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Sometimes you need to take a day and ride roller coasters

So I did. This semester has been good, but kind of a grind and it seemed early in the semester to feel quite so mentally bogged down, but there you go. I looked back at LiquidPlanner and discovered that in … Continue reading

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So, my archives prof either thinks I’m diligent or an idiot.

The good news is that I have not broken the class wiki again… But this week I have had to email him about some assignment dates because there had been some talk about two of them changing and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Fun stuff in Digital History

So, this week we had to create a small exhibit using Omeka (it’s a content management system) – and here is what I did!  Had way too much fun with it.

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Some writing & reading tools – Scrivener & Evernote

In readings for my classes, I’ve seen photos of stacks of index cards and post-it notes used by academics to compile their books, and heard complaints of the inability to keep notes and ideas and actual writing all in one place electronically. … Continue reading

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Online reading – how do you manage it?

In my digital history class, we had some readings on web design and content and in one of the articles, it talked about how a lot of websites shy away from lengthy texts and go with “chunking” the information into … Continue reading

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And another semester begins…

Which means if you see me reading comic books or attempting to finish Game of Thrones (I’m 84% done!) rather than perusing some serious journal article on archiving or digital history, it is because I am trying very hard to … Continue reading

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