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Happy sad sigh.

Last night at the beach. It’s been the mental reset we all very much needed. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until we got here. I know we are super lucky to be able to check out for … Continue reading

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Hoo boy…

Nothing like a small bit of space away from “fucked up normal” to make you realize how close you were to losing your fucking mind. I mean, I really thought I was doing OK with the whole pandemic and it’s … Continue reading

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So I did get myself down to the beach yesterday

And it was lovely as always. Didn’t hurt that the water was not freezing and the DUKN7 buoy says we’re looking at 78 degree water again today. Made some new friends at the coffee shop: The turtles on this end … Continue reading

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A heron of some sort

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OK, I will admit that I am biased

But I think our lights look the prettiest in the snow. I think it’s a combination of the colors, the twinkles, and the weird “no sun for you” placement of our house on the street.

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A few evening snow shots

The lights just look so pretty in the snow, I couldn’t resist. And a short video so you can see the twinkle lights: (I have got to figure out how to make videos a little smaller…)

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Williamsburg, Day 2 – the rest

So, after Great Hopes Plantation, it was definitely time for lunch, so I popped into Shield’s Tavern. Crayfish and shrimp stew and beef pasties (think colonial empanadas) absolutely hit the spot. ┬áHonestly, I was kicking myself that I didn’t have … Continue reading

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