Today sucked

So here’s a Lily.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, lying on the bed

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This sweet goofball is handling the loss of Carmen better than anyone in the house.

Headshot of Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat

She seems to be embracing the role of Queen of the Castle. I didn’t realize how often she was taking her cues from Carmen until now – she’s suddenly realizing she can make her own decisions, and this has also resulted in the occasional “you’re not the boss of me!” attitude. Apparently I was never really in charge around here, Carmen just let me think I was.

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Why I am not on Neighborhood Watch…

Because I am not good at realizing there are crimes in progress…

Last night at roughly 3:45 am, something woke me up. I am on call this weekend, so once I realized it was not the phone ringing, I decided the LilyMonster must have knocked something over in a bid for a late night snack.

Then I looked out the window, and see my neighbors truck and a car behind it, parked on the street (normal) and both vehicles have the lights on. OK, their kids must have just got in (they come and go at all hours, cause they’re young and have energy) and someone dropped something getting out of the car or truck and that must have been what I heard. (Hazard of sleeping with the windows open.)

Try to go back to sleep. Hear a car start, doesn’t sound great, but there are a couple cars in the immediate vicinity of the house that rattle a bit and could probably use new fan belts. Sounds like it’s driving over some glass. Well, if someone dropped a bottle getting out of the car or truck…

Then as it goes up the street, I hear a bang – good lord that car really needs a tune up if it’s backfiring like that.

Try again to go back to sleep. Not long after that, I hear knocking on a door, look out the window again. There are two cop cars on the street and one is knocking on my neighbors door. I notice the truck lights are still on as well, which is a little odd.

This is when I fully realize what I heard. What woke me up was the car plowing into the back of the truck – to the point where it pushed it up on the curb, and somehow turned the truck lights on. (Sorry to have blamed you, Lily.). And finally seeing the debris behind the truck, the truck definitely won. (This is a near 30 year old truck, with nary a piece of fiberglass on it.)

The rattles and fan belt squeaks I heard was from a car that really should not have been able to start given all the pieces it left behind. The “backfire” was it sideswiping another car two houses up. (I think it belongs to the neighbors who moved in last year. Welcome to the neighborhood.)

So I wander out, check my brothers car, which fortunately is unscathed from the incident. Ask the cops how many cars got hit – two that they know of, and they were going up the street to see if there were any more.

I don’t know if they caught the guy last night and were retracing his route to find the path of destruction or were on regular patrol and noticed the truck pushed up on the curb and pieces of car behind it. If they haven’t found the driver yet, the car shouldn’t be too hard to find, as it is also missing a bumper – saw that further up the street this morning when I went to Starbucks.

Had I realized I was seeing a car that had hit my neighbors truck last night and not just a couple parked cars on the street, I would have called it in, and I might have been able to save my other neighbors from an insurance claim and the associated hassle, so I feel a little bad about that. But it was dark, and my cognitive skills at 3:45 am aren’t all that awesome.

This is the second time in recent memory this has happened – last time they took out multiple cars up the street, and also hit my neighbors truck. (I heard him say, “Are you kidding me? Again?” when he came outside.) I don’t know if either time it was someone thinking they wouldn’t get caught on a neighborhood street, or someone actually living on this or a connecting street, but it’s not a narrow street, and you’d have to be pretty fucked up to not be able to keep away from the parked cars.

Kids, Uber is your friend. They may have shit-tastic management and the gig economy sucks, but it’s better than wrecking your car, hitting at least two others, and definitely getting arrested.

Also, reason #349 to move to OBX. No street parking.

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RIP, Prozac Princess

Monday was a terrible, no good, very bad day. Carmen went on to her great reward after 9 years of being one hell of a cat.

So far, Lily is handling it better than anyone else in the house. I think she knew Carmen was sick and wouldn’t be coming back from the vet. And while I’ve caught her occasionally looking around as if she’s expecting Carmen to walk in, she seems to be enjoying her new status as queen of the castle. (While Carmen was never mean to Lily, she was a bit of a bossy feline.)

I will miss that bossy little cat so much.

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Damn, I must be more jaded than I thought

But nothing today – from 45 being a lap dog to Putin, to Butina’s arrest, feels in any way particularly new or revelatory.

The question is, will anyone in Congress do anything about it. And with this group of GOPers, I’m pretty sure the answer is a resounding No.

Please make sure your voter registration is up to date.

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On this Memorial Day

I think the best way we can honor those who served our country and are no longer with us is to be a better country.

We can, and we have to.

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I do not learn from my past…

Picked up some plants at the market fair last week and only got over to the nursery today for pots and soil to replant them.

And came out with several more plants because somehow I think this year I will keep them alive, and that the wildlife will not beat me to the tomatoes, despite all historical evidence to the contrary.

The two sickly ones in the back are perking up, so maybe there is hope for those.

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