It’s Fridaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!

And our last half-day Friday of the summer. Boooooooo. That’s been a really nice thing – maybe it will become a summer standard after the pandemic.

Or maybe spur some discussions on alternate work schedules? I’d be totally willing to work 8.5/day to continue to have a half day off every pay period, or a 9/4 week. I just don’t know how you even broach that subject at all, so, IDK. Even though you’re working the same hours, it tends to be perceived as “I want to work less” which is stupid, because 80 hours is 80 hours, but yeah.

That being said, my management vertical is a very reasonable group of folks, so, maybe it can be brought up – worst case scenario, they say no, and I have another mark in my file of being a pain in the ass.

Welp, time to go be a pain in the ass in all the other parts of my job, but at least just for half a day. :)

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