Dumb things I miss

Browsing in stores. Specifically today – browsing in hardware stores.

I had to get some supplies at the local Ace Hardware and I did the online order/pickup in store, cause of the fucking pandemic.

Our local Ace, being a proper hardware store, has lots of random-assed stuff in the store that isn’t online, and it’s always so fun to just wander around and go “Oh, I didn’t know I needed that until I saw it!” Just, you know, the weird stuff hardware stores have.

I did grab two keychain hand sanitizers that were immediately inside the front door – my current keychain bottle is holding up and I keep refilling it, but I don’t know how long it will last before the lid breaks, but I am ready!

A keychain neoprene container with a little bottle of hand sanitizer
Clean hands on the go!

I would have so loved to spend a leisurely half hour or so just wandering about, but yeah, now is not the time for that.

And in news that may prove that the pandemic has finally broken my brain – Lily is getting a catio. Yes, I have become that woman, LOL.

But, our front storm door has a removable panel, so you can swap out screen for glass. I’m going to build another screen panel (hence the trip to the hardware store) and then attach a kitty tunnel (designed for outdoor use with ends that zip closed) to it so that Lily can come out and sit on the porch with us.

I realize I could have just gotten the tunnel and been done with it, but that would involved actually taking her outside and getting her into it, which risks her getting away, which would be bad.

This way, I can open the front door and she can go through the screen into the tunnel and also just go back inside whenever she wants.

Though summer is almost over, we still have a good month or so of nice front porch weather and as much as she yells when we’re out there, hopefully she will enjoy the chance to be out with us.

Fingers crossed I can get it done by Labor Day.

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