Oh, so it will be one of those weeks

Where I am not terribly sure what day it is. Had to double check my phone when I got up. It’s Tuesday, just so you know.

Yet again, this administration is really testing my commitment to abolitionist principles. What the fuck do you do when you’re dealing with “don’t wanna, can’t make me” as a guiding principle? Big takeaway from the DeJoy hearings is that he’s an unmitigated ass, but we knew that already.

I don’t even know what restorative justice looks like when you’ve killed 177,000 people, fucked up the mail, worked very hard to destroy the environment, and done it all with an eye to profiting off it.

I heard on the radio this morning that the RNC convention was intended to be more upbeat and optimistic than the DNC convention. HAHAHAHAHAHA. All I saw coming across Twitter was what looked like hostage videos and messages that the world is going to end. Very upbeat.

In some good news – Virginia will be sending postage paid envelopes for all absentee ballots this fall. This is an excellent use of my tax dollars. Mind you – still voting early in person, but this is good, and I’m very glad to see it.

On the work front, the schedule that was going to make this week very tight got shifted to next week (that apparently happened last Thursday and I saw the email, read the email, and it just did not register.) And thanks to the stupid pandemic and all my baseball plans getting chucked out the window – I am in the weird position of “shit, I’m going to lose leave at the end of the year if I don’t take some more days off” – can’t remember the last time *that* happened. I emailed my boss with my new leave plans with the caveat that if he saw any issues to let me know and the response was just “Thanks for letting me know when you’ll be off!” So – extended Labor Day weekend on tap for this gal!

Time to go do the thing. Lily is passed out in a morning sunbeam, so convincing her to get to work may be a challenge this morning.

Go get ’em.

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