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Well, hello 2020!

The year has started off with a blissfully unproductive day off. Maybe next year I’ll remember the First Day Hikes thing *before* New Year’s Day so I can actually plan one and do it. (I swear, if they promoted this … Continue reading

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Today was a good day.

And I fully realize that there is a lot of “shiny new job” going on, but it really was a good day. I worked all day with no interruptions. No one changing priorities on me, no “hey, can you drop … Continue reading

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That was a very, very long 10 weeks

But tomorrow, the new gig starts.  :-D Met with my new supervisor last week, went over procedures and stuff and everything is just so blissfully straightforward.  My to-do list is less than a page long, which hasn’t happened for a … Continue reading

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Last on call weekend!

OK, last primary on call weekend where I have to work until 10 on Friday. (There’s a backup weekend in November, but I’m not counting that, cause I don’t like thinking about the fact that it will be the 8th … Continue reading

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Fintie Bluetooth Keyboards

Are slim, lightweight, work great with my iPad and those little fuckers regularly disappear on me. I’m now on the third one. I know the other two are SOMEWHERE in the house, but exactly where? No fucking clue. Adding insult … Continue reading

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Andrew Luck

So, I don’t follow the NFL particularly closely, but it was impossible to miss Andrew Luck’s retirement yesterday on my Twitter feed. And apparently some folks are big mad about it – like this ass: Retiring cause rehabbing is “too … Continue reading

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