Well, so much for that idea.

The plan was to work a couple hours this weekend to make Monday easier.  I am by no means a workaholic, but the schedule this month is a bit jacked and this was really just to make Monday not be a shitshow.

Of course, I log on and discover the damn server that basically connects between the software and the databases went down at 8 am this morning, and the folks who can kick it back into gear aren’t around cause it’s the weekend. (Understandable.)

I looked at the logs and it said a notification was sent when it shut down, but I don’t know who that would have gone to, and I’m guessing it just went to email that will be unread until Monday morning.

I’m vaguely annoyed, for multiple reasons. I couldn’t tell from the logs *why* the server went down. The fact that there doesn’t seem to be a really “active” notification that the server went down, probably because it’s not customer facing. (But wouldn’t you want to know it went down, even on a weekend, so you’re not dealing with screaming folks on Monday morning?)

And I’m gonna have to go in extra early on Monday, which is fine, it will just make for a long day.

Same thing happened last night and it inexplicably came back up, so I’ll give it another whirl later today and/ or tomorrow. I just wanted to get some shit out of the way before Monday.

In the meantime, it’s a lovely afternoon for a beer on the porch and probably a nap afterwards.

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