Daily Archives: October 3, 2020

Product endorsement!

So, we’re at the point of the pandemic where cooking is a chore (and frankly some days, eating is, too.) So I snagged some frozen burritos at the store. Red’s to be precise. Cooked up the chicken & cheese one … Continue reading

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Yes, I am a bad person.

Yesterday at lunch I found myself Googling “last president to die in office of natural causes”… (FDR, if you were wondering.) I just…don’t give a fuck about 45. I am wondering what happens if he dies or becomes incapacitated, but … Continue reading

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Somehow, the Padres put together an amazing bullpen game last night and shut out the Cardinals 4-0, and on we go to the NL division series! If fans could have attended games this year….hoo boy, I suspect the seismic impacts … Continue reading

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