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I’ll be at home on Thanksgiving

I didn’t like it when stores started opening a Midnight for Black Friday. I like this trend of being open all day on Thanksgiving even less. I’m old. I remember when nothing was open on Thanksgiving besides 7-11 and some … Continue reading

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Living wages

The living wage debate has reared its head again in the wake of revelations that Wal-Mart is having a food drive for their own employees, and McDonald’s is telling employees to sell their stuff and apply for food stamps.  Most … Continue reading

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Is it that weird?

So, the traffic lights at the intersection next to the pub are messed up. Messed up enough that if you look at the wrong light, you are blowing through a red light and going to t-bone somebody. Having nearly been … Continue reading

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Happy Sunday

Most years, I completely squander my extra hour when we go off DST by staying awake for an extra hour and then oversleeping to top it off. Not this year!  Sure, I did take advantage of the extra hour at … Continue reading

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Some days I am just done with it all.

And this week is seriously pushing me to go far, far away and just be a hermit. — 5th circuit decides that corporations can apparently have religious consciences and that is more important than women’s health.  (Which I suppose women … Continue reading

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