Some lighter notes

Because life does continue.

This week has been adventures in owning an old, but very loved car. An intermittent oil pressure light. Given that there was no puddle of oil in the driveway or smell of burned oil while driving, I hoped for a dying sensor – but given the shitshow that 2020 has been so far, I was ready for the shop to say, “Didn’t you notice the oil pan falling out in the middle of the road?” So I take her in for the light and a road trip check, because I am still under the delusion I may go on vacation this year.

DYING SENSOR FTW! But, a small coolant leak at the thermostat… So, a new sensor and a new thermostat and gasket. Still, not bad for a car that is 17 years old.

Drop off Wednesday, pick up Thursday, and Friday…she starts overheating. Look, I’m no car expert, but I know it shouldn’t do this less than 24 hours after the thermostat has ben replaced. Back to shop – new thermostat was defective… Oops.

While the car was back in the shop for another new thermostat, I get an auto-text from them “How was the service?” I just responded, “All good!” cause…defective parts happen and it’s not anyone’s fault.

And in keeping myself entertained news… I discovered that Amazon Prime’s* streaming service has a PBS Masterpiece channel. HOLY SHIT IT HAS SO MUCH OF THE STUFF I LOVE. LOVEJOY! WOLF HALL! LEWIS!

And my brother finally busted out and hung out with one of his best buds for the first time in almost 3 months – they’ve both been following all the rules, so risk is minimal, and frankly, it’s really good for their collective mental health, so that makes me happy.

And I remembered to refill the birdfeeder with all the seed I’ve acquired and the birds are happy and Lily has been enjoying cat TV.

*I know, I know, Amazon is decidedly not good.

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