Gooooood morning!

Yet another Monday morning, and while Mondays do suck – you made it to yet another one in the middle of a pandemic, so well done.

In good Monday news – got my refund for my baseball tickets! We’ll give it another go next season. (Of course, will the Padres be having the insane home run/grand slam/winning games season next year? No, no they will not.)

Gonna be a fun(?) week at work this week – we’ve got some tight schedules and while I did as much prep work for what I need to do as I possibly could last week, it’s gonna be a challenge to get everything done by our Thursday deadline. It will all get done, but oof, it’s gonna be a race against the clock.

And on that note – I should get myself upstairs and go test my little heart out.

Have an excellent Monday.

UPDATE: Seems that deadline got pushed back a week, so next week will be crazy instead.

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