Happy Hump Day!!

Today we’re gonna focus on frivolous shit – food and shopping!

First, I discovered this weekend that my beloved Rye Triscuits have been discontinued. They were so great with cheese, cause they had good flavor, but not overwhelming. All their other flavors are a little too much. But then last night, I remembered – Wasa Rye Crispbread still exists! And my market has it!!

Flavor that won’t compete with the cheese and spreads!

So, bring on MORE CHEESE AND CRACKERS!! And as I was popping around this weekend looking for the Rye Triscuits before realizing they don’t exist anymore, I also found one of my other favorite cheese accompaniments – spicy plum chutney. (Though I will say, it is spiced rather than actually spicy.) It’s hit or miss when I can find it. Highly recommend. I also picked up a jar of their “cranfiggy” chutney – could be great or atrocious – will report back when I try it.

Great on cheese

And then, totally by accident – I found proper jerk seasoning! Yeah, there is gonna be some jerk pork in our future. (I’ve gotten the Penzey’s seasoning and it’s good, but really, the wet rubs are the best, and my usual market doesn’t carry them for reasons I cannot fathom, because it’s so good.)

Made by a Jamaican company – only way to go

So yeah, good snacking going on around here, and some gooooood pork tenderloin here soon.

On the shopping front – REI’s Labor Day sale is starting on Friday and I am actually planning and thinking ahead for once and I am going to see about replacing my winter jacket with a new 3-in-1. My last one has been a workhorse, but it’s also 15 years old and starting to fall apart.

I had taken a look at some at the outlet mall…well, it was at some point pre-pandemic, so I guess last fall, and I was horrified at the pricing, so hopefully I can get a better deal. I’ve already got my eye on this one from Marmot – same manufacturer as my old one, which has been so great.

It’s already on sale, but I can at least wait until Friday to see if the price drops further – if not, still getting it, as the price now is still better than anything I saw last fall, and I know it will last a very long time.

The challenge will be not getting other things I don’t need, LOL. I have an REI problem… I’ve set a reminder on my calendar so I won’t forget. Mom would be proud of me for thinking as far away as the next season.

So, eat some good snacks this week and think about any winter gear you’ve been thinking you might need – it may be on sale this weekend.

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