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I want a prize, LOL.

Somehow this afternoon I had a burst of…determination or something, and got every damn thing ticked off my to-do list. I am most proud of getting the bedlinens washed and back on the bed HOURS before bedtime. HOURS. Made a … Continue reading

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Welp, we’ve got snow!

And not too much! They’re saying ~4″ today and ~2″ tomorrow. That is an amount I can deal with. All week the local news has been doom & glooming over this storm and I was not feeling great about it, … Continue reading

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Is it naptime yet?

I have done ALL THE THINGS today. OK, maybe not ALL, but Starbucks has been acquired, and 3 freaking stops to find cat litter. (Snow is coming, which is impacting supply, and I didn’t want to switch up litter on … Continue reading

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Oh, hello existential dread

Though it would be a few weeks before you came back around. Fuck it, take a seat and have a beer. The fucking South African Covid variant. It’s here in Virginia, the cases don’t have travel history and we’re not … Continue reading

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Let me just conjure that up out of my ass

So, in the last couple days, seen both “everyone should be wearing N95 masks” and “everyone should be double masking with N95s and a surgical mask.” Now, you can get ASTM Level 3 face masks that are made in the … Continue reading

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Wait, it’s Wednesday?

I’ve just spent the past half hour thinking it was Tuesday. Good that we’re a day closer to the weekend, but I could use an extra day out of nowhere for this thing I’m testing at work. I’ve been working … Continue reading

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So much for my furry alarm clock

So, my sunshine alarm goes off at 7, my phone alarm at 7:05. The sunshine alarm just lights up the room and plays some bird sounds and doesn’t really wake me up, but sorta gets my brain ready for the … Continue reading

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No room for stretching out

Seriously, she’s managing to take up a full third of the sofa, right in the middle. But I can’t be at all mad, cause she’s cute and sweet and when I took a snooze this afternoon, she came upstairs and … Continue reading

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While I know it’s not all sunshine & rainbows

It’s nice to hear the phrase, “From the White House today…” and not cringe. And when the sentence is finished, to think, “Yes, that seems reasonable and rational.” We didn’t get in this mess in a day, and we’re not … Continue reading

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So, I think there might be some stress leaving my body…

So, last two days, I have been absolutely *knackered* – not the kind of fatigue when you’re sick or don’t feel good, but more like running a freakin’ marathon and finally being able to sit your ass down. And my … Continue reading

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