’s beyond competent and exceptionally qualified and would have made a good President.  I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries – and I had no hesitation about voting for her in the general election.

It was oddly comforting to discover that Secretary Cinton won the popular vote.  (Apparently we have the numbers, we just need to get them to different parts of the country.)  And I am really proud that Virginia went blue again.

The phenomenon of “hidden voters” isn’t new – but it still confounds me that people seem to not ask themselves, “Why don’t I want to admit I’m voting for X?  Is it because the candidate just isn’t viable and I look silly, or is there maybe something fundamentally wrong with them and it reflects poorly on me?”

I am admittedly confounded by the fact that 53% of white women voted for the President-elect.  I know there are women who vote Republican no matter what.  I have voted Republican before.  (In retrospect, I’m quite thankful they lost when I did that.  I was young and stupid.  I got better.)  But I really, genuinely thought he’d just crossed way too many lines to be able to garner that much support.  Granted, it could have been just as simple as “Not Hillary.”  But I don’t think you can vote for someone who has made so many racist, xenophobic, sexist and generally hateful comments without agreeing with some of them.  Which is disappointing.  I had hoped we were better than that.

Part of me wants to lash out at 3rd party voters, but I can’t do it.  Unless you can find every single person that went 3rd party and have them tell you they would have voted for Secretary Clinton had there been no 3rd party candidate, you can’t put it on them.  Sure, it didn’t help – but I am sure there were voters who went 3rd party rather than the President-elect as well.

Earlier this year I found myself thinking that I’d never seen a candidate that made me feel like I needed to a contingency plan.  I brushed it off as being a bit ridiculous.  Suddenly not so ridiculous and I feel like I should be hoarding money in my mattress.

There’s a very real possibility that he will be nothing more than a mediocre President.  But so much damage has already been done.

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Quick PSA


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Hey, Samsung Galaxy Note owners…

May I recommend the HTC 10?  Just got mine about a month ago and I reallly love it.

But seriously, if you’ve got one of these explodophones – turn it off and take it back.

I’ve had a battery explode on me and it’s terrifying.

I had an AirCard for my laptop some years back – it plugged into the USB port on my laptop for internet access.  I was sitting there one day, and I heard a hissing sound and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from – I thought it was my soda can at first.  Then the case popped open and went flying, and the battery itself went pinwheeling across the coffee table – WITH FLAMES SHOOTING OUT OF IT.  It stopped before it hit the carpeting, and was still on fire when I upended a Coke on it.

Had I been anywhere else in the house when it happened, it would have been a full on disaster.

So, really, take the phone back.

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Night Shift No More

So, tonight is my last night shift and it’s on to bigger and better things.  I found that working overnights did not suck and was easier to get used to than I would have thought.  (However, I am a night owl, so it may have been easier for me than others.)

Some of the upsides:  No rush hour traffic.  (Though it was astounding how cars there were on the beltway at 8PM.)  The illusion of sleeping in.  Not waking up in the dark.  Afternoons free.

Some of the downsides:  Days tend to run together because you stop experiencing night.  Saying “see you tonight” when you leave the office is weird.  A Tuesday-Saturday shift is nice for having a weekday off, but my weekend breakfast ritual went out the window.  I had to really think about what I was eating so I wouldn’t go into a food coma mid shift and fall asleep.

I learned that day shift bias is real.  (I knew it somewhere in the back of my head, but it’s not the type of thing you really think about.)  Even IN the company I was working for.  A day coworker asked if I just “hung out all day.”  No, I do the same stuff everyone else does – run errands, avoid housework, get 6-8 hours of sleep.  Trying to convince people that you are NOT available before noon has been harder than I would have imagined.  If you say “I woke up at 2PM,” you’re a degenerate, but if you say, “I got 8 hours of sleep” you’re healthy!  If something is broken and doesn’t affect the day shift, good luck getting it fixed.

And there is this weird idea that if you work overnights, there is something wrong with you.  Even got a bit of it from the department head.  “Can you not work during the day?” with a raised eyebrow.  Um, no, but you need people on the night shift and I can do the job, so…

I spent my nights calling (and sometimes waking up) customers and telling them something was broken/open/squawking/possibly on fire.  Now, if you’re on the receiving end of one of these calls, there are a couple reasons why it’s you:
— You’re on site at the facility and you should be awake anyway.
— It’s a legit part of your job to be on the call list.  I don’t like waking you up, but suck it up, buttercup.
— You have greatly angered the office manager of your company – to the point where they convinced the higher ups that you MUST be on the call list, preferably near the top.  If this is you, it’s well past time to make amends my friend.

To every client I woke up who was kind enough to say, “It’s OK.  It’s your job.  Thank you.” – you more than made up for the “Why are you calling ME?” and “What do you expect me to do?” crankypants.

Now a week of trying to flip my sleep schedule with a couple days of stomping around Williamsburg and onwards and upwards.

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I’m heartbroken, angry, and a little numb.

To the LGBTQA community:  I love you.  I am here for you.  I’ll admit, I don’t really know exactly what to do here, but I’ve got your back.

To anyone saying, “Well, why isn’t the Muslim community—”  Go sit down and rethink your life choices.  I’m pretty sure they’re too busy being horrified with the rest of us to trot out the #NotAllMuslims banners.  Let’s not forget that any jackass can say, “I’m with Daesh.”

No civilian needs an AR-15 type gun.  But we’re never gonna do shit about that.  (I think that’s where the numbness is.)

I’m sure He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and his ilk are already having a field day with this.  And as that rhetoric fills the airwaves, we’ll still wonder how people are driven to violence.  And I don’t know how to make my voice loud enough to convince the world, THEY ARE WRONG.  And that is very frustrating.

Despite everything, I believe that acceptance and understanding will get us all farther together than anything else.

ETA to fix LGBTA to LGBTQA.  My most sincere apologies – it was not an intentional exclusion, just a fuckup on my part.

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