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This cat

Has no concept of bills, Congress, the idiot occupying the Oval Office, climate change, climate change deniers, people who think poverty and sickness are a result of moral failings, and the general disappointment that is the country outside her house. … Continue reading

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Quick PSA


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I’ll admit it – I lacked imagination.

At, least as far as the campaign of He Who Shall Not Be Named is concerned.  (I realize this lack of imagination does not bode well for any future writing career I may envision…) But I really didn’t see it getting to … Continue reading

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OK Universe, you win.

In a naive or just plainly stupid move, I had great hopes about securing a position within my federal or county government.  Not a senior executive in charge of everything position – just a public sector position.  And I have given up. I’m not … Continue reading

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1.3 Billion

This is just silly now.

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$900 Million

Yes, that is a little mind boggling to say the least.  (Powerball, if you’re late to the party.)  I was listening to the radio this afternoon and they were interviewing people about the “what if you won” scenarios and they … Continue reading

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Yeah, I threw $4 at the black hole known as the PowerBall

500 million dollars?  Hell yeah, I’ll buy a couple tickets. How much fun would it be to be able to spend the rest of your life being the ultimate Secret Santa? I’d remodel my house top to bottom, get a … Continue reading

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