No room for stretching out

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, curled up sleeping
Smack in the center

Seriously, she’s managing to take up a full third of the sofa, right in the middle.

But I can’t be at all mad, cause she’s cute and sweet and when I took a snooze this afternoon, she came upstairs and snuggled right up with me.

It’s been an “I hate winter” day and she’s made it brighter.

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While I know it’s not all sunshine & rainbows

It’s nice to hear the phrase, “From the White House today…” and not cringe.

And when the sentence is finished, to think, “Yes, that seems reasonable and rational.”

We didn’t get in this mess in a day, and we’re not going to get out of it in a day, but it is good to see them working to fix what they can as quickly as they can. (I know Biden wants to be judicious with the EO’s – but hell, go nuts and run them through OLC and if they say OK, then let ’em rip.)

And Dr Fauci! My brother pointed out that he looks 10 years younger. Can you imagine going from orders of “Don’t make me look bad” to “Be honest, that’s the most important thing”? The man looks like he is truly enjoying his work again.

McConnell is still a dick, but we knew that would never change. Time to ditch the filibuster and PASS ALL THE BILLS!

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So, I think there might be some stress leaving my body…

So, last two days, I have been absolutely *knackered* – not the kind of fatigue when you’re sick or don’t feel good, but more like running a freakin’ marathon and finally being able to sit your ass down.

And my dumb ass was thinking, “15-20 minutes of yoga where I spend half of it laying on the floor shouldn’t wear me out like this – I know I’m not in fantastic shape, but…”

And then it occurred to me – I’ve been a little tense for…4 years.

Literally the only time I thought about 45 today was when the news mentioned all the A listers he couldn’t get for his inauguration and I had a good laugh.

Didn’t really think about Biden at all – while I know I’ll be pissed at him for various reasons over the next four years, there is something to be said for not going “What the fuck did he do now?!” every time I turn around.

It’s like the hyper-alertness has finally been shut off – and now I need a week long nap.

It feels nice.

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Feeling *slightly* better this morning

Glad they didn’t do all the inaugural balls yesterday so Biden had time to get some executive orders done.

This is a decent start – but we can do better. Don’t see anything about the horrific treatment of people at the border, and that needs to be addressed immediately.

We’ve got an extension on the student loan pause. Fine, that gives us a couple months to get all the ducks in a row to cancel student loans altogether. You want to kickstart the economy when Covid is done? This would do it.

Mask mandate for federal buildings – that is 110% something the last administration should have done.

And we’re back in the WHO, joining Covax and repealing the Mexico City/Global Gag Rule.

I know we can’t – and shouldn’t – do everything by executive order. Congress is going to have to stop worrying about upsetting Republicans and get shit done.

Now that we’ve got everyone sworn in and the dust is settling, I’ll be putting together a letter this weekend to my reps & the White House. It’s really a wishlist I’ve been working on since the election, but I need to put it out there and hopefully someone will read it and at least realize they have at least *one* constituent who wants to see some progressive action.

This new administration & Congress aren’t remotely progressive enough for my taste – and I’m prepared to be disappointed repeatedly over the next two years – but I will keep annoying the fuck out of all of them in the hopes we can keep dragging them leftwards.

We have the resources to do amazing things – we just need the damn will to do it.

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Well, we’ve got ourselves a new President

And not a moment too soon.

I did stop working to watch the swearing in itself – IDK, I guess to make sure it actually happened.

And when Vice President Harris was sworn in, I started crying, cause fuck if I know why.

We’ll have to drag them and Congress kicking and screaming left, but it will be nice to have someone in the White House that isn’t an evil boorish ass.

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So, under 4 hours

And this fucking nightmare is done. A ton of cleanup to do, and so many people didn’t survive this man, but it will be over.

Won’t be watching the inaugural, as work wins as it always does, and the thing I’m testing today isn’t something I can do in front of the TV. (Also, I find them to be a bit boring. I KNOW, BAD AMERICAN!)

But the fact of the matter is that the ceremony is far less important than the work to come afterwards.

And there is so much work for this administration and this Congress to do. I’m not even sure how you figure out where to start, but that’s why you have a whole Cabinet and tell them all to go at it.

Unwinding four years of hate and greed and incompetence will be no small feat.

Let’s do this.

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So, when’s the last time you changed that Brita filter?

So, last year, our old Brita pitcher got a crack in it, so I got two new ones, one for the kitchen and one for upstairs. (Way easier to just have one upstairs for refilling the humidifier and nightstand water glass.)

The new ones have this nifty LED thing in the lid to tell you when to change the filter. This is good, cause I do not ever remember when I put the last filter in, and when the humidifier isn’t in use, neither one gets used super heavily – maybe 2-3 pitchers worth a week.

So, they’ve stayed green for quite a while. After having to start up the humidifier again, because I apparently live in a damn desert, the upstairs one finally went to 25%/Orange.

Now, being stubborn, I did not change the filter, because 25% left is not zero. Sure, it was refilling slowly, but these pitchers aren’t really known for a quick fill.

Well, it finally went to 0%/red yesterday.

Switched out the filter and refilled it.


The speed with which that sucker refilled was astounding. I even double checked to be sure the filter was set in properly and the water wasn’t just rushing *around* the filter.

The amount of sediment that must have been built up in the old filter…

There is now a permanent entry on the to-list. Change the filter when it hits 2 months or 25%. If you wait for 0%, you’re going to lose days of your life waiting for it to refill.

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God bless any of y’all still reading these rantings

Maybe once things are back to semi-normal and I can get out and talk to people for extended periods of time, I’ll have less need for this stream of consciousness outlet, but until then…sorry, not sorry.

I’ve figured out which Command Strip hooks I need for the coffee mugs! The large metal hook ones will fit the bill – unfortunately they only come with white backing, not clear – I was hoping for clear because the wall in the kitchen is taupe, but the white will do fine and clear some cabinet space.

And when I looked yet again at the measurements on the medium ones – I figured out the problem – the illustration showing the depth on them looks like it’s showing the depth of the hook by itself, but it’s actually the depth of the hook *and* the backing. So what seemed to be perfectly deep enough for a coffee cup handle was decidedly not.

I’ve got one on the wall and will be waiting the obligatory hour per the instructions to actually put a mug on it. Then we’ll wait a couple days to make sure it doesn’t fall off before doing more. (They’re supposed to hold 5 lbs, but better safe than broken coffee mugs all over the place.)

In 100% unrelated news, I am so glad I kicked myself back into doing yoga regularly. It hasn’t fixed all my problems or anything, but it does feel good while I’m doing it, and I can’t say I’ve experienced that with any other exercise. (I mean, I feel GREAT when I stop, but not the same.)

And though it feels like there is some other thing I need to do around the house today, my to-do list is all ticked off – so, I think I’m going to go take a nap with the cat.

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Wherever Martin Luther King Jr is

I suspect he’s shaking his head and going, “Fuckin’ white people…I fucking told y’all…”

And he’s 110% not wrong.

And today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we have this:

Yet again, we have a choice: We can create a country where black people and other people of color and those in marginalized communities can feel safe and valued, for nothing more than their presence here, and tell racists and white supremacists to go fuck off.

Or, we can continue to go with bullshit incremental half-measures (if anything) because we don’t want to upset racist white people. Who will continue to be racist and violent anyway.

Let’s finally do the right thing for a change.

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Yoga App Promo

So, I’ve actually been diligent about doing some yoga regularly for the past couple weeks and it’s been a good thing.

Has it lifted my seasonal depression, cleared my skin, and given me mad bursts of energy?


But what is has done:

  • Given me an odd sense of accomplishment when I do it. (And log it somewhere so I can keep track.)
  • 15-20 minutes a day where I’m not thinking about the shitshow of a country we live in, because I *cannot* – I am too busy trying not to fall over.
  • Improved my posture. (I legit notice I am sitting up straight more.)

Though the app I user is called “Yoga for Beginners” – it has Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced sessions, and there are 7 Beginner sessions ranging from 7-12 minutes, so you can start small and mix & match for longer sessions.

I will totally admit, my favorite session is the 10 minute Beginner Yoga – it involves quite a lot of laying on the floor.

It’s also free.

So, if you’ve been thinking you want to give it a try, but are overwhelmed by all the app options out there (and there are A LOT) – this is one I can recommend.

Android Version

iOS Version

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