Yay, Friday!

And a downright relaxing one it should be. All my deadlines are cleared, next one isn’t until 3/17! Granted, two of the things on my to-do list are features, and given how the last feature went, I am cringing a little bit on those. But still, no deadlines today, no working late today, no logging on over the weekend.

On the Covid front, I’d *really* settled into the idea of not seeing other people until October. Now that it appears that date is moving up, I’m a bit, “oh shit, need to do some situps or something” LOL. I’m cranky with Biden about a lot of things already (I know, it’s not even been two months) but at least the man knows how to use the Defense Production Act.

Happy we’ve got that 3rd J&J single dose shot in the mix. Hearing a lot of “we should send that to marginalized/underserved communities so they can be fully vaxxed faster.” Which absolutely makes sense. But also, knowing America like I do, this is also going to result in a segment of the population going, “OK, what’s wrong with it?” Let’s be honest, we don’t have a history of giving the best stuff to black/brown/marginalized/underserved/poor communities, and that may come back and bite us in the ass.

For my window garden, in addition to my disco grow lights, I got some little LED twinkle lights to wrap around the little plant stands and it’s VERY Pinterest-esque. I’ll have to get a video of it tonight. I had some little cheap lights that I’d bought at the grocery store on a whim that were battery powered, and they burned through the batteries insanely fast. These have a USB plug, like the grow lights, so they can just be plugged into the power strip I have on that table. I love it so much! I’ll have to remember to take a video of it tonight.

Maybe this season I will become a person who can really grow things.

You go have a great day.

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Gooooood morning!

The world may still going to hell in a handbasket, but it’s a bright sunny day here, so at least we have that.

My little grow light arrived yesterday – pretty sure I’m on some kind of watch list now, LOL. But, it’s so clever – small, adjustable, has a timer (3/6/12 hours) and dimmable. Hopefully I can bring that one violet back to life and keep the other ones happy until we’re getting decent daily sun.

Plant shelf with African Violets and two stick style grow lights over them
Grow little babies, grow!

And it runs on a USB plug, so it’s not drawing a ton of power to run, either, which is good. I’m also thinking the little greenhouse I got last year (and is still not assembled…) – I may bring that inside vs. using it outside and get my seeds started there. The trick will be finding a spot for it – it’s 33×19 – I’m looking at the back door and thinking that may be the spot – we never use that door and it would fit, and it gets decent light… Or maybe the opening between the hallway and the parlor. Either way, if it comes in, I don’t want it in the basement (even though there is ample space) – I want it somewhere I can see it and get excited about things growing.

On the work front, I *think* I’m done with the really stupid hours for a while. The feature that wouldn’t end is done. The “this doesn’t look right” bug is in limbo, cause I’ve reported the issue and waiting on the powers that be to make a decision on what to do, but my bit is done. This week’s regression testing is halfway done – I worked late last night to have everything prepped for today’s testing. I don’t like working late, but it was nice to log off knowing that this morning, I legit just have to log in and start pushing buttons and recording results instead of spending the first hour or so loading data.

Well, off to push buttons for capitalism. You have an awesome day!

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Happy Hump Day!

Even though my dumb ass worked half the weekend, taking Monday & Tuesday off was just what the doctor ordered, even if I did have to check my email and discover that no one seems to know what to do about the issue I found on Friday and confirmed over the weekend… Come ON, I gave you two extra business days!

In my annual display of hope over experience, I went to the garden center and got four more African Violets and a bunch of seeds! Now I’m trying to figure out when to start the seeds, and when I can move them to the mini greenhouse outside. I’m probably already behind the curve on all of it and guessing I need a mini indoor greenhouse to boot, LOL.

A collection of flower and tomato seed packets

Of the plants I got right around this time last year, only one of the African Violets is still alive, and just barely, but I am determined to bring it back to life. I totally stumbled onto grow lights on Amazon, and discovered they make very small ones that can clip onto your plant shelf – I have one of those on the way. MY PLANTS ARE GONNA LIVE, DAMMIT!

It’s times like these I am very jealous of the huge indoor greenhouse my grandfather built for my grandmother back in the day. She had a hella green thumb, but it certainly didn’t hurt that she could rotate all her houseplants from the house to the greenhouse.

In non-garden news, I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about the fact that it looks like we’re gonna be able to speed up vaccine production and hopefully get more shots in arms sooner, AND making teacher/school worker vaccinations a priority. I’m hoping this also means that once we get a bunch of folks vaccinated, we can at least go back to single masking – I’m doing the double masking, but honestly, not a fan. Also, loved seeing Dolly get the vaccine – just did my heart good.

I just so want to get back to something vaguely normal. I don’t want to get all anxious when I think I’ve been in the grocery store too long. A leisurely browse through a shop. Dinner in a restaurant. A beer and a couple Irish Coffees at my bar. Granted, whenever it comes around, I have a feeling that first unmasked trip out is going to be really, really fucking weird.

But until then, mask up, get carryout, wash your hands, and have a great and safe day.

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Dear Texans

I don’t know why your state leadership wants to kill you, but they really, really do.

Seriously, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with them, but between the shitty power grid and this – they don’t want you alive, it seems.

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Happy Birthday to ME!

I’m not really a big birthday person, but hey, CAKE FOR BREAKFAST! The Swiss Bakery, our awesome local bakery, makes amazing cakes, and sells them BY THE SLICE. Perfect, cause try as I might, no way I’m finishing an entire 8″ chocolate mousse cake. And free birthday coffee from Starbucks!

I’ve also decided that time is a capitalist construct. Supposedly, I am 49 years old. I don’t believe it.

This time last year, my brother & I went for a fancypants dinner at Trattorio Villagio – the last restaurant meal we had before everything went to hell with the pandemic. This year, it’s gonna be Outback takeaway, cause I just really want steak and a baked potato, and they do that very well.

Checked my work email this morning and had a very sweet birthday message from my team on the other side of the world – I don’t even know how they knew.

On the bug front, I am feeling very vindicated, as the dev looked at my results and has now asked the dedicated performance testing team if they’re gonna take a swing at this specific special version. Don’t get me wrong, I do not enjoy throwing a wrench into the works, but it does seem to be in my job description.

My other big plans for my time off are to run over to the H-Mart and see if they have little sauce dishes, cause Lily needs a better solution for her dry treats, and then the garden center for some seeds. Probably tomorrow, though, cause it’s grey and rainy today and I’m feeling very lazy and comfy here on the couch. (Upside: It is *mild* and feels rather spring-like out there, which is excellent!) Tomorrow, sunny!

You have a great day. Have some cake, even if it isn’t your birthday.

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OK, that is done.

Test results tallied and summarized and highlighted and sent to development for comment. Email auto-forwarded to Gmail so I won’t have to actively think about checking my email, but I can at least see what dev has to say and there won’t be any surprises on Wednesday morning when I’m back at work.

My brother pointed out that it kinda defeats the purpose of taking a long weekend if you work on Saturday and Sunday, and dammit, I hate it when he’s right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But, it’s all done and there is a baseball game on the radio! Spring Training games have started!

So, that’s my afternoon. And a nap. And two days off work.

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Who is the idiot that’s working this weekend?


This damn out of cycle, last minute schedule change bug…just fuck me.

Tried to sound the alarm that something was wrong – didn’t hear back from the dev, and basically got patted on the head from the other side of the world and told, “Oh, it’s fine.”

But, it’s NOT fine. Yes, my datasets are smaller than those that were used for the dedicated speed testing. But, they ran it 3 times – which took a while, cause it was a huge dataset. I ran it 1200 times – smaller datasets, shorter time to run, I can get more attempts in and see if there are any weird variations along the way in how long it takes to run.

The numbers just aren’t fucking right. I ran it on a second platform – so far there, it’s fine and consistent, like, rock solid consistent. This first platform, it’s just NOT RIGHT.

So, off to fire up the laptop for a little while longer to finish the second platform and send it back to dev going, “SEE, THIS ISN’T RIGHT!”

Still taking my PTO tomorrow & Tuesday. Will have to check my email throughout the day, so I know WTF is going on with this bug.

Between the last minute “lets move this up 2 weeks” to no one wanting to hear about problems, I am very pissed about this.

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So, a year ago this weekend

I was buying the big packages of toilet paper and paper towels. And I felt kinda silly about it, but I’d also heard about the potential for supply chain disruption for paper products and felt it wasn’t a terrible idea to make sure were stocked up. My brother even mocked me a bit for it.


It has been quite a year, to put it mildly. So much sadness – so many people lost that should still be here. I know not everyone would have made it through this – but it didn’t have to be over 500,000. I don’t think I will ever stop being angry at the last administration and its enablers. I know I will never forgive them.

Also been a year of learning experiences and such…

  • Liquid hand soap is convenient, comes in many nice smells, and destroys my hands. My fancy bar soap stash was suddenly a GREAT thing, and I went through ALL OF IT. (And I thought I had a lifetime supply in the linen closet.) Current faves:
    • Day Three Bath and Body – local-ish black owned shop I found at our local fair a couple years back. (The Orange Lemongrass is sooooooo nice, as is the Brown Sugar & Fig.)
    • Michel Design Works soaps – found these at the Hallmark store – BIG bars and nice smells
  • The only way to get the right amount of hand cream on my hands is to put on way too much and have a dedicated hand towel to get off the excess.
  • My brother has become quite the “quick and easy weeknight meal” chef. He’s done more weeknight cooking than I have. Homemade Hot Pockets FTW.
  • Getting mail order Coconut Crunch coffee from my beloved beach coffee/bookshop is still cheaper than Starbucks. And my grocery store brand Hazelnut coffee is pretty darn good, too.
  • 10 minutes in the local Hallmark shop can be an amazing indulgence.

2021 will be better.

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It’s OMFG Friday!

Half day at work! Which if it’s like the last handful of half days, it’s gonna be a damn near full day! (I bitched about this on our company survey – if you’re gonna give us time off, you also have to change the workload.)

This out of cycle bug fix I’m testing is plaguing me – it’s a performance enhancement, and I’m not loving the speed numbers I’m seeing. We test in two stages – functional, where the fix is checked into the regular test system and we make sure it works. Then regression, where it’s then all moved to another system and we check it another time, just to be sure. And it’s all the same version – like version 1.1.1, and whoever tests functional tests regression as well.

But this one… the first round functional test is in, let’s say, 1.1.5 – but the regression test is in 1.1.3 because we’re retrofitting it for a client who can’t upgrade to 1.1.5 just yet. Someone else did the 1.1.5 functional testing and they’re saying it’s all good, but here I am in 1.1.3 regression going, “Hmmm, I don’t know…” It’s not a knock on the 1.1.5 testing, it’s just that my numbers don’t make me happy.

So, I’ve sent all my results back to the developer – hopefully they’ll say it’s fine and within reason and I can move on and enjoy my long weekend. I’m just extra paranoid on this one, because the last thing I want is for this to go to this particular client and have them go, “It’s slower now!” (Mind you, I wouldn’t want it with any client, but especially not this one.)

Welp, time to go see what the dev says. Hopefully it’s, “Stop being so paranoid, it’s fine.”

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I seriously had a plan in place for the rest of the week and it was a good plan. I have 4 bugs that are “top of the list” – Bug 1 – finish today or tomorrow – needs to be done by tomorrow, but it’s not a hard deadline.

Bugs 2 & 3 – hard deadline of 3/4, and with taking Monday/Tuesday off, doing the data prep tomorrow so, two days of pure test time works.

Bug 4 – a weird out of cycle thing that won’t even be ready to test until 3/11, so, end of the list.

It was a good plan.

Then, “Oh, Bug 4, that’s ready now and needs to be done by 3/3″…

Well, fuck. But then Bug 1 – broken, back to development – and it’s already Friday over there – even if they fix it overnight, it’s *highly* unlikely the testing on that is done tomorrow.

So, Bug 4 is now in process, Bug 1 goes to the bottom of the list cause it doesn’t have a hard deadline and 2 & 3 are still on track. I think.


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