Fun with home projects!

And I’m actually not being sarcastic this time.

I haven’t even actually *started* the screen frame for Lily’s catio – though I have the bulk of the supplies, I’m still turning over in my head how to do this. And honestly, noodling out how to do this is half the fun.

Ideally, I need braces on the inside corners of the frame to stabilize it, but they don’t make them narrow enough for the wood strips I have. But, I realized I can cut a small square from the scrap strips I’ll have and place that on top of each corner as a brace, which theoretically should work. Or – and this may be the way I go, after making the frame, and tacking in the screening, putting another set of wood strips on the back to a) cover the tacking for the screens and b) stabilize the whole bit – the trick is going to be making that “backside” frame sort of “set in” from the edges enough that it doesn’t make the frame too thick to clamp into to the storm door.

I also realized I need sanding blocks, as the frame is going to be painted to match the storm door. Also need flat tacks I can hammer in to place the screening, as I am not confident the tacking stapler I have is heavy duty enough. But, if I don’t need the tacks, it’s OK, as they can be used for all kinds of other things.

I’m suddenly very glad I have next Friday off, as I think that time is going to be needed on this project.

But today, I think I should be able to do a lot of measuring, hopefully followed by cutting only once.

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