Well, I’m that bitch!

And totally OK with it. My grocery store has an interior entrance – it’s in a little shopping center with a lobby with the market on the left and some other little shops on the right.

In the center they have tables and chairs, which is nice under regular circumstances. Now that the temps have dropped, assholes are using it as a restaurant seating area because they can’t do their Starbucks meetups anymore and they don’t want to hang out in the parking lot. (Which is what they were doing all summer – unmasked and not distanced, but I COULD AVOID THEM.)

Now they’re indoors, unmasked and “oh, we’re eating” – no you’re fucking not, because if you were, you would have been done and gone between the time I went into the market and when I left and called you out on it.

I have emailed the property manager to ask that most, if not all the tables be removed for the duration of the pandemic. Petty? Maybe. Do I care? No. I cannot be the only patron of the market who does not want to walk through an area of unmasked people to get my groceries, because these twats don’t want to get their Starbucks and go the fuck home like the rest of us do.

I’ll give them a week to rectify the situation and then I go to the health department.

I’m not playing around with this one – I can choose to not go into restaurants that are open, and I am doing that. I *have* to go through this space to do the marketing.

And to be clear, I am not fucking over any unhoused people – they do not congregate here. These are fucking entitled middle class white people who have decided they’re going to get around the rules because they’re tired of the pandemic.


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3 Responses to Well, I’m that bitch!

  1. Ashley says:

    This is 100% the correct decision. Let us know how it plays out.

    My pneumonia experience has really driven this whole thing home. I have gone into other buildings seven times since March, all necessary trips, and the only time I’ve removed my mask was at the dentist. And that’s how I got pneumonia.

    It could have been SO MUCH WORSE. All it took was a relatively short amount of time mask-free, in a spotlessly clean medical office, using all precautions. I went straight home and showered, I cleaned my hands over and over in there, I’ve been taking vitamins every day for months, etc. But that one measly particulate got into me and made me horribly ill.

    Put your goddamn masks on. If you have the free time to sit out in public, you can do it just as well at home.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yep, I will be watching to see what happens. If there was a second entrance to the market, I wouldn’t care, but since *everyone* has to walk through that area, customers and employees – I’m pissed.

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