I’m turning into my Dad.

Not a bad thing, he was pretty nifty. But again, up early, got coffee and donuts, and I’m having my coffee on the porch and enjoying the morning before it gets blazing hot.

Remember how I said yesterday that summer was on the way out? Not so fast – 90° with a heat index of 100° on tap today.

Trees and blue sky with some clouds

The view from the porch this morning

Yesterday the House passed the Post Office bill, and now it will go die in the Senate. My Senators are both Democrats, so not much I can do there, as they would like all the dead bills to come to a vote. I’m sorely tempted to write to Majority Leader McConnell and every Republican Senator out there and remind them that their responsibility is to their constituents and not the party or President. I realize it would likely be a waste of time and energy and just get binned on arrival, but what is life without some really futile actions every now and again?

My time would probably be better spent cleaning the house, but who wants to do that??

I know the R’s want to keep power, but it’s not like they’re going to be broke or homeless if they get voted out of office. They’ll be up to their eyeballs in cushy job offers and will not suffer. Why can’t they just do the right fucking thing? I just can’t wrap my head around how they simply do not care about what is happening to people.

Shit, I’ve been lucky and come through this administration relatively unscathed – my taxes have gone up, but that’s pretty much it. But it’s killing me to see how the administration and party keeps hurting people over and over again. How does that not bother them?

I mean, I’m sitting here on the porch and I just moved a caterpillar over by the garden and now it’s playing dead, and I’m really hoping it’s just playing dead and I didn’t kill it. I don’t expect them to have *that* much compassion, but a little would go a long way these days. (Caterpillar is OK.)

I’m trying not to feel totally helpless and hopeless about things, but some days are harder than others.

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