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Happy Labor Day! Thank a Union!

Every industry in this country needs a union. Every. Damn. One. I’m not a recent convert to being pro-union by any means. I remember way back at the start of my career watching the uncompensated overtime with no comp time … Continue reading

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We made it to another Friday

Well done YOU! And it’s Juneteenth, and I can’t wait to get on Twitter to find white people trying to co-opt it to make themselves feel better. That being said, I am glad it’s becoming a more widely known day … Continue reading

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Breakin’ out for mental health

Yup, this morning I was out and about for things that are honestly, completely unnecessary from a physical survival standpoint. But – Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have certainly brightened my morning. All mobile ordered and social distanced and masked up, … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s Cinco de Mayo!

And guess who forgot to put Coronas and limes on the grocery list for today’s pickup? So, my company has done a nice thing, for the next month and a half, we get to knock off early every other Friday. … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

If you’re a churchgoer and staying home today – I know it must be hard. I know for lots of folks, church is a source of joy & community, both of which are needed now. But – thank you for … Continue reading

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Sure, tanks are kinda cool, but…

Not really appropriate for a 4th of July event here in the US. Yes, other places do that, but they’re other places. And moving 2.5 million from the Park Service for this bullshit. Not like they’re constantly overflowing with funds. … Continue reading

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On this Memorial Day

I think the best way we can honor those who served our country and are no longer with us is to be a better country. We can, and we have to.

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Goodbye 2015

Personally, kind of a “meh” year.  Looking out at the world?  Completely depressing.  Way too much hate, war, death, and destruction for my taste. Star Wars provided a fantastic three hour respite from it all, and if you haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day

And, no, it does not mean you can punch a relative.  Nor does it mean box up the stuff that wasn’t quite right and take it back to the store.  It’s when folks got their Christmas Box, aka, Christmas bonus way back in … Continue reading

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So, what now?

Sent off my final write up for my archives class this morning. 9 pages of “what I did at the archives!” (Seems that spending 70+ hours in a bar and new BRAND NEW work environment will give you a lot to … Continue reading

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