Happy catch up on everything day!

Or Sunday if you’re not behind on everything, LOL. The plan had been get things done Friday afternoon between getting off work and my hair appointment, and then do a ton of shit yesterday. Well, work torpedoed Friday and Lily couldn’t really be unsupervised yesterday afternoon while her meds wore off. (I didn’t mind taking care of Lily. I very much did mind work.)

So, today I have a list a mile and a half long, but I’ve got my headphones at the ready, comfy pants on, and the vacuum cleaner is charged up. (I’d love to go back and tell younger me “you’ll have to charge the vacuum cleaner.”) I still have quite the case of the “I don’t wanna’s” but I am going to shake that off.

You have a great day, and have a Lily!

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, stretched out along the back of the sofa
The meds really have worn off, I swear
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We are Team Gabapentin

Wow, that worked SO WELL for Lily’s vet visit!

I wasn’t sure if it was as “tasteless” as claimed, but she sure didn’t notice it mixed in her licky stick treat.

Within an hour, she was just happily snoozing.

She did wake up and attempt to fight getting in the crate, but she was basically moving in slow motion so it wasn’t much of a challenge to get her in.

There was some halfhearted hollering in the car, but not near the usual volume – both decibels and quantity.

We saw one of the newer vets in the practice (I think we may have seen her last year once?) and rather than making Lily come out of the crate, she just took the top off it so Lily could stay in her spot and only had to move her for weight. And because she was doing so well, the vet asked if we wanted to give a blood draw a shot since she’s of the age where it does need to be looked at annually – and I said go for it.

They took her in the back for the draw, and I didn’t hear a single noise – they said her only reaction was a brief flattening of her ears.

And when we were leaving, a family in the waiting room declared that she was so beautiful and wanted to take a picture of her.

She’s a bit wobbly and fussing a lot over her leg cause the fur got all messed up with the blood draw, but none the worse for wear to be sure.

I couldn’t be more pleased at how well it worked for her – she’s just reached the age where she just doesn’t have the patience for vet visits and I’m glad we have a good solution that is also easy to administer.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on the floor staring at nothing far, far away
I am a VERY GOOD GIRL! And a bit drunk.
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Finally, the weekend.

So, yesterday was a terrible half day, LOL. Despite “getting off work at 1” – the 12:30 meeting went on for an hour and a half, I had a 20 minute break for a personal call I had to make, then worked more, had another meeting at 3:30, bolted at 4:30, was answering Teams messages while in a salon chair with my head filled with tinfoil, and finally totally logged off at 8:30.

The kicker? The current version of our software was right the whole time. The string of profanities I let out when my dev posted, “Wait, this…this is correct.” Cause there was something broken that we fixed, and I guess the client never noticed it was broken – so things look “wrong” now.

And today, I am getting Lily drunk to take her to the vet for her checkup! We’re gonna see if some gabapentin doesn’t take the edge off a bit for my sweet girl – she had a rough go of it last year when I took her in when she had an excessively barfy day. I think it was just a combo of different vet at the practice (who was lovely) and not feeling good in general that made her more cranky than usual, but no harm in a happy pill to make things easier. And maybe she won’t pee on the table and/or barf mid-exam.

And my good girl HOOVERED her licky stick treat I mixed it with. Let’s all hope in two hours she’s pleasantly buzzed and not an angry drunk like her sister was, LOL.

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You did it! I did it! WE ALL DID IT!

Super weird dreams last night. Was doing things around the house and kept losing my scissors, so I decided to keep them in my head. Not like, stab myself in the skull, just gently placed them in my own head. (I did stop losing them!) A dentist getting new patients by offering free cranial massages. And there was a third one and all I can remember that it was weird.

We have another call today with the clients from yesterday, but the mean one shouldn’t be there, so that’s something. Plus it’s a half day, so I will be going in a little later than usual, so it’s nice to have some morning chill out time, especially after yesterday.

The thing I’m working on, it’s been very slow going because there are lots of variations to test and and every time I find something wrong, I have to start fresh – which is fine, that’s my job. But I know clients are annoyed that it’s taking a while, but if we give them an untested version and it doesn’t work then they get pissed – even when we tell them “you can have an untested version, emphasis on untested!”

I’m still wondering how the last fix where it got broken didn’t get caught. I looked back at the notes and the original change was referenced and double checked, so IDK. I didn’t test it, so I don’t know if it was a missed scenario or what. But whatever it was that got missed, it’s created a fuckton of work for me, and honestly, it’s a little annoying because there were *two* people who tested the last set of changes on the app, so it really should have been caught. But eh, we’re all human and tired and shit happens.

Well, time to start contemplating going upstairs and grinding those gears for capitalism.

You have a fantastic day!

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What. A. Day.

Nothing like having a client basically say you’re an idiot on a call because they weren’t actually listening to what you said. Big big props to my coworker who immediately spoke up and said, “That’s not what she said at all.”

That was when I announced in the group chat with my team that I was done speaking, lest I say something to get myself fired.

And our account manager…oh, she felt so bad and we chatted later and had a good rant and rave about it all, which was super helpful. You’d think after years in support I’d be used to clients telling me I’m a moron.

The thing I’m working on…finally traced back how it may have broken. We made the change, it worked, but it made things slow, but it seems in fixing the slow, we broke it again. And it wasn’t critical for me to know that, but when we first made this change, it took some tweaks to get it working, but it was working – and that was like, IDK, last spring, so it seemed weird for it to break for no reason.

But I have been able to keep catching glitches in it before we send it out, so that’s a Very Good Thing, and my VP who has been doing a fantastic job of keeping clients at bay while I test, and test, and test yet again has been very supportive.

I had grand plans to get some extra housework done tonight, but I ended up working late, the rude client was still in my head, and I was tired – so I got the daily stuff done around the house at least, halfassed some yoga to keep the streak alive, and now I am having a beer.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday, and a half day, and if my 12:30 meeting runs long, I have a hard stop at 1:45 PM.

And the good news is, today is over and I never have to do today again. .

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I have Advil Cold & Sinus!!

Weird thing to announce, I know, but supply chains being what they are and people attempting to treat Covid with OTC cold and flu meds – finding any was a damn accomplishment. It finally occurred to me to check Amazon and I now have a box of 50 tablets. Each individually wrapped, LMAO. But it’s the only damn decongestant I can tolerate, OTC or otherwise, AND NOW I HAVE SOME, AND NOT BECAUSE I AM TRYING TO SELF TREAT COVID!

A dispenser box of individually wrapped Advil Cold & Sinus tablets.
It’s like I live in a gas station!

And in other weird supply things, there appears to have been a run on frozen potatoes at my market. Felt like a conquering hero managing to snag the very last bag of tater tots today. Not sure if the market just didn’t get their regular shipment or if there is some potato based holiday in the immediate future that I am unaware of. If there is a potato based holiday around the corner, WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED?

It’s really strange that we’re still having supply chain problems crop up given that I have repeatedly been told that Covid has ended.

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It’s gonna be a day…

I am running on very little sleep, because my brain decided it would be great to have a party when I went to bed. Once I fell asleep, I was good, but getting there…damn.

Even Lily knew I was struggling and came in and flung herself across my legs in an attempt to help. She’s a very good kitty.

Perhaps it’s time to start doing that before bed yoga routine on my app…

But, I have a metric fuckton of cold brew available to me, I can take a nap at lunch if needed, and nothing critical is due in the immediate future so I can go nice and slow today.

You have a great day and I hope you’re not taping your eyelids open with scotch tape.

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Teladoc is such a fantastic concept and so damn hit or miss in reality. Went to the market to pick up this mystery prescription to discover I’d been prescribed an OTC drug, which I had already told the doctor the market did NOT have in stock, but I guess they thought the pharmacy could conjure up a box out of nowhere. And a $105 steroid spray that I cannot take. (I remembered to ask what was in the spray before paying, thank god.)


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What a depressing day

Starts with a shooting, there is no sun, and my motivation is net negative today.

I did finally make the damn Teladoc appointment I was going to make three days ago and the long and short of it is if you can’t tolerate prescription decongestants and steroid sprays, and the OTC meds you *can* tolerate are out of stock everywhere – you’re just fucked. (I swear, I could hear the practitioners brain short circuit when I said “I’m sorry, I can’t tolerate prescription decongestants.”) Though they apparently called something in anyway 4 hours ago per the email, but I’ve gotten no notification from the pharmacy, so IDK.

And I somehow bashed/twisted/strained my finger on something earlier today and I have no idea what or how, but OW?

And I’m feeling super stressed today for reasons I just can’t nail down. Not anxious, just…stressed?

But I’ve knocked out the to-do list for the day, done the crossword (40 minutes, but I needed 3 hints) and done some yoga, so that’s something.

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I hate this country

Another day, another mass shooting. This time at a dance studio in Monterey Park, California in the midst of Lunar New Year celebrations. Today’s festival has been canceled.

We don’t know the motive, and the suspect is still at large, but I know enough about this country to know this: nothing will change.

We’ll get thoughts and prayers and some appropriate rhetoric, but absolutely nothing will change.

The folks that could do something won’t, because the right thinks it’s just fine if not great, and the left lacks the political will.

It’s a fucking travesty.

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