This country is irretrievably broken

I don’t know why, but I thought after Sandy Hook, we’d finally found the line and make it harder for this to happen. But 10 years later and 19 tiny kids are gone forever in Uvalde. With countless other massacres in the meantime.

Because America loves its guns more than anything else.

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It’s gonna be a good Tuesday

Things were well enough under control when I left work yesterday that I SLEPT IN UNTIL 7AM TODAY!

I have one thing that has to be finished today and it’s already halfway done and that should be finished by lunch. My next deadline is June 1, and I have plenty of time to get everything done, even taking into account the holiday, leaving early tomorrow, and the fact that we’ll probably get booted out early on Friday.

My other task today is going to be getting hold of the master capacity spreadsheet that the leads are using and figure out why and how it is so fucked up – cause that’s got to be part of the root of our over-commitment problems. It’s not a secret spreadsheet or anything, I just only learned of its existence in the past couple weeks, and I just need to understand what on earth is going on.

Am I overstepping my bounds? Quite possibly. Do I care? Not if it gets the capacity situation squared away.

You have a fantastic Tuesday! I know that’s my plan.

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Chaos! At The Workplace!

Lordy, these multliple special versions cannot end soon enough.

Today wasn’t bad – got in, 90% of what needs to be done by tomorrow was reassigned, one new things added – all doable, though we are at our absolute limit for this particular version.

Though it took me a long time to parse that damn email, cause it started with “4 new bugs” – bad – then “you only have one” – still not great – then “and 90% of your other stuff is moved” – much better – once it all registered in my brain, the day was off to a good start.

And our team lead and my manager were both appreciative of our weekend work and we’re getting some extra PTO for it.

So of course, client has 2 defects that show up today… Dev says, “Well, I can get the fixes in the current version today…”


She was trying to help and get things fixed, I can’t be mad at that, but there is just no time this version – what takes her a half hour to fix takes us hours to test.

So – I stood up for my team, put forth an alternate solution that gets the client a temporary fix alongside this next version, did some very quick testing on it with my dev, and the permanent fix will go in the next version and we’ll have time for full blown testing.

So today was crazy, but good.

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So, looks like Monday again

And another chance to go out and be awesome or something like that.

I got the most critical stuff done for work this weekend, so that’s something. Now I’m down to roughly… 2 1/2 days of work to get done in 2 days? Which is a far improvement over where I was on Friday morning, so that’s something.

Our weekend heat wave broke with some storms last night, and looks like we’ll have a cool and rainy week ahead.

Now, with work being all chaotic yet again, the house looks like a tornado hit it. How behind on, well, everything am I?

No, not nice!

So, this week is going to be trying to ahead of things at work (which could be impossible, but I’m TRYING!) and get back on track around the house. So. Much. Laundry.

Not sure what to do on the work front. I’m not quitting or looking for another job, but someone needs to advocate louder on behalf of the whole team, and well, guess it’s me. Just gotta do it enough to get the point across but not get fired, LOL.

Labor leaders didn’t die for a 40 hour workweek and tolerable working conditions so I could be working nights and weekends. My great grandfather helped organize unions in the oil fields in California, so I guess being an annoying pain in the ass at work is genetic.

Welp, time to go be an awesome pain in the ass.

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Goooooood morning!

Gonna be another scorcher out there today and it’s not even Memorial Day. We’re killing the planet and no one in power cares, so that’s awesome.

Got some office work done yesterday – I was admittedly petulant about it and put it off until late afternoon and OF COURSE discovered that the database I’d been working in on Friday had gone tango uniform and I had to start over in a new database. This is why we shouldn’t be working weekends when no one is around to feed the hamsters in the servers, among other reasons we shouldn’t be working weekends.

I’ll be getting going on it all again here shortly and I hope to have the things due tomorrow done today, and the Tuesday stuff to a point where I won’t be working until midnight Monday/Tuesday. Realistically we need to push back the Tuesday stuff by a day or two – and have said so out loud – but I’m not at all counting on it.

And I know, shit happens, things go sideways, sometimes you have to work late or a weekend. And I’ll do it because it has to be done. But I am also going to be petty as fuck about it this week and there is no fucking way I am working over the upcoming holiday weekend. And I am leaving early on Wednesday and I am not coming back to work afterwards. Team lead has me marked as out for the whole day – I didn’t even correct him because otherwise I’d just end up with more work and I’m trying to avoid that.

I don’t have much of an exciting life outside of work, but I DO have a life and I am TRYING to keep my personal time to myself.

But this too shall pass. Probably like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

And now it’s time to go be the fucking awesome employee that I am.

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OK, shingles shot sore arm is definitely worse than covid shot sore arm. It did at least occur to me that I could take some Advil for it, so hopefully that will kick in soon.

I still can’t quite believe that on top of everything else – Monkeypox. Seriously?? I am very much in “I can’t even” mode on that one. Plus a heat advisory for the weekend – Mother Nature is very pissed off and understandably wants to kill us all.

I am not *as* annoyed that I am working this weekend than I was yesterday, but still pretty annoyed. When they assigned this extra bug to me on Thursday, I told them I did not have enough time for it. Then they said, oh, it’s deferred, don’t worry. I pointed out because dev had in fact made changes, it could not be deferred. And though I had said NO TIME – Friday morning they’re all “it’s yours…”

I genuinely don’t know what is going on with our team lead these past couple months, but folks are gonna mutiny if he doesn’t get it together. He’s been given carte blanche to move new feature tasks out and he isn’t – it’s like he wants to put it on the individuals who simply don’t have enough hours in a day to have to *say* they can’t do it, instead of clearly seeing that we just don’t have the time and being proactive. It’s like he’s decided if he moves things out, he’s failed somehow and he’d rather have that failure on us.

The saving grace is that there are people above him who see what is happening and continuing to push him on moving out feature tasks. It’s just really disappointing that he’s just not looking out for the team.

I will at least say, when I decided fuck it, I’ll work on things this weekend, it did take a ton of pressure off, but still – working over the weekend… I’m not gonna quit or anything, but I am just seriously fucking annoyed. But I do think my US partner in crime may be looking for a new job, cause she is really not happy right now.

But in a nod to the weekend, I will be working downstairs in front of the TV. But not until I finish all my Pokemon Go Community Day challenges, because, priorities.

You have a great weekend and be blessed with managers that understand what a 40 hour workweek is.

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Well, I have to tap the sign AGAIN

I did manage to get off work on time and go get my shingles shot and an ice cream and do the marketing – and now I get to go back upstairs and work again until vaccine side effects hit.

Because I have roughly 5 days of work to get done by Tuesday and we told them this will require weekend work to get the Monday stuff handled and then an extension for the Tuesday work – which I know our lead will not give a shit about.

So my weekend is now going to be split between work and shingles shot side effects.


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Who has clean teeth and trimmed nails?

THE LILYMONSTER! She survived the night of no food, was very good at the vet, didn’t need any extractions (yay for her mouth and my wallet) and the hardest thing when she got home was convincing her that she really needed to take a nap.

Headshot of Lily, a black & orange tortie cat
So drunk

She also discovered her nails were trimmed as she tried to scale the side of the bed and suddenly realized her kitty ice spikes weren’t working – the “WTF” look on her face was pretty priceless.

She’s all back to normal this morning and happy that she doesn’t have two humans basically on top of her going, “So, how ya feeling?”

Half day today and I will NOT be working late, already made that known. Went 10 rounds yesterday over a defect that has been “deferred” to the next release, but the developer already checked in fixes, so it has to be tested now. Saying it’s deferred doesn’t mean anything if the developer has made changes.

But, not my problem. ETA: It became my problem. Though I very clearly said yesterday that I could NOT take this extra bug and then was told it was deferred, they decided oh yes, it does need to be tested and gave it to me. THOUGH I SAID I DIDN’T HAVE THE CAPACITY FUCKING YESTERDAY.

Y’all have a great Friday!

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Rollercoaster day!le

Had to drive to corporate. Booooooooo.

Got a new laptop. YAY!

Get to keep old laptop for a few extra days to make sure everything migrated. YAY!

Got to sit out in the nice weather for a while as IT mucked about with it. YAY!

Didn’t see a single soul with a mask on in the office. What the fuck?

Back home and still taking a lunch break. YAY!

Despite telling Those Who Need To Know that I would be losing a chunk of my day to laptop replacement, still had 20 hours worth of last minute work dumped on me to be done by COB tomorrow. What the fuck?

Granted, I should be able to combine the two 10 hour tasks, but JFC, bit of a dick move, especially considering they knew about the laptop and know that I & my other US based partner in crime are constantly getting pulled off for high profile client issues right now. (And I have one waiting in my inbox as soon as I’m done with lunch.)

Don’t make me tap the sign…

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Travel Tuesday!

In which I go over river and through dales and whatnot to corporate to get my laptop replaced. Very excited to be able to work and not have the backslash key go \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ randomly while I type. It’s just a refurbished one, but it should work, and that’s fine by me – especially since they’d said no laptop refreshes thanks to the supply chain and I’d taken that as NO replacements at all – but they just meant not brand new laptops.

Of course, last night we had a demo and someone was all, “Ohhhh, we have a surprise for you in the morning on release X!” and I was like, “Welp, if it needs to be done by COB, I don’t have a full day available tomorrow!” (Release X was supposed to be over and done and work on Release Y should be starting today, but not due for a few days, so agreeing to the laptop replacement time today was not unreasonable.) So, I’m sure they’re pissed about that, but not a damn thing I can do about it – I would have preferred that the keyboard had not started failing in the first place.

The mental checklist sure is a little different these days, though. What used to be laptop bag and badge now has covid test (negative!), fresh N95, and figuring out how to use the online check-in thing added to it. Still a bit miffed that I have to go in at all – if I just lived a little farther away… (Seriously, just eat the shipping cost, don’t make me spend time in the fucking office.)

So, I’m kinda dreading logging on this morning cause lord only knows what they’ve decided I can accomplish in half a day. There was a great thread on Twitter on the hazard of scheduling your team at 100% capacity – I am resisting the urge to send this to management.

It’s 100% true. When you don’t allow for things to go wrong (which my team lead does not seem to do and I DO NOT KNOW WHY) everything goes to shit in very short order.

Well, time to refill my coffee and go see what awaits me.

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