Yay, it’s Fuck It Friday!!

And it couldn’t have gotten here soon enough. The defect that has plagued me most of the week has thankfully been moved to next month’s release, which will give me more time to test (it will be FIRST on the list when it’s ready) and I’ve thought of additional test scenarios that I need to try anyway. (I need to redeem myself, if only for myself.)

4 more fucking days until Election Day, and that can’t come too soon either. JHFC, I hate campaigns on a GOOD year – this year, I am so over it. I was looking through my ActBlue history and this election cycle, I’ve supported TWELVE candidates. If any of them lose, I want a refund, LOL. (I looked to reassure myself that yes, I have done my part – I think I have.)

Election night/week is going to suck – I understand that it’s going to take longer because of the higher numbers of absentee ballots to count. I can wait – I get it. My concern is a certain tangerine tyrant and all his buddies refusing to wait, and R’s trying to stop vote counts, and do whatever they can to win by any means.

The way the courts have been acting on voting with less than a week to go – if we win, we HAVE to expand and rebalance the courts, and write a better, litigation-proof, Voting Rights Act. A court system that is systematically denying the right to vote is no good for anyone. (Note to R’s: If you can’t win honestly, maybe you should be better at your job. Just a thought.)

I just can’t fathom another 4 years with that evil fucker in the White House, being enabled at every turn by the GOP – just hurting people left and right and no one stopping them.

A Biden administration is going to require a LOT of work – there is so much to undo and fix, but it’s work I am ready to do – I will happily call my reps every week to push them to not just fix things, but MAKE THEM BETTER.

And if we have learned anything in the past two years – it’s that we desperately needed to flip the Senate in 2018. We HAVE to flip it this year – or it’s just going to be continued minority rule by the R’s. And that is going to suck.

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