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But what can I do?

I know there are lots of us out here watching the news and the protests and want to help or get involved, but for whatever reason can’t get out in the streets. It’s OK. Here’s some things you can do: … Continue reading

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Something that’s not total shit

And that’s important these days. My company is laying out the preliminary plan to reopen offices, and it’s not stupid or misguided. First, props to my coworkers of whom 90% said they were working just fine at home and 78% … Continue reading

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Welp, buckle up, Virginia

We’re all going to Phase 1 tomorrow. Despite the fact that my county had 1900 new cases in the last week, and and as a state, our 7 day average for daily tests is just over 9K. We should over … Continue reading

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Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed?

Whatever that opposite is – it’s me this morning. Come on, coffee, do you thing, and please make it quick. Weird dreams & new pillows I can’t get smushed quite right are the contributing factors today. It was so very … Continue reading

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One Hundred Thousand

The New York Times has done an online version of the front page compilation of 1,000 people who have died in the US from the pandemic. It is appropriately haunting.

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Breakin’ out for mental health

Yup, this morning I was out and about for things that are honestly, completely unnecessary from a physical survival standpoint. But – Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have certainly brightened my morning. All mobile ordered and social distanced and masked up, … Continue reading

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Grocery day sads…

No cleaning wipes. But, they’re back in the cart for Tuesday’s pickup. If at first you don’t succeed and all that. The bananas were a bit on the green side, but hey, they won’t be black and only suitable for … Continue reading

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It’s Fuck It Friday, my glorious bitches!

We have made it to the end of another week – WELL DONE, YOU!! Go grab yourself a cookie, beer, ice cream, or mask up and treat yourself to a Starbucks grab & go. Be kind to yourself, because you … Continue reading

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Can it be tomorrow at 1, please?

Cause if today is like yesterday, it’s gonna be rough, LOL. I was great up until about 1 then I hit a WALL. Had a meeting at 3 that was one of those “just sit and listen” types and I’m … Continue reading

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Hump Daaaay!

At least for the M-F crowd. Plus we get booted out early Friday and have a much needed long weekend. No big Memorial Day plans here other than cooking up some brats, and probably sitting on the porch. Pools won’t … Continue reading

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