DIY Rules

No matter how confident you are that you have all the tools for the project – you don’t have all the tools for the project.

My Mom was very handy around the house and I was quite certain all the needed tools would exist in the little workshop corner of the basement.

Guess what we don’t have? Of all things… a hand saw. There is a Black & Decker electric hand saw that I have zero confidence in using, but just a regular hand saw? Nope. (I’m assuming those went out the door when the electric saw was acquired.)

So, a regular saw, a hacksaw, and a coping saw are winging their way here, as I’m not really sure which kind of saw I need, but all three will be good to have (and thankfully not expensive.) I am thinking the coping saw is the one I’ll need, cause…well, I watched a LOT of New Yankee Workshop in the 90s and it sticks in my head.

Given the level of effort on this, I cannot help but think Lily will come outside once, go,
“Fuck outside!” and never go on the porch again, LOL.

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