Good gravy

So when I was out running errands this weekend, I saw a new development not far from here – wasn’t sure if it was apartments or condos or what, so I looked it up when I got home. Senior living! Which, given the aging population around here, probably not the worst idea.

And cause I’m not getting any younger, I perused the website and looked at the pricing.

Entry fees range from 388K for a one bedroom, one bath, up to 1 MILLION for a 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with den. Granted, it’s 80% refundable if you kick off, but holy instant depreciation Batman.

Oh, and then there is the monthly maintenance – ranging from $3,184 to $4,822. Now there seem to be a fuckton of amenities and that monthly fee covers maintenance, utilities, trash service, dining, gym on the property, etc.

A super fancy, new construction 2/2.5 condo around here can easily go for 1M, but still, it just seems seriously unaffordable.

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How is it Monday again?

I am not ready. It was not a restful weekend. I also realized that when I started consistently getting up at 6AM this spring, I never adjusted the timer on the thermostat, which would explain why it’s been so hard to get out of bed, cause IT’S COLD. Even Lily is burrowed down somewhere. (I saw her briefly at 5:30 and then she disappeared.)

I find it interesting that folks can shoot up substations in Moore County and knock out power to 40K people and it’s just being called vandalism. In Ukraine it’s being called a war crime and/or terrorism. Whether it was done because of the drag show, or just because they could – it was coordinated, and it is terrorism. If you have to worry about armed nutjobs taking out your power – it is terrorism.

So, good times in America, where you could get shot anytime you leave your house, or lose your power because of the same RWNJs and die of hypothermia or lack of operational medical equipment.

And on that cheery note, it’s time to go grind those gears for capitalism.

You hang in there – it’s a bit rough out there these days.

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So…how did today turn out?

Better than I thought it would at several points today!

A small decorated Christmas tree in front of a dark window
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, after I posted my earlier ramblings of the day, I decided I was hungry and should eat before doing anything else. Also discovered that leftover quesadillas should be done for 5 minutes at 350º vs 400º in the toaster oven because otherwise they get a wee bit crispy at the edges.

I mean, I did need something to eat, but also – brain doing anything but what needs to be done, LOL.

Then I found myself stuck on the couch for another half hour. And my brother added stuff to the dishwasher and started it up which messed me up because I needed to get Lily’s fountain in, but there was no room. (I will never not be mad that my brain can get so tripped up by stuff like that.)

So I decided I needed to try some of the cheese popcorn I got at the winter market. (Good stuff!)

Approaching 3PM and all I’ve done is a Starbucks run, a bit of writing, made the cold brew for tomorrow, swapped out Lily’s upstairs water dish and put the toothbrush on the charger. And I want to give up for the day, because even thinking about it all is tiring me the fuck out.

Then I found out about the burrito method of putting a duvet cover on – – amazing. Then I started watching shorts, because, of course and that was another half hour gone.

Then I kinda wanted a nap, but just ended up scrolling social media for another half hour.

Then I did make it into the dining room and made space for plants, then needed another snack. Cleaned out my purse. Got angry at the sung going down at 4:30 PM.

Watched the remainder of FX’s A Christmas Carol. Dark, but so, so good.

By now it’s 5PM, and I’m realizing I need to just put something on the TV I do NOT care about, and put on my headphones and GET. THE. TREE. DONE.

Moved the plants, cutting back the gerberas to boot. Vacuumed off the table. (So many dead leaves.) Recovered the flat bit. (It’s a slatted table, I keep an old Amazon box covered in wrapping paper on it so it has a flat surface.) Brought up the tree. Discovered that I fully undecorated it last year, dammit. Had a moment of brilliance and put it on a lazy susan to get the lights wound on. Added the ornaments and all done!

And I sat down and thought “my lord, it must be near 9PM at this point.” It was 6:30PM. And I managed to then get back UP and change the Febreeze plug ins and tended to the litter box, and called it all a success.

But jesus, getting started…

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Happy Sunny Sunday to you!

It’s one of those deceptively pretty days out there – sunny but fucking cold. How many days until Spring??!?

This world we live in – goddamn it gets weirder every day. So, over on Twitter, R’s are mad because the Biden campaign – a non-governmental entity – asked for revenge porn to be taken down, someone at Twitter with actual good sense said, “Yes, that should be taken down.” BUT – somehow, TFG thinks we should suspend the Constitution so he can take power again and that is totally OK. That dude is completely fucking insane on top of everything else, and the R’s just merrily go along with it cause they’ve shown they’ll do anything for power. Good times.

On the home front, I’m having a TERRIBLE time getting motivated to get anything at all done today. I need to get the Christmas tree up – which also means I need to move all the houseplants in the front window. And some are too big for the little greenhouse, so I have to do some rearranging of the dining room shelves to make room for the big ones. And my damn brain is going, “AHHHH, MULTISTEP PROCESS, FUCK MEEEEEE!”

But, I do need to get things together because I have new things to add this year! Found this cute candy cane decoration at the holiday market yesterday:

Candy Cane decoration with red and white ribbons and green frosted leaves

And I also saw a Christmas ornament, which isn’t super “Christmas-y” but I saw it and thought, I MUST HAVE THAT ON MY TREE! And got closer and discovered they were earrings, so…I HAVE TWO FOR THE TREE!

Earrings that have a dragon on a crystal and a DND dice on them.

I have brought my headphones downstairs and they’re ready to go, but TASK INITIATION IS SO STUPIDLY HARD AND I HATE THAT MY BRAIN DOESN’T WORK RIGHT AND RESISTS IT AT EVERY TURN.

I know I’m not lazy, I know that I *do* care – and yet my brain is all, “oh no, it will be far more fun to have mental paralysis and feel bad instead of just prying myself off the sofa and knocking out my list.” THANKS, BRAIN.

OK, I’m gonna try to get some things done. We’ll see how it goes!

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It’s a grey, drizzly Saturday here

And WordPress has provided a writing prompt? No idea if that is new or I just never noticed it?

Screenshot of a blank WordPress page with "Add title" and "What are you feelings about eating meat?"

Well, WP, thanks! I like meat. Don’t have much more to say on the subject, LOL.

I’m hoping the rain will clear out as predicted so I can get over to the Christmas market today, but if not, at least it will also be open tomorrow and next weekend. It’s small, but outdoors and festive and smack in the historic district in Fairfax, and I figured out parking last year, so it’s actually easy to get to.

Plus it is right next to the old school hardware store that has great gadgety stocking stuffers and the TexMex place – and given that I’ve been watching the Taco Chronicles – I need some TexMex food. (It’s a great series, just don’t watch when you’re hungry.)

And somehow it’s taken the better part of two hours to write this, and the rain has stopped, so I’m off to the Christmas market.

You have a wonderful day!

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Woohoo, half day Friday!

And I have NO afternoon obligations!

And I got some good news at work yesterday – I am getting promoted! And not into management/lead garbage, just the next level of me being me! Boss said it was well deserved thanks to my “great product knowledge and hard-working attitude”!

I don’t know about my “great product knowledge” – I just know shit, but I do bust my ass, even on my craptastic days, so I’m glad that got noticed. (She says on a “start late, leave early” day, LOL.)

Not sure what the money side of it is, but even without the promotion, we were told annual raises would be better this year – I do like my company, but they are stingy as fuck with the payroll – like, “this is why people quiet-quit” stingy. Maybe one of my MANY comments on that front in various surveys got through.

And in other good news for my bank account, my vision & dental reimbursement was approved, yay! Need to call again on the two damn acupuncture receipts where the AI picked up a non-existent provider. I guess that is my afternoon obligation, LOL. Worst case scenario, if I can’t get it fixed, my dental appointment next Friday will use up the last of my flex spending for the year. Yay?

Welp, time to go top off the coffee and get myself to 1PM and enjoy thee weekend!

You have a great day!

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Well, it’s Cyber Monday!

And every online retailer I have ever shopped with is reminding me of this… Delete…delete…delete.

Foot is down to a vaguely annoying twinge at times, which is good, since today has been getting out and about for Amazon returns, and holiday goodies for my acupuncturist and ladies at my hair salon, cause it’s that time of year! (Thank you Picket Fence gift shop!)

Now I get to start calling insurance companies. Dental insurance to see if they actually forwarded the last claim to PayFlex, and if so, when. Medical to ask why they said they fixed the claim with the wrong provider name when they absolutely did not, and why they have not forwarded two other items to PayFlex. PayFlex to figure out who was supposed to send them the info from my eye exam, cause I can’t tell from looking at the 2019 claim who actually sent it to them – me or VSP. (I did at least find the detailed receipt from the eye doc, so that’s something.) That’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN. But I am in Bitch Better Have My Money mode, cause I am owed 4 freakin’ digits here and my patience is waning.

Realizing I should have gotten a nice bar of fancy chocolate for myself to steel myself for on hold hell. Leftover Halloween candy will have to do.

You have a great day!

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What day is it anyway?

We have hit the point in the long weekend where I have to check my phone to figure out the day – and so you don’t have to check, I’ll let you know – it’s Saturday.

Foot is improving and I don’t see any trips to urgent care for it, so that’s a plus for the day. Those self stick ace bandages are fuckin’ money, I will say that – that little bit of extra support and compression is perfectly lovely, and you’re not hunting down those little metal clips that disappeared within seconds of opening the package.

While it is getting better, I am going to be staying off my feet as much as I can today, so no Small Business Saturday for me, but I’ll just make it a Small Business Monday instead and avoid the crowds. And the Christmas decorations will still be there in a few days time.

I do need to run out and gas up the car and get it washed and I am definitely having a case of “I don’t wannas” – and it’s not even my foot, it’s just plain ol’ I don’t wanna leave the house again, I’m comfy and cozy here on my couch. But, the “get to the damn gas station” light came on during the trip back from Starbucks, so I’d best get that done at some point today. I will be skipping the usual post-wash vacuuming of the car, though, cause I can’t do that sitting down, LOL.

I did ask Lily if she would handle the car for me, and she reminded me with that Lily-look that she doesn’t have a license and her feet can’t reach the pedals. But beyond that, I really think she’d be all over it for me.

And speaking of the LilyMonster, I must share this shot of her on Thanksgiving – I had just taken the turkey out of the oven and turned around and she was seriously contemplating leaping from her counter to where the turkey was – this was her face after being told to not even think about it. (She did get some turkey later.)

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, sitting on the counter, looking disgruntled after I told her she couldn't leap to the other counter and attack the turkey
You’re no fun.

Well, time to get my arse off the couch and get over to the gas station so I don’t run out halfway to Starbucks tomorrow, LOL.

You have a fantastic Saturday!

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Happy Friday!

And Black Friday, no less… I hate what it’s become, and capitalism is shit, but we’re all stuck in this hellscape and if this is the only way you can get that special something for Christmas? Go for it. If you are working retail today – I love you and I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

I’m old enough to remember when it was just a busy shopping day – my brother & I used to hit the mall, do window shopping and grab lunch and hang out. These days, you couldn’t pay me money to go to a mall, Target, or Walmart today, even without a pandemic.

Foot is still a wee bit fucked, but definitely better than yesterday, so I am just going to stay the course with staying off my feet today and keeping it wrapped up to provide a bit of compression & support. Oh dear, no housecleaning today. Still have full range of motion and no swelling, I just bruised it good in an awkward spot. (I do need it to be really better by Monday, cause I do have some shopping to do, but that’s still soooo far away, LOL.)

And it did not impact Turkey day really at all – helps when the bulk of the day is “wait for turkey to brine” followed by “wait for turkey to roast” – and the turkey was AWESOME. So glad I found out about brining. And I *nailed* the carving to boot. (Thank you YouTube for that tutorial a few years back.)

A roasted turkey breast, waiting to be carved
I heart you too, turkey.

In the social media hellscape, things continue to be a clusterfuck. Twitter is apparently going to reinstate all the suspended accounts, and some RWNJ group has created a hitlist for mass reporting of “leftist” accounts. EM really did spend 44 billion dollars to have another Gab/Parler in a desperate attempt to be cool. Every time I watch Tesla shares take another dive, I laugh and laugh – I hope this absolutely bankrupts that man. Right now I am just blocking every advertiser, keep heavily curating my feed, and I figure every time I log on, it costs that jackass money.

I got into the beta – it looks a bit like Twitter, but I have my doubts about a site that says “We have decided to let in many more people than we can handle operationally as build out our backoffice” – and there is something about it that I am not keen on that I can’t quite put my finger on – I think it just feels half-done. (Which, being in beta, it is, but I did get my username if nothing else.)

Hive is apparently two guys in a basement, Counter Social just doesn’t seem to be getting traction, and Tribel is just the Occupy Democrats grifters (and it looks just like Fb, and who needs that?)

So far, Mastodon is the winner for me when Twitter becomes non-functional. I may end up changing instances at some point, but right now the dustup between and a couple other instances who were talking about blocking them seems to have settled down. (I think m.s’ admin owning up to some moderation fuckups helped.)

As for the rest of my day, I am going to very literally put my feet up, occasionally hop over to the kitchen for turkey leftovers (got a big hunk already, LOL) and feel zero guilt over not being “productive” today.

You have a great day.

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Happy Turkey Day!

I recommend you do *not* start your Turkey Day with having to google, “What is the C in RICE?”*  Some dumbass tripped and fucked up her right foot last night.  (I am the dumbass.)  I don’t think I broke anything, there’s no swelling, and I have full range of motion, I just nailed the top of my foot real good somehow when I went down.

I can hobble around OK, if I have my weight on my heel it’s totally fine, and I think most of all it just stiffened up while I slept, cause the more I gently move about, the less it bothers me.  Advil, ice, and ace bandages to the rescue. 

And having most of the Thanksgiving sides as “boil water, add stuff when the turkey comes out of the oven” – very helpful today.  If we did a “everything from scratch and on your feet in the kitchen all day” event, I’d be screwed, LOL. 

Little bro had said he will help out if needed, but I should be good, cause there isn’t actually a ton of standing to be done today.

Turkey is brining.  Cheese plate will come out at noon, and everything is already sliced up, so it’s legit just putting the cheese and sausages on the plate.  Bagel Dogs at 1, and that is just “put on cookie sheet, put in oven, take out of oven.”  Turkey goes in the oven at 3, out around 7, and that is when the dance really starts – but even then, it’s only 10-15 minutes?

Honestly, if you had told me 20 years ago that I’d be doing Thanksgiving dinners and it would not only not be stressful, but I would love it?  Even with a fucked up foot?  I am not sure I would have believed you — or I would have asked if we were getting takeout, LOL.

And yes, if my foot is still bothering me tomorrow, I will go to urgent care.  Just not today.

You have a wonderful day and may all your food be awesome.

*The C is for Compression.

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