Got wheels.

And I think it will be another 18 years before I do *that* again. Even w/the bank “car buying service” – still a massive, stressful, exhausting hassle. But it’s done, I have a lovely car with 4WD, a sunroof, a great color, and a fuckton of safety features. But my god, the process does suck the joy out of it.

But it is done, and I can drive without worry, and that’s not nothing.

Now I have to go do the thing to so I can pay for it.

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Is it 6PM yet?

This week has been utterly exhausting.

On the car front – I think I have found the exact, EXACT car I want through the bank’s buying service – color and everything* – in stock, very good price – so I’ve pinged this THIRD dealership and hopefully I will actually hear back.

The other two dealerships – one we keep missing each other (and I don’t think the car I asked about is actually under the bank pricing program, and they’re kinda avoiding me over it) and the second has ghosted me. (I’m 98% sure it was an AI agent that actually reached out from the second dealership, which is why I can’t get any actual answers out of it.)

The third dealership isn’t as close as I’d like, but they actually have the car I want, so… At least once I have the car, I never have to go back again – thank god we’re well past the days of “all maintenance has to be done by the dealer to maintain the warranty.”

I know, having to buy a new car is not really a problem when you can afford it, and thankfully I can, but my god, this is a stressful pain in the ass, even with the internet assisting.

OK, time to go try and work while constantly checking my email to see if the dealership has gotten my request – they open at 9AM. Fingers crossed that by days end I’ve got a test drive setup for tomorrow.

*I know the color of the car doesn’t really matter unless you’re living in Arizona, then you do *not* want black. But I really like the sparkly blue, and I plan on having this car for a very long time, so why not shoot for exactly what I want?

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I am so tired.

I need it to be…let’s say two Friday nights from now at this point. By then the car stuff should be done.

Another dealership has entered the mix – and of course, now I’m worried they’ll both be pissed off when I tell them, “you are not the only dealer I am talking to.” At least it’s all online, so somehow that is better? But, I am about to spend a decent amount of money and if the dealership a little farther away has the *exact* car I want at the right price, vs the closest one that has the almost exact car – well, they get to fight it out, and that’s life in the big city and all that.

But it is so oddly exhausting. And it is sucking up ALL my focus. And if I can’t get it done this Saturday – I can’t do anything until next Friday afternoon, cause this Sunday is shot with a wee one celebrating his first birthday, which I wouldn’t miss for anything. (I can’t be the only one who goes, “I have an event from 2-5PM therefore I cannot do anything else that day,” right?)

The upside is the bank draft for the loan is good for 90 days, so there is no rush on that account. But, I just want to be done with it, but I also don’t want to settle for “almost what I want” just so I *can* be done with it.

I realize that as far as “problems” go – this is not really a problem. It’s just…tiring.

You have a great day, and get the oil changed in your car – stay on top of that maintenance, and you too may able to keep that sucker running for 18 years.

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Oh, car buying, yay…

The plan – and mind you, this was a pre-pandemic plan – was to acknowledge that the Jeep would not last forever, open a specific “new car” account and start putting money aside, which I did over a year ago. I have been 99% sure I wanted a Jeep Renegade, and I was going to shoot for a used one, and Carmax always had a decent supply of low mileage ones no more than a year or two old.

Well, guess what? Thanks to the pandemic, there is hardly any used car inventory, and what is out there, is rather expensive for being used and the mileages are rather high. (Seriously, found 4 with the features I want, none under 25K miles and all at least 5 years old.)

So…new it is, given that the price differential isn’t that awesome right now, and the used supply is so limited. Jumped on PFCU’s car buying service. Got a little click happy and accidentally said OH YES, CONTACT ME WITH THE PRICE ON THIS CAR. I thought it was just “click through to see car service pricing”…

Within moments, I had a voicemail, email, and text from the local dealership, LOL.

But they have the make/model/features I want, so I’m emailing back and forth with them to find out what the car buying service price is, and seeing if we can do a test drive on Saturday. Financing came through – god bless PFCU, got an instant answer. (Funny thing – when I opened up the auto loan page, it still had all my info from when I got my last one from them – 18 years ago.)

I will say, doing all this online is a fuckton easier. But my lord, it has been an exhausting day.

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Pour one out for the Jeep.

So, the check engine light came on in my car. Then went off. Then came on again – caught the code, throttle position sensor. Made the appointment to take it to the shop. The light went off again.

The shop: “Yeahhhhhh, we couldn’t trigger the light again, but given the engine noises we heard and the age of the car, the engine is on its last legs. Anything is fixable with enough money, but…”

Better to know now so I can calmly go about acquiring a replacement, rather than it being a flaming heap at the side of the road.

The Jeep is 18 years old. It’s been a fantastic car. It owes me *nothing* after all these years. It was the first car I got all on my own after I got divorced.

Got a little teary eyed driving it back from the shop.

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It’s a very small miracle

that I am awake and semi-functioning for the 7:30AM meeting. GO ME.

Then the 8AM meeting. Hoo boy that is gonna be fun. A higher up had the FUCKING AUDACITY to IM me at 10 last night suggesting we skip the meeting because we still don’t have design documents – um, no, how about we have the meeting and someone explain why we don’t have design documents. I’m not gonna be bitchy about it, but we need to at least identify what the design logjam *is* so we have half a chance at fixing it. Call me crazy, but I would prefer not to ignore the fact that we’re missing critical shit.

This project needs a disaster recovery manager – personally, I think we need to cut some of these features from the version *now* and put them in the next one, so we can really focus on what we can do in this version and do it well. But, I don’t think I’m empowered to do that… So, I will be asking today – what is the drop dead date where we decide “no, if we don’t have a design, we don’t go forward with this now” – and see if we can’t get the idea in folks heads that we can’t commit to items we don’t have designs for.

I mean, I already am pretty sure it’s gonna be, “oh no, these all have to go in this next version” and it’s gonna take forever to get the design done and we’re gonna be overcommitted and in crunch mode this fall, but I can try.

What is killing me is that I’m going to in there, be a pain in the ass, maybe accomplish nothing, and come out going, “SEE, I TOLD YOU I AM NOT RIGHT FOR THIS” and some fucking manager will be thinking, “This is great!”

I don’t wanna be great.

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It’s Primary Day in Virginia

And I must admit, I am not enthused. We have a dizzying array of exceptionally qualified candidates for Governor/Lt. Governor/Attorney General, and it’s going to end up being three white guys, because…well, we all know why.

Doesn’t help that 90% of the time, I vote for a losing candidate in the primaries, so going into the general, I am just, “well, I guess this is what I’m stuck with.” Why don’t any of these men have anyone in their lives that will tell them they need to sit their ass down?

Shit, this is how we have a damn administration & Congress that have barely been able to pass temporary legislation in the midst of a public health emergency – too many fucking rich white men who aren’t affected either way by legislation they pass or don’t pass.

I’m a bit frustrated with the system today. I mean, really, why are we still doing governance by white men, for white men? (I know why, but still.)

But, I will still go vote. Maybe it will work this time.

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Thanks, Capitalism!

And shitty worldwide governance. Can’t think of another reason we’re looking at a week of 90ยบ weather AT THE START OF FUCKING JUNE.

Also just woke up in a bad mood, which is an awesome omen for the week as a whole.

Just over a month to the beach and it can’t get here a moment too soon. Overdue for a change of scenery, no work, and seafood.

I swear, I have got to get the “move my ass closer to the coast” plan in gear. More light year round, milder temps both summer and winter, and way better food options.

OK, if we’re going to be real, I need to get my RETIREMENT plan in better gear. I am not sure I can do another 13-15 years of this. But, yay for living in a society where health care is a for profit enterprise, dental care isn’t considered health care, and it’s basically work or die. Or work til you die – probably at work.

Thank god I only have one meeting today and it’s one where I can just stay on mute and not actually participate, because my lord, I am a super crankypants this morning, and it will be best for all that I can just work in peace and quiet.

Remote work has so many advantages, and not having to deal with people in person is HUGE, especially when you’re in a shitty mood. Seriously, not having to do the nonsense small talk and having to explain why you’re not all chipper, and being able to just put your head down and work and be done with it – a absolute godsend.

I am going to cling to that tiny good thing and muck through the day as best I can.

You find that tiny good thing and hang on to it as best you can, too.

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You made it to another Friday!

And I don’t know about you, but I am utterly knackered. Why are short weeks so damn tiring?

Oh, because capitalism says you’re still gonna jam in 40 hours worth of productivity, holidays and “work life balance early quitting time” be damned. Forgot about that.

And today is Lily’s vet appointment for her rabies vaccine, so off work at 1, then a wrestling match into the crate, quick trip AND THEN WE NAP LIKE GODS.

And at some point today or early next week, I need to sit down and figure out why we only have design docs for 2 of 6 “must have” features for the next version. I mean fuck, if we’re supposed to start coding this stuff next month, we need designs. I’d certainly prefer to spend my time elsewhere, and I am not sure it’s actually part of the SM role, but they dragged me into the total process, so here we are.

Me: Making management regret their decisions since 1992.

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Ohhhh, Wednesdays are gonna SUCK even more

I thought the 8AM meetings hurt – I logged in yesterday at 7:30 and found *another* last second meeting invite for a weekly 7:30 meeting. HAHAHAHAHAHA, FML.

Yesterday’s meeting was…a mess. I handed it off to the other SM cause I don’t know what I’m doing yet and we basically did 40 minutes of cut & paste from one section of our feature tracking page to another… No real concern over the fact that of 6 features we want in the next version, we only have design docs for 2 of them… Not sure it was a great use of anyone’s time, and frankly, my presence is superfluous at best. Anyone already on the team could cut & paste and ignore the lack of design docs.

At least on the real workload side, the week isn’t *as* bad as I thought it would be – I have a spreadsheet (because of course I have a spreadsheet) with all my defects, the deadlines, the estimated time to do them, and how much time I actually have to do them. Somehow, I had this coming weekend deducted out of “time available” in there twice – nice to suddenly find two days out of nowhere.

And speaking of workloads, it’s time to go do the thing. You have a great day and don’t get yourself invited to a weekly 7:30AM meeting.

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