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It’s Fridaaaaaay!

And GDP dropped 32.9% in Q2 – holy shit. Fuck, if we were going to take that much of a hit, we might as well have TAKEN CARE OF PEOPLE. Makes my company’s Q2 numbers look even better, to be … Continue reading

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I shouldn’t have looked

But I did – our parent companies Q2 financials were published today. We took a small hit on revenue, and net income was far in excess of the cuts in expenses, as I suspected – we could have had the … Continue reading

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Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me.

So, our parent company declared a dividend for Q2. (They’re public, it was publicly announced, this is not inside/confidential information.) Same amount as the last two quarters to boot. The financials for Q2 will be released tomorrow morning. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Just frustrated these days.

Baseball is back and I’m super conflicted about it. Padres are #1 in the NL West, and I’m happy games are back – but we sure as shit haven’t earned this and I don’t think it’s safe. A better person … Continue reading

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Wow, Friday already!

This week went by almost as fast as vacation did, which was really fucking fast. Today’s big tasks besides work are phone calls, yaaaay. Gotta call the rental company and see if the advance reservation for next year really went … Continue reading

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Zoom Zoom!

Thursday already? This week is certainly flying by and I couldn’t even tell you why. Haven’t missed a beat at work, which is nice and it was lovely to *not* dread going back on Monday morning. My former boss called … Continue reading

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Pandemic Side Effect

Well, we found out at the beach that all three of us have apparently become morning people. The latest anyone (OK, me) slept was until 9:30 and most days we were all up and about by 8:30. And we all … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

Nothing like spending 90% of daylight hours outside for a week in near perfect weather and then coming home to an oven. I’ve tried to go outside more than a few times this weekend and I last about 5 minutes … Continue reading

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Rest in Power, John.

I am just crushed. I hope we can create the world he deserved.

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Happy sad sigh.

Last night at the beach. It’s been the mental reset we all very much needed. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until we got here. I know we are super lucky to be able to check out for … Continue reading

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